Rats invade West Toledo


From WTVG-13.com:

The rodents surfaced about a month ago near Douglas Rd. and Berdan and seem to be hanging around.

Residents in parts of west Toledo are in an all-out battle with rats. The rodents surfaced about a month ago near Douglas Road and Berdan and they seem to be hanging around.

Cleaning Pickford Park

A break from the political with this WTVG-13 story about Pickford Park. Glad to see local folks stepping up and taking the initiative to demonstrate pride in their neighborhood.

The city's budget trouble is one reason why residents in a Toledo neighborhood joined forces today. Someone has to clean Pickford Park.

Possible hike for TARTA fare

From WTVG-13.com:

You may soon pay a little more to ride TARTA a year after high gas prices forced fares higher. This time it's another economic nightmare causing the problem.

TARTA riders currently pay a dollar to get on the bus, but that could jump to $1.25 next year. "It's going to hurt me, I know it," says rider Titus Daniels. But TARTA's considering it because property tax income is expected to be down at least $1-million.

Moody "Straightforward" on Conklin and Company

Mayoral candidate Jim Moody, joined by two other mayoral candidates, was the guest of Lee Conklin of WTVG's Conklin and Company today, June 28th. "I think today once again demonstrated why Toledoan's have so much faith in our campaign," said Moody. "I was the only candidate to truly answer the questions asked, instead of speaking scripted talking points. I am concerned that if the other candidates can't answer questions in a straightforward manner as a candidate, what we can expect of them as a Mayor?"

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