A Fourth Leg For Conservatives' Big Table

A Fourth Leg For Conservatives' Big Table
On Feb. 17, most of the leaders of the traditional conservative movement gathered in Arlington, Va., to plan strategy, and issued a statement of conservative principles. However, the conservative movement is rapidly changing and significantly expanding because of the addition of millions of Tea Partyers.

Voter fraud case dismissed

The Board of Elections dismissed the case against relatives of Waterville council member Ann Cherry. Read the rest in the Toledo Free Press below:


The Lucas County Board of Elections voted Feb. 22 to deny the voter registration challenge made against Lisa Cherry and stated no fraudulent voting took place by her or Ruthann Cherry.


The Wolfman Institute of Rational Thinking Presents: "Justice for Sale"

~An investigation into how campaign cash is corrupting America's courts~
February 19, 2010

What has President Barack Obama Done for You Lately?

"Robert P. Watson, Ph.D. Coordinator of American Studies
Lynn University"
Email: rwatson@lynn.edu

State Budget Woes A Drag On Growth, And Will Get Worse

On Friday February 12, 2010, 7:03 pm EST
As Washington works to rev up the economy and spur hiring with yet another dose of stimulus, state and local governments are busily applying the fiscal brakes.

Tax hikes, spending cuts and layoffs top the agenda as states continue to wrestle with severe budget crises that largely can't be deferred by borrowing.

Toledo Budget Update

Mayor Michael P. Bell today sent to members of Toledo City Council and the City's union leadership an updated forecast for 2010 revenue and the current state of the anticipated deficit. That information is attached electronically to this release. To date the administration has identified $25.6 million in deficit reduction measures.

The Mayor met on Wednesday with the union leaders to present them with the potential cost savings to be achieved through employee concessions, which would affect all employees in all funds and agencies. The concessions and deficit reduction measures, coupled with the ballot initiatives the administration has proposed for council action would remediate the 2010 deficit without seriously affecting the level of service provided to Toledo residents. All measures would nevertheless pursue a long-term improvement in the efficiency of internal operations for the City of Toledo.

On Thursday the administration will meet with representatives from the State Auditors office and on Friday there will be a budget working meeting with members of the administration, city council, department directors and union leaders. Public input sessions are also being scheduled to allow citizens the opportunity to offer suggestions and weigh in on the service priorities they feel need to be addressed.

The Mayor has committed to providing multiple draft budget scenarios to City Council by March 1 to allow them time for discussion and action before the March 31 deadline.

Voinovich: The REAL Inconvenient Truth

Latest newsletter from Senator Voinovich:
Currently, the U.S. Debt is estimated at: $12,264,478,112,700

Your share of today's public debt is: $39,934

Spearheading Debt Reduction Task Force Legislation

How things stand today

Mayor Bell wants to increase taxes. TPS wants more taxes. Ohio wants to raise taxes.
You can't park downtown without getting a parking ticket. I don't know what the attraction is
going downtown anyway. I can't fit in the seats in the Lucas County Arena. You better pay your red light tickets, though I don't know what Toledo will do when they will have to refund everyones money after the Supreme Court rules on the cameras. Did I miss anything?

Ohio Supreme Court rules against Toledo Public Schools and Lucas County in Michaelmas Manor valuation

Toledo Public Schools and Lucas County appear to wanted to try to dismiss a request to lower property values of Michaelmas Manor by 1 million on a technicality. Ohio Supreme Court says not so fast.

TPS levy: thoughts and analysis

This in from Steven Flagg of the Urban Coalition http://www.tpsinfo.org .
Tomorrow, February 4, 2010, the Toledo Board of Education meets in a special board meeting to, most likely, pass a resolution putting a levy on the May 4th primary election ballot.

Child Abuse Prevention Month Essay Contest

Focus is on raising awareness of child abuse and neglect

(TOLEDO, Ohio - February 2, 2010) - Lucas County Children Services, the
governmental agency responsible for protecting children from abuse and
neglect, is sponsoring an essay contest open to all children in grades 7
and 8 in Lucas County.

The contest theme, “What makes a family, and how does it keep me
safe?” is in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month, recognized
nationwide each April. The contest winner and runner-up will have the

Raging elephants boot camp !

Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani is the founder and chairman of RagingElephants.org. The non-profit organization was created to be an advocate of conservative-libertarian social, economic and political issues, to lobby political organizations and office holders, and to educate and organize the electorate on and for conservative-libertarian ideals. RagingElephants.org is a counterweight to liberal organizations like MoveOn, Emily’s List, ACORN and Organizing for America.

Republican House Conference

The Republican House Conference recently held in Baltimore, was a human chess game. President Barack Obama scored a checkmate! No speeches, no teleprompter, no notes just one brilliant man, proving point after point after point. The republicans underestimated the president when they agreed to have the conference televised. As he stated when proposing to put the earmarks online before a vote is taken, "sunshine is the best disinfectant."

Toledo Blade: New GOP religion is just grand

Article published January 29, 2010
New GOP religion is just grand
This President and his administration were delivered a nation and economy on life support a year ago. No one understood whether the world economy would implode, resulting in a global depression.

Fortunately, we have stepped back from the abyss and the economy is slowly recovering, but all we hear from the media is why are we not yet out of the woods.

Bob Latta's statement on the State of the Union address

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R- Bowling Green) made the following statement regarding President Obama’s State of the Union Address this evening.

“Instead of focusing on creating jobs and putting Americans back to work in 2009, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid chose to focus their attention on a $1 trillion dollar health care bill, cap and trade legislation, which would be the largest energy tax levied against American families and business alike, a $1 trillion dollar “Stimulus Package,” and billions of dollars in bailouts.

Congressman Bob Latta gets most of his money from outside the district political action committees

Sector Total PACs Indivs
Agribusiness $27,436 $25,446 $1,990
Communications/Electronics $12,500 $11,000 $1,500
Construction $4,000 $4,000 $0
Defense $0 $0 $0
Energy & Natural Resources $14,500 $12,000 $2,500
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $23,150 $19,000 $4,150
Health $6,000 $3,500 $2,500
Lawyers & Lobbyists $3,250 $500 $2,750
Transportation $21,000 $21,000 $0
Misc Business $16,050 $9,000 $7,050
Labor $3,000 $3,000 $0
Ideological/Single-Issue $6,000 $6,000 $0

El Tiempo: Year-End Numbers Show Toledo’s Economy In A Deepening Crisis

Toledo’s economy continues to struggle mightily, based on year-end numbers released by agencies that assist the unemployed and working poor. But officials on the front lines of the fight against poverty say many families are giving up hope and struggling even more as a result.

Lucas County Job and Family Services (JFS) provided food stamps for more than 87,000 people in 2009, a 16 percent jump in the number of clients compared with 2008. The number of people on Ohio Works First cash assistance also jumped by more than 11 percent in 2009.

Toledo Public School Board Meeting-Transparency Where?

I witnessed the Toledo Public School Board of Education meeting tonight and it was a barrel of laughs, around the "horseshoe" many concerns by myself and other spectators and maybe violations of the sunshine laws, by the board members. But then what do you expect, that was how Three for Children was born, Larry Sykes (he's baacck), Deborah Barnett and Steve Steel.

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