Toledo Supermarket Workers Joining Nationwide Call for Good Jobs and Affordable Health Care

Toledo Supermarket Workers Joining Nationwide Call for Good Jobs and Affordable Health Care
Unified Action Hitting Grocery Stores Across the Country

Toledo area grocery workers are standing up to protect good jobs with affordable health care in our community. Members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 911 will join with workers in eight cities across the country at store events, with a unified message to the supermarket giants.

UFCW Local 911 members have been in contract negotiations with the Kroger Company since February, and are currently working under a contract extension that will expire at midnight on April 20th.

Here in Toledo and nationwide, supermarket chains like Kroger are refusing to provide the affordable health care and living wages their employees deserve. Communities will end up paying the price, with taxpayers shouldering the burden of government paid health care.

Workers and community members alike will be making their voices heard at these press briefings. The press conferences today are all part of a growing national unity bargaining movement among UFCW members working in the grocery industry and the communities they live and work in. For more information on this grocery workers movement, please visit

Who: UFCW members, community members, labor allies and supporters

What: Press Briefing

When: April 16th at noon

Where: Outside of the Kroger store
4533 Monroe St.
Toledo, Ohio

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Moms clip coupons. They shop the stores with the best prices. Labor is usually the largest expense in most businesses. If labor upsets a store's price advantage, other stores will see more shoppers. Shoppers are not loyal to paying more for goods.

Ultimately, both employees and shoppers are free to choose where they work, live, and buy.

I used to belong to the UFCW (my first contact with a union firsthand)

When I did have a beef with a manager they failed to advise or protect me. I took action on my own and quit the store and that particular union. The UFCW no longer receives my support.

A similar situation happened to me later when I was a part-time employee and paid dues to the teamsters. They no longer share my support either.



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