Toledo, the center of prostitution?

A disturbing set of stories in the last few days and weeks. Do we have a prostitution problem? These are not murders or assaults, but it is sure getting regional coverage in a negative way. I bet these are not a part of the statistics that the city puts out on crime.

DETROIT (AP) — A Toledo, Ohio, man was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his role in a nationwide prostitution operation that authorities say forced children as young as 12 to have sex at truck stops, hotels and brothels.

Ex-Pennsylvania Cop Charged In Thwarting Sex Patrols
The “Precious Cargo” investigation identified numerous pimps, primarily from Toledo, Ohio, who were running a nationwide prostitution ring out of the Gables Truck Stop, in Harrisburg and elsewhere.

An investigative look at Toledo's escort services
News 11's Colleen Wells has been investigating Toledo's escort services and what Toledo police are doing about them.

They advertise in the paper and are listed in the yellow pages. Seems like it should be legitimate, right? Many offer massages, showers and nude dancing ranging in price from $60 an hour to $180. But just what is a customer really getting?

Effect of prostitution stings still visible in area, DA says
About the same time, federal officials conducted a sweeping investigation of prostitution based in Toledo, Ohio, By December 2005, according to the FBI’s Web site, 19 people had been arrested and more than 30 charged.

Cop gets delay in soliciting case (So bad police use the cover of prostitutes from Toledo)
Hargrove was the only alleged customer caught, after he called the cell phone of an alleged prostitute from Toledo named Stacy and unwittingly made a $100 deal for a half-hour of sex with the undercover cop who answered. The officer originally quoted a price of $180, but it was negotiated down, according to police reports obtained by The News.

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This isnt news. This story is from January 2006...

"If the brutal world of teenage prostitution were a legitimate business, Toledo would be among its top employment agencies."

...this was a three part series two years ago. The other two parts are out there too...

Those stories above were printed in the region in the last 1.5 weeks. Of course these are judgements, but still, it is unwanted exposure.

I read it. Ten years prior to this story, mental health professionals tried to get the city government to listen to their complaints about pimps and victims. The police wouldn't move on any of it. Then Toledo commissioned a study on the adult entertainment business in the area at a cost of around $100,000. The results were never publicized.

And, in nearby Fostoria, Ohio, some moke got a back ache while driving home late one night, so he stopped in at the Japanese Velvet Touch to see if they could help him out. Surprise! The young lady grabbed his wedding tackle and asked how much he wanted to spend. John lit out of there faster than a Baptist caught in a liquor store and ran straight to the Fostoria police department and filed a complaint. Once the cops stopped laughing they sent in an undercover agent who had to go back three times before any adult services were offered. ::cough blowjob cough cough:: The owner closed down for about six months and made a deal with the city government, and the place reopened under new management. All new girls!

Is Toledo the capital of prostitution? Beats me. Toledo sure isn't known for making Jeeps or glass.

Mad Jack
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Perhaps its no coincidence that the national Prostitution, Sex Work, and Human Trafficking conference is held at the University of Toledo every year.

Recruitment? ;-)

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