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October 26
Live debate on WTOL 11. 7:00pm-8:pm. Co-sponsored by WTOL 11 and the Toledo Blade.

WTOL Blade Debate Tonight

Mike Bell, D. Michael Collins, Ben Konop, Jim Moody and Keith Wilkowski will answer questions about the most important issues facing Toledo.

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Ben Konop Receiving Threats - IS WSPD Involved?

Armed deputy guards are providing security for Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop. According to an article in the Toledo Blade as well as being reported by WTOL News, WSPD radio host Brian Wilson broadcasted Konop's personal cell phone number over the air.

In addition, a man approached Konop inside Government Center, and he had a knife in his waist band.

You can read more and view the interview with Brian Wilson here:


One Dead in Rollover Crash

From WTOL.com:

One person is dead, another is recovering in the hospital after an accident.

The crash happened on I-475, just south of Central Avenue in Springfield Township, just after 10pm Friday night.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says 22 year old Jason Krotz was trying to pass a semi when he lost control. He hit the back of the semi, went off the road and rolled over several times before finally coming to a stop.

Moody Wins WTOL Mayoral Poll

44% Would Vote For Him Today
A recent poll taken by WTOL TV showed that if the mayoral election
were held now, Mayoral candidate Jim Moody would win by nearly 7%. We
are really excited that the voters of Toledo believe in our message",
said Moody. Adding, "It is clear that Toledoans want a candidate that
can deliver on job growth, public safety and a more transparent
According to campaign manager Mark Kidman, "It is gratifying to know
that all our hard work is beginning to make a difference. We know the

Second WTOL and Blade Roundtable

If you missed the second WTOL/Blade roundtable, like myself, you can see it here or on WTOL's Web site: http://www.wtol.com/global/story.asp?s=10547720 (includes interactive live blog) and here for the video.

WTOL Blade Mayoral Roundtable 3

Virtual Mayoral Roundtable on Wednesday, July 22 from 8-9 p.m. on WTOL.com and News 11 Now. Sponsored by WTOL and the Blade.

Ward Says Attacking Seniors Is A Cowardly And Disgraceful Act

Toledo, OH – It was reported by WTOL news that 15-year-old Dailahntae Jemison confessed that he punched Dr. Robert Brundage, then knocked him off his bike, and rode away. Dr. Brundage is listed in critical condition at St. V's.

It is so bad that even Carty's neighbors are taking him to court

I think we should pool our money and sue the mayor. It seems like everyone else is. Anyone interested? I think it is official the wheels have come off the car.
TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is being sued by his neighbors. They're blaming him for a delay in fixing their roads.

The Blade:
A request for a temporary restraining order filed by residents living in Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s neighborhood was withdrawn Tuesday after a meeting between attorneys before Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Charles Doneghy.

Toledo makes Drudge Report again.


The Drudge Report, which gets a huge amount of traffic, is featuring Toledo in red, linking to the WTOL story on Toledo police layoffs leading to gun buying.


We only make Drudge for the stupid stuff - think back to the Marine fiasco.............

WTOL Virtual Mayoral Roundtable Wednesday, May 27 at 8 p.m.

WTOL is hosting a Virtual Mayoral Roundtable on Wednesday, May 27, from 8 to 9 p.m. on WTOL.com and News 11 Now.

Mike Bell, Ben Konop, Jim Moody and Keith Wilkowski will be in the WTOL studios to answer your questions about the current economic crisis in Toledo.

If you have a question for the candidates, we'd love to have you ask it in a video. If you have a web cam, upload your video to our pics.wtol.com website. You can also email your questions to news@wtol.com or ask it during our LIVE web chat. We'll try to cover ask many questions as possible.

Toledo Police Officers Allegedly Beat Up 14-Year-Old Teenager Trevor Casey

The original video:

Local small town Chevy dealer feels the GM axe

(WTOL) - "It's sorta a kick in the pants to find out the people who you've worked for all these years don't want you anymore. It's not been a good day," said Jack Eisenhour with Eisenhour Motor Sales, Inc.

Eisenhour Motor Sales is just one of more than 1,000 dealers across the country who learned GM was ending their franchise agreement.

Perrysburg's Hannah Turner to appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

Toledo, Ohio - May 14, 2009 - The eight-year-old Perrysburg girl who
inspired Hannah's Socks, a nonprofit that collects and distributes new
clothing essentials to the less fortunate, can soon add one more item to her
growing list of accomplishments: appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Hannah Turner, and her Hannah's Socks story, will be featured on Tuesday,
May 19, among several other inspirational stories during "An Oprah/People
Magazine exclusive: Heroes in Hard Times."

The show airs in Toledo on WTOL, Channel 11 at 4 p.m. or in Cincinnati on

Police and Carty

I just received an e-mail about this event. Seems like the police that were laid off are taking matters in their own hands, by demanding that our Maor meeting with him.
Story item.

HAPPENING NOW--Laid off TPD officers demand meeting with Finkbeiner
(WTOL) - Several laid off Toledo Police officers are right now at Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's office demanding a meeting with him.

A News 11 crew is on the scene. Stay tuned to News 11 and WTOL.com for updates on this developing story.

WTOL chat with John Jones from the Urban League

WTOL is having a web chat tonight (Friday, May 1) with John Jones from the Urban League. It goes from 5-6:30: http://www.wtol.com/global/Story.asp?s=10263342

Mother, daughter shot at while driving to Breakfast

What is going on? TOLEDO (WTOL) - A Toledo mother and daughter were nearly gunned down in traffic on their way to breakfast. It happened Thursday morning near Westfield Franklin Park Mall on Sylvania, near Talmadge.

WTOL not backing down on intermodal

WTOL Bob Chirdon responds to Carty wanting to educate him:

Mayor Finkbeiner, you don't have the right to hold development in northwest Ohio hostage. Stop trying to make this such a one-sided bargain.


And on:

WTOL Editorial: Let the experts do their job, Mayor

Carty Finkbeiner vs the Marines Videos

Yes, old news, but I wanted to add these to what is in the Carty vs Marines thread.
Fox News:

It was Steel

I saw on the WTOL 6PM news it is the board president Steel in the diciplined teacher data base...doesn't this set a bad example?


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