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Oprah's own Dr. Oz shocks her and Michael Fox - cure will come thru adult stem cells

He is a regular on the Oprah show. He speaks about the successes of using cells from our own bodies, and the risks of unstable embryonic cells.

Stem-Cell Boob Jobs May Soon Be Coming to a Chest Near You

A new bust-enhancing technique uses both stem cells and fat from a woman's stomach or thigh to increase her cup size.

So far, this "natural" enlargement has only been used to repair the damage caused by breast cancer, but doctors in England expect it to be available for all by the end of the year. While previous attempts to use fat from other parts of the body to increase boobage have failed, the addition of the stem cells ensures enough blood will flow to the transplanted fat to keep it from being rejected.

Forget Morality - Embryonic Stem Cells are Junk Science. 9 Nations have abandoned it. No cures to date.

They don't work. Embryonic stem cells have created no cures to date and are still captured in the rejection syndrome of the human immune system. In the meantime research using adult patients' own stem cells is creating real cures for serious diseases around the world. The media won't tell you those stories. The White House won't tell you those stories. For them its all about morality and abortion -- not scientific results.

Adult stem cells showing results

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