Children of Liberty - a call to action

A Call to get involved in Children of Liberty
This is a call to our Liberty Force. This is our smaller group of leadership that can offer a bit more time or some expertise to our efforts.

Blade's Nazi reference outrageous and selectivity on steroids

As I posted yesterday, Tim Higgins was right, the reference to Nazi's in defending Jon Stainbrook is an insult to those who suffered under them and one of the weakest arguments one can use. It has to be weak when it comes to Jon. He has accomplished none and only maintains his power through fear and threats. His lack of accomplishment last election even drove other former supporters away.

Another Drunken Politician-"How Dry I am-How Dry I am"?

Have any of you seen the video of some drunken Democrat senator pontificating on the floor of the US Senate? Fascinating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5Y9X5ggxzA

Who is the embarassment here? The former mayor or the talk show host.

The end of an error
Written by Brian Wilson | | news@toledofreepress.com
By the time you’re reading this, it will be almost over: Four long, hard, grueling years of national embarrassment, local incompetence and stunted economic growth, all the result of what history may accurately record as Toledo’s Greatest Mistake, the election of Carl Finkbeiner.
What else could explain the (re-) election of a certifiable failure and nationally known joke-of-a-mayor whose sole accomplishment was as a “Trivial Pursuit” answer?

Careful Reference and more selectivity

From Tim Higgins' Just Blowing Smoke:
I usually try these days to avoid commenting on Blade editorials, as their voice becomes increasing more irrelevant over time. In spite of the fact that I have no ties to the Republican Party, I could not however, let pass without comment the editorial today "Dissension in GOP".

Another Blade Bash

This time, the daily rag's "culture" critic writes off an entire decade. The only reason to write off a decade in NW Ohio would be due to ignorant "reporters" like this guy who do nothing more than join their colleagues in acting on the publisher's ill-conceived uses of his newspaper to denigrate any and everyone in an area in which he no longer resides. This guy even forgets his own paper's Pulitzer Prize, let alone the numerous other achievements accomplished by area politicians, teachers, coaches, students, researchers, artists and business persons in the face of adversity.

BOE postpone's today's meeting - signatures questioned

The latest: There is some controversy with the signatures on the form listing the Jeff Simpson's executive slate. We will have to watch if this is an issue or not.
The Lucas County Board of Elections canceled a meeting on the composition of the county Republican Party, throwing into limbo an attempted takeover by forces opposed to GOP Chairman Jon Stainbrook.

The board meeting, which had been scheduled for tomorrow morning, was canceled late yesterday afternoon after legal questions arose about the validity of documents filed by the opposing faction.

Attempted Terror Attack In Detroit

The religion of "peace" is at it again. When will America wake up?

Feds: Va. standoff suspect was angry at government

"Warren "Gator" Taylor was tired of driving, so he pulled off the interstate in this Blue Ridge Mountain town to buy gas and food. The Tennessee man had been angry at the government for months, even years, federal officials said Thursday, and this seemed like as good a place as any to use the handguns and mock explosives he had packed in his beloved red pickup.


The gunman said he had no money, and his 2007 red Dodge diesel pickup truck was about to be repossessed. Mostly, he railed against the government — high taxes, gun control, and President Barack Obama.

Merry Christmas

Bell swearing in scheduled for January 4, 2010

Mayor Elect Michael P. Bell will be sworn in to office on January 4, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. The ceremony will take place in The Courtyard at Cousino’s Navy Bistro with a short reception following.

After the ceremony and reception the Mayor will attend the City Council’s organizational meeting.

Mr. Bell was elected Mayor with 52.3 percent of the vote total. He ran as an Independent in his first bid for elective office. Toledo’s former fire chief and former State Fire Marshal, he received his education in the Toledo Public Schools and the University of Toledo.

Breaking News: UPDATED: Steve Riddle principal of Leverette Middle School resigns.

It has been disclosed on 11News that Steve Riddle has resigned as principal of Leverette Middle School. Now maybe, depending on who they put in as principal, this school will have leadership that is pro children. Out with the child predators, in with the child educators giving the students safe passage to a successful life.

It took awhile to eliminate this principal, how many children were damaged in the process?

Lucas County GOP failed to report 2008 in-kind donation

Jon Stainbrook and the party Treasurer James Damas failed to report a donation-in-kind in 08. Read more at the Toledo Free Press.

Prosecutors have been informed that an in-kind donation given to the Lucas County Republican Party was not reported in accordance with state campaign finance laws.

Washington Times reports in-depth on the questionable PMA donations

I am including Marcy's name on the tag because some of these donors show up on her lists.
A retired Florida couple would appear an unlikely source to have given $83,000 in campaign donations over a five-year period to members of Congress from all over the country.

Both in their 80s, they lived in a $118,000 Daytona Beach house they didn't own; they each voted only twice since 1992; and they seemed to lack the financial means to make the contributions.


Mayor Finkbeiner Insulted Blacks - Million Dollar Lawsuit

The Toledo Journal is reporting online that Carty insulted blacks, and one of his top aide's confrims this!

The Journal is reporting that Mayor Finkbeiner made insulting remarks about black men and probably about black women. Mayor Finkbeiner turned down a recommendation to hire a black man because he would be "crucified" if he had two minorities serving as co-directors of the city's Youth Commission.

Undercover video from Republican Central Committee meeting

Dan Burns secretly investigated Cleveland officials

The Cleveland Plain Dealer published the latest on the Burns saga. Again, one has to wonder if this was the first time he did it-I would put money on no. Dr. Sanders is of course denying knowledge.
Former Cleveland schools Chief Operating Officer Daniel Burns had a private firm conduct undercover investigations of three high-ranking district administrators, probes that cost tens of thousands of dollars but failed to find anything suspicious, Chief Executive Officer Eugene Sanders says.


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