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StoryDonald Trump mentally defiecent? DonnaHoney81 day 1 hour ago
StoryLet's be clear...Trump is threatening to shut down the government! Trump wants the blame...oops! Now he is blaming the Democrats, even though he stated that he wanted the blame for shutting down the government! dalepertcheck102 days 10 hours ago
StoryFat Donny is officially a lazy, prototypical couch potato! dalepertcheck42 days 10 hours ago
StoryMy Personal and Sincere Apology to Chris Meyers dalepertcheck62 weeks 3 days ago
StoryThe Republican Party in 2019 is not your father's or mother's Republican Party! dalepertcheck42 weeks 4 days ago
StoryHatred of Jewish people is everywhere. Roland Hansen72 weeks 5 days ago
StoryNo one spreads more fake news than does our current POTUS! dalepertcheck264 weeks 3 days ago
StoryReality DonnaHoney37 weeks 5 days ago
StoryFinpecia | No Prescription 5Mg Beliz corporatetracks29 weeks 4 days ago
StoryDrumph Voters DonnaHoney09 weeks 6 days ago
StoryThinking that Fat Donny cannot possibly be re-elected is living in a "Fool's Paradise." dalepertcheck112 weeks 1 day ago
StoryTom Noe's prison sentence? DonnaHoney114 weeks 3 days ago
StoryCongratulations Lindsay Webb DonnaHoney014 weeks 3 days ago
StoryDaylight Saving Time dalepertcheck415 weeks 1 day ago
StoryYes, America, being black in America is different. Yes, America, being a black and male is different. Yes, America, being black and being in a car with someone white is different. Yes, America, even blacks can call the police in error on other blacks! dalepertcheck518 weeks 1 day ago
StoryThe Best Palmetto Cheese in Town DonnaHoney018 weeks 2 days ago
Storywhen the accuser becomes the accused dalepertcheck619 weeks 2 days ago
StoryPatrick Hickey, Washington Local Schools Roland Hansen1720 weeks 12 hours ago
StoryFred Lefebvre WSPD radio promotes ignorance MrIndependent920 weeks 6 days ago
StoryAmerican Hero -- John McCain -- is refusing treatments for his aggressive brain cancer dalepertcheck323 weeks 11 hours ago
StoryFred Lefebvre sells fraud to his WSPD listeners. MrIndependent1626 weeks 3 days ago
StoryTrump is really the good guy! DonnaHoney031 weeks 15 hours ago
StoryWill justice be served? DonnaHoney433 weeks 2 days ago
StoryHere is the superstar the Right Wing elected. DonnaHoney734 weeks 1 day ago
Storyfreedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences dalepertcheck2037 weeks 3 days ago