Will You or Won't You Vote for Either a Levy Renewal or New Levy for TPS in November?

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I don

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I have people in the TPS system that I care about, and I do think good teachers should be well paid. However I don't think TPS is doing good things or even smart things with our tax dollars and the only way to get that through to them is to stopp throwing money at them.
I won't be voting yes on any upcoming levies (or any other tax issues for that matter as my feeling in general is that Toledo is screwing us over).

The TPS Bd of Ed has a long way to hoe. As of 11:00 PM on May 11, 2007 there are of a total of 29 respondents, 24% that will vote for a school levy (7 in raw numbers) as opposed to 76% (22 in raw numbers) voting against a tax increase for various reasons (the strongest being that they oppose a new, or renewed, levy because

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Darlene Fisher has pushed for zero based budgeting - and I believe, at least it is my understanding that this is the way the budget will be compiled next year.This is HUGE I tell ya' - HUGE for us poor tax payers.

Also, she asked last year and not being heard then, asked again and was denied this year to have discussions about the budget, to review for cuts - much earlier, (she asked to start working weeks, rather than a couple of days prior to) receiving the finished budget for an up or down vote in a couple of days. So far she has been shut out, receiving the budget within a few days of being expected to vote on it. That's been my understanding anyway.

Clarification would be appreciated if I am wrong on any of these points. Thanks.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Robyn Hage a TPS teacher has authored a book called "A Chance for Every Child." In the book is some very interesting data, which could account for spending patterns at TPS

This is possibly an interesting phenonmena:In 1962 there were 52,021 students and 2,760 employees. Presently there are 29,400 students and 3,932 employees, a 56% loss of students but a 30% gain of employees.


I see the ratio of employees to students increased, but I have to wonder is what branches where these in? Are there some

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Ordered the book form the T-LCPL.

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http://www-personal.si.umich.edu/~rfrost/courses/ArchivesSem/papers/Tama... Bases some of its research on "A Chance For Every Child". One of the comments makes that statement that a lot of the "costs" are showing up with "administration" which seems to be growing out of control.

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