What should Toledo's brand be?

I got this from an e-news update and thought it would make for some decent conversation:

(from WTOL.com) "A new effort is underway to improve the image of Toledo as a city full of educational opportunities.

This afternoon, city council held a committee meeting to discuss the economic benefits of branding Toledo as a "college town." University of Toledo President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs believes enhancing the culture of higher learning would have a long lasting impact. He said, "We have many strengths. Historical strengths, such as the tradition of glass in this city, but we have additional strengths in the academic arena. We are, in fact, a university town, and I think the more we emphasize that the better we'll be."

Jacobs says he's not suggesting Toledo should do away with the nickname "the glass city."


Toledo a "College Town" I dont know. We do have quite a few colleges in town, but in my mind I still dont think of Toledo as a college town in the same light as I do, say - BG or Ann Arbor, but if I were pressed to say why, I dont know as I really could.

I guess I still think of Toledo as a 'factory' or 'union' town. Which is more to the way the city is run I guess.

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"college towns" like Michigan and Bowling Green...you will find the actual school is in close proximity to night life type businesses...usually a strip of them. I attended UT for two years but we still went to B.G. to party because UT only had two bars near the school. We also used to go to Ohio University for the big Halloween bash there. Ohio University is another true college town with many small businesses (bars) surrounding it.

UT needs to create a small town business atmosphere around the actual school before anyone seriously considers it a college town.

Back in the late 70's/early 80's as a BG student we rarely came to toledo to party, and the half hour drive wasnt the issue.

It was because TU (and it WAS TU back then) also had the nickname "Bancroft High" - and the rep to go along with it.

It was hard to meet (ok, pick up) UT girls in bars because the attitude was kind of like - "wait a minute, I havent known you since I was in first grade, who are you??"

Back in BG, everybody was from everywhere, so we weren't handicapped that way.

Anybody know - 20-25years later, is it still that way?

I went to a school in a college town - Ames, Iowa. Normally the population was 35,000 and during school another 20,000 students made the town come alive. I attended during the summer one year - wow, what a difference. It was quiet and sleepy but boy did it jump during the school year. I got my masters degree from another school in a college town - Bowling Green. Lived in Ann Arbor for a while. On Saturday's in the fall the town was eerily quiet from 1 pm until 4 pm except for the occasional roar coming from the stadium - when I was not part of the crowd and helped make the noise. My daughter goes to Miami in Oxford and lives uptown. Another college town where the pace of life revolves around the university. You are inundated everywhere with the college and its impact on the community. Toledo just doesn't fit my impression of a "college town"

Much as I applaud the efforts to promote Toledo and its institutions of higher learning, I really don't believe anyone would "buy" the moniker of Toledo as a "college town" any more than I think people in Columbus or any other big city with a college or several would be viewed as a "college town" I believe they should promote the learning opportunities but they need to do it as part of a larger picture. I don't see how this will really help anything or be effective - but please if someone understands how this can work enlighten me!

The desire to "re-brand" stems from an inherent realization that Toledo is a dying city due to industrial rust (i.e. capital flight). Toledo's population is falling past the 1950s level, and it continues to fall. We'll probably fall to the level of 1900. That means a LOT of excess housing, poverty, crime, and ... what, FUCKING COLLEGES?!?! You may as well re-brand bullets as "soothers of worry", since when they kill you they DO happen to take all your cares away.

"Re-Branding: Toledo's Latest Schizophrenia"

...speak on this issue several times, I'm not sure the coverage has accurately depicted his position on the subject. Each time I've heard him on this subject, he was talking about a way of thinking - a philosophy - if you will. A nurturing of research to market; a life-long emphasis on continued learning, expansion of ideas, mental growth; a welcoming of 'new' much like campuses welcome freshmen each year; a close working relationship between a 'campus' and the 'community'; etc.

Actually, when he speaks, you get the impression that all this is possible - much more so than when Carty talks about 'toledo pride' - because it's really not so much different than what many of us say on a regular basis, just in different words.

Dr. Jacobs has never talked about an 'ad campaign' to 'brand' us a certain way. He's always talked about a change in approach, a change in philosophy and one of the ways to bring about such change is to start thinking of ourselves in a different way.

Sadly, I'm absolutely certain that no media coverage of his comments would be able to do justice to his ideas because of the limited time/space allotted to such coverage.

Thanks for your comments Maggie. I have not heard Dr. Jacobs speak and was responding to what I thought was another shallow endeavor to paper over the problems - a very Carty approach to any problem.

I for one believe we should start thinking of ourselves and our community in a different light and with a new attitude. However, it certainly can't start with a philosophy of burying your head in the sand, ignoring the problems and saying, don't worry, be happy.

We have a great deal to be proud of and a lot of areas we need to improve. I have always maintained that the first step in solving a problem is changing your attitude about your ability to effect change.

Too bad one of those speeches was not captured for dissemination over the internet. At least in this venue, we can hear and see it all without someone editing and distorting the speakers point of view.

Again thanks for your thoughts. Maybe someone can persuade Jacobs to put his thoughts in digital form for all to hear.


I was thinking the brand name should be ACME-the one Wile E. Coyote always uses. ;^)



"They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I agree wholeheartedly Kooz. I also suggested running TARTA non stop from UT to downtown from Thurs to Sat at night to get the students out spending $$ in downtown.

Unfortunately any effort to aid anything of what the students want is stopped by Councilwoman Brown. She prevented students from living in houses with more than 3 unrelated persons so they can actually afford to live off campus.

Any bar that wants to open and focus on brining in students is deemed "not appropriate family entertainment".

And anything about the university is generally viewed as a nuisance. The drug dealers who live in houses located along the stretch from Parkside and extending along the southern portion of door street and north of Nebraska however are not such a nuisance.



She prevented students from living in houses with more than 3 unrelated persons so they can actually afford to live off campus.

that's a great point - does anyone who's ever gone to any college outside of toledo remember that rule in effect during your college days??

"that's a great point - does anyone who's ever gone to any college outside of toledo remember that rule in effect during your college days??"

The problem is it is only enforced in the immediate vicinity of the school. This is nothing more than blatant age discrimination. I sincerely hope some students live in violation of the law and take the city to court over their enforcement of it. Because the city cannot produce proof that they enforce it outside of a half mile area of the school.



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