What reason best describes why you won't vote for the levy because you don't believe TPS is using your tax dollars in the best w

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I believe the situation has existed and grown for over such an extended period of time that anyone who is involved IN the situation would have to tell you that there isn't any this or that type poll that would work.

I'd have to be able to check most of the boxes above

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

No, you're not crazy. I took the comment off about no voting. I didn't have the "results" button on. The pollster as trickster.

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People are voting "None of the above" but apparently can't articulate why they will vote against a levy. My previous poll (

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I heard a councilman kind of chastising another one about making the public lose their trust in government.

I was surprised at that - I don't think there is much trust for government overall - and I think it started, at least for my family, all the way back at Watergate.

There was some level of trust for the school system because who would be so heartless as to play political games with the welfare of children? But lately we have had enough evidence to know that this is what is happening here. Can't deny it anymore. Not even for someone as naive as I am. There is not a Happily Ever After coming down the road. And if a White Knight does show up, we now know that the bad guys shoot him outside the gate.

No one knows all that is happening, but when Dr. Harner was selected as the new Superintendent - every one was excited. He promised a system wide audit - he promised change and growth. He was talking about matters of quality education - not just getting out of academic emergency but really teaching. I was excited. Up go the emotions and the hopes.

Then we see the crooked deal that has taken place in the last ten days - after months of very public speculation that Larry Sykes and Eugene Sanders wanted Foley and that is who we have no matter what.

Then we had the 5-0 vote for Harner and we thought maybe it wasn't true. We were just going to have a new Super without any political trickery and get back to working on the district.

Hey - we were talking about potentially having baccalaureate classes in TPS!!! And then the meeting a week ago Friday and we find that the Emperor really had no clothes.

Everyone is disheartened and truthfully there may be no way to fix these problems. Probably Larry Sykes and Deborah Barnett will just pick replacements to carry on their agendas. Maybe I'm pessimistic but if I'm right then Lisa Sobecki will be the Democratic party pick to replace Larry Sykes.

Then we'll just have more of the same with a puppet on the board. But maybe I'm just too down about things and I'm wrong about this.

There aren't too many people I know that think that this is going to be fixed in the near future - if ever. The only thing we can think of to do (well the first one was to get a pro-education aggressive Super, but that's a no) is to make sure that in November we elect two school board members who aren't afraid to stand up for the right stuff.

But again, I'm told that Toledo doesn't really care what happens in the public school system and they'll just either not show up to vote or look at the ticket and pick a name they recognize, even if they don't from where or why they recognize it.

And I'm starting to believe that. And I think alot of the people who do vote are seeing this very clearly - and that's why we will never ever let a levy pass again.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.