State tries to kill Skill games and is rebuffed

You might have noticed "Skill Games" popping up in taverns and even in skill game parlors around the area. There are several types of games some requiring a moderate level of skill to play and some requiring nothing more than luck and fifty cents. Paybacks for a fifty-cent play can range from a couple of pennies to over a thousand dollars. Some people play them; others do not.

Our governor issues an edict banning these machines last week. Late Friday the manufacturer of Tic-Tac-Fruit, a game that has been approved in several Ohio courts, got a restraining order against the Governor's command. As of this writing, tic-tac-fruit machines are still legal.

Do you think the state should be allowed to make these games illegal? I don't. Under the guise of enforcing the will of the people, they are merely acting to maintain their control of gambling in the state. Will of the people = bullshit. I voted against the last gambling proposal, not because I'm against gambling, but because it would have established only a few slot parlors and one casino in the state. It would have benefited only the few business interests that backed the legislation. While it would have broken the state's stronghold on gambling, it would have benefited only a few and it was a constitutional amendment, so it would have been damn near set in stone.

I'm in favor of tic-tac-fruit, slots, poker parlors, craps, blackjack, and all other forms of casino gaming.

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I didn't know those things paid out. I just figured they were like adult arcade games.

I still wouldn't play them, but only because I don't think I could trust a digital game of chance. I don't see how people can dump so much money into a digital slot machine.

The Ohio AG didn't like that he can't ban these games on a whim. He has appealed the order restraining the Governor from making the games illegal, arguing: ". . . allowing Tic-Tac-Fruit machines to continue to operate, even temporarily, would bring neighborhood degradation, gambling addiction, prostitution and other social ills associated with gambling."

What a mountainesque reaction to a mere molehill.

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Big Jim

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