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Ben Konop Receiving Threats - IS WSPD Involved?

Armed deputy guards are providing security for Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop. According to an article in the Toledo Blade as well as being reported by WTOL News, WSPD radio host Brian Wilson broadcasted Konop's personal cell phone number over the air.

In addition, a man approached Konop inside Government Center, and he had a knife in his waist band.

You can read more and view the interview with Brian Wilson here:


Larry Sykes and minority contracting

Open Letter to the Black Community and anyone else interested in fair play, fair dealing and the truth,

I had the opportunity of attending the Toledo Board of Education's interviews for filling the vacancy left by the abdication of Steve Steel, the inveterate politician.

The interviews were held with Bob Vasquez presiding over the proceedings. Present were Ms. Darlene Fisher, Mr. Bob Vasquez, Ms. Lisa Sobecki and Mr. Jack Ford.

Bowling Green voters reject cell-phone ban for drivers

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 9:19 AM

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- Voters here have said no to a proposed ban on using hand-held cell phones behind the wheel.

The referendum on the ballot yesterday in Bowling Green would have outlawed talking or texting on a mobile phone while driving, except for hands-free devices. It failed by about 56 percent to 44 percent..

City Council member Robert McOmber proposed the idea and says he believes voters in his northwest Ohio community prefer a statewide ban, not a local one..

Five dead on 1-280 Michael Gagnon of Adrian Michigan Responsible

Michael Gagnon of Adrian, Michigan, has fun, gets drunk, decides to drive completely wasted then murders a whole family and today will probably not remember any of it. 1 fun night, 2 moronic decisions, 5 people dead, dozens of people's lives changed forever.
Bethany Griffin's Myspace Page
See the beautiful photos of a family that is now destroyed. Truly sad especially seeing the photo of Vadi looking at you. Also from there:

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