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Public Apology From Fred LeFebvre

I must apologize publicly for something I said on air a few months ago, and am doing it here as well as on air Thursday.
When the Cash For Clunkers program began under the auspices of the Federal Govt. I jokingly said on air that "next we'll have Cash For Kitchens". Obviously I was joking because the idea of using tax dollars to help people buy appliances is so obviously ludicrous.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has proposed the early release of 7,500 Michigan inmates

Releasing a man who raped two 8 year old girls in 1998! What in the hell are they thinking? What other inmates will be free to hurt others again? This is just sick. I can think of other ways to save on the prison budget.. think cable tv, internet, and other luxurys many of us law abiders dont have...

Another reason to visit this site: It will make you smarter

Stop back frequently so you can get smarter.
The Internet can make you smarter, experts say

Though it may not always feel like it, the Internet is actually making us smarter, at least according to a new survey of scientists, business leaders, and technology developers.


BOWLING GREEN- The Latta for Congress campaign is proud to announce its updated website

The new website features:

-Email update subscription
-Secure online donation
-Social media outlet links
-Volunteer opportunities
-Welcome message from Congressman Latta

Black Swamp Conservancy Adds 1,000 Acres in 2009

Perrysburg, OH (February 19, 2010) Black Swamp Conservancy added eleven new protected properties totaling nearly 1,000 acres to its conservation holdings in 2009. That brings the Conservancy’s total protected lands to 8,363 acres.

The new properties, all protected through perpetual land conservation agreements with the Conservancy, include:

• A scenic overlook near Sidecut Metropark in Maumee
• A 247-acre family farm near Tiffin
• A 73-acre wildlife sanctuary on the Maumee River in Paulding County
• Four farms covering 320 acres near Delta in Fulton County

Bunch of Rankings - Toledo and Lucas County rank low

There have been a bunch of rankings recently and Toledo did not fair too well. Here is the rundown:

Gallup ranks Toledo as one of the lower cities in well being in Ohio, and in the country.

Within Ohio itself, people in Cleveland and Akron rank their lives worse off than those in Columbus and Cincinnati, but much better than those in Canton, Toledo or Youngstown. Overall, Cleveland ranks 146th out of 185 American cities, with Akron 147th.
Learn more at:

Future of Toledo - your chance to be heard

Today the Bell administration is using their Web site to allow you to look at some of the money saving ideas and vote on them. It is great that Mayor Bell is doing this and it is your chance to be heard. Do participate! Look for the link on the Home page.
You can also learn about the budgeting process on the Web site.

This does remind me to tell you that will be reborn very soon. Stay tuned!


What has President Barack Obama Done for You Lately?

"Robert P. Watson, Ph.D. Coordinator of American Studies
Lynn University"

How many people are in the Toledo Olympic blackout?

My view of the Olympics this year:

I don't live that far from NBC 24, but for some reason most of the year NBC 24 is not available over the air for me. I am not a subscriber to cable or any other TV provider and have been content with over the air and Internet, especially of lately. Hulu has made it so that it really does not bother me missing my favorite NBC shows on NBC 24, but the Olympics have made me notice how their lousy signal has the possibility of making me miss some important moments. Driving directions to NBC 24 say it is only 5.1 miles away and I am sure a digital signal does not have to travel that far given DTV signals travel in a straight line. I can't believe that NBC 24's digital signal can't travel more than 5 miles (at the most). NBC's Web site says they will be streaming some events live. I hope they will stream the good events live on their Web site and not purposely neuter the Web streaming to help the local affiliates, because in Toledo I am sure other people like me, will shudder having to watch a black screen when the marque events happen.

City Refuse Collection Will Leap Forward for Presidents Day Holiday

No Refuse or Recycling Collection on Monday, February 15th

The City of Toledo would like to remind you that our next Leap Forward holiday will be Monday, February 15th. There will be no refuse or recycling collection on that day in observance of the Presidents Day holiday.

For residents who are Yellow 2, collection will be on Tuesday, February 16th. Green 2 will be on Wednesday, February 17th; Orange 2 will be on Thursday, February 18th; Blue 2 will be on Friday, February 19th and Red 2 will be on Monday, February 22nd.

Voinovich: The REAL Inconvenient Truth

Latest newsletter from Senator Voinovich:
Currently, the U.S. Debt is estimated at: $12,264,478,112,700

Your share of today's public debt is: $39,934

Spearheading Debt Reduction Task Force Legislation

Foreign energy firms getting windfall of U.S. stimulus funds

Foreign energy firms getting windfall of U.S. stimulus funds
Money is used to buy turbines made abroad
By Brooke Williams Watchdog Institute

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 12:02 a.m.

China’s A-Power Energy Generation Systems lists a vacant office in downtown San Diego as its U.S. address. Brooke Williams

Online: Local wind-energy leaders explain why U.S. firms are falling behind in getting stimulus dollars on And for the workshop’s full investigation into wind-power funding, go to

'I'm Not Saying Your Mother's a Whore': How Fox News Censored Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly

Fox News has generously placed the full, unedited conversation between Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart online, so we can see precisely how unfairly and deviously Fox edited the interview in order to weaken Stewart's case: A lot!

BP faces protest over oil sands development

We need to pay attention to this brewing issue at BP. Toledo is supposed to be one of the main, mainland processors of oil sand crude and if there already is shareholder concern, what will happen to the future of the refinery in Oregon especially after they spend lots of money to convert it to process oil sand crude? If the Oregon plant is converted and BP pulls out, will it be rendered useless and close down? We will have to watch this.

Toyota's once-golden resale value gets dented

Toyota's once-golden resale value gets dented
By DAVE CARPENTER, AP Personal Finance Writer Dave Carpenter, Ap Personal Finance
CHICAGO – Toyota owners looking to trade in their cars have little reason to sing the carmaker's old ad slogan, "I love what you do for me — Toyota!"

My Nirvana Now Meeting

Since October, 2009 groups of concerned citizens, survivors, and professionals attended Community Forums, organized by CeCe Norwood, of Nirvana Now!, to discuss the eradication of incest, child sexual abuse, and sexual violence in Northwest Ohio.

Tom Waniewski's February 2010 Newsletter

New Bulk Pick Up Rules
Beginning Monday, Feb. 8th, you will need to call 48 business hours in advance of your regular refuse pick up if you have oversized or overloaded refuse. In other words, if it doesn't fit in the automated container, please call 419-936-2511 and call 48 business hours prior to your scheduled pick up.

New School in Old Foodtown?

Even Kaptur doubts train line

Even Marcy Kaptur wonders why bother with the train route Ohio just received. Kaptur comments to the Plain Dealer:
"Why are we bothering with something that's low-tech?" asked congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Democrat of Toledo, in an interview with The Plain Dealer.

Of course Marcy wants to spend more money to have a bullet train, but still, her lack of enthusiasm is noted.

Former Blade employee Giammarise looking to save journalism

In the video below Kate talks about being laid off by the Blade during the show and starting her Web site . Kate's story is talked about in the new book "The Death and Life of American Journalism: The Media Revolution that Will Begin the World Again" by Robert McChesney and John Nichols

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