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DPS privatizing bus service

Last Updated: February 24. 2010 12:07PM
DPS privatizing bus service
Plan saves financially strapped school district $50 million; 289 drivers to lose jobs
Tom Greenwood and Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News
Detroit -- Detroit Public Schools' move to privatize bus service for thousands of students will mean nearly 300 drivers will lose their jobs with the district, but savings of about $50 million over five years.

Bunch of Rankings - Toledo and Lucas County rank low

There have been a bunch of rankings recently and Toledo did not fair too well. Here is the rundown:

Gallup ranks Toledo as one of the lower cities in well being in Ohio, and in the country.

Within Ohio itself, people in Cleveland and Akron rank their lives worse off than those in Columbus and Cincinnati, but much better than those in Canton, Toledo or Youngstown. Overall, Cleveland ranks 146th out of 185 American cities, with Akron 147th.
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Will blacks destroy Franklin Park?

Will blacks destroy Franklin Park?

Scuffles at Westfield Franklin Park Mall result in arrest of 6 teenagers

Toledo police arrested at least six teenagers Saturday night at Westfield Franklin Park after responding to reports of fights erupting throughout the mall.

Will you pay the new entertainment fee

Gladly, Toledo needs the money
29% (12 votes)
No, I will travel outside of Toledo so I don't have to pay the fee
71% (29 votes)
Total votes: 41

Former Athens County Democrat chair Susan Gwinn threatens blogger with suit

You would think that in a college area you would have a higher number of smart people, but the former Democrat chair of Athens apparently has taken a page out of the Jon Stainbrook book of politics, which is to threaten lawsuits against those who you don't like in an attempt to bully them. While leaders such as Larry Sykes, Carty Finkbeiner and Jon Stainbrook love to try to bully people into submission, things can only go so far. It is quite clear that Ms.

Metro Toledo buyers are loyal to Detroit 3

Brands snag 61% market share for '09, led by Ford

Metro Toledo may have a lot of attributes ascribed to it, but when it comes to buying automobiles, one stands out: loyalty.

The three domestic automakers — Chrysler Group LLC, General Motors Co., and Ford Motor Co. — made 61 percent of the vehicles sold locally last year. Nationally, the three domestic automakers captured only 45 percent of the 10.4 million vehicles sold in 2009

How they rank:

Ohio Auditor findings on the Toledo Public Schools embezzlement and snooping scandal

If you were like me and a bit frustrated on people talking about the 2k pages, but not seeing it yourself, here it is. No need to download all 2000 pages (unless you want to; better have highspeed internet; it is 113 MB).

You hear all of the talk about the need to re-brand Toledo. What do you think? Is the solution to Toledo's problems branding?

23% (8 votes)
77% (27 votes)
Total votes: 35

Ohio gets our money back for a train service, let's all celebrate

Woo Woo Woo. I can't wait to pay more taxes to support a service that will not directly support Toledo. Looks like a future drain of our money...but hey we call can spread our wealth around right?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio is getting about $400 million in federal stimulus money to restore passenger train service among its major cities.

Gov. Ted Strickland said Wednesday that U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called him about the grant. Ohio is planning a 79-mph, startup train service connecting Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati.

Do you face a food hardship? According to a new report many of you should.

What do you think? Is this self-justification or maybe statistics and lies or is it reality?
For one in five Columbus-area households, the economic decline is making for bare cupboards.

A report released today by the Food Research and Action Center found that 20 percent of households in the metro area faced "food hardship" in 2008 and 2009.

That means families answered "yes" when Gallup surveyers asked whether there were times in the past year when they did not have enough money to buy needed food.

Black Swamp Conservancy Partners With Community Foundation to Establish Endowment Fund


Black Swamp Conservancy Partners With Community Foundation to Establish Endowment Fund
Fund is Part of Conservancy’s Planned Giving Program

Perrysburg, OH (December 23, 2009) Black Swamp Conservancy has established an endowment fund with Toledo Community Foundation.

The fund is known as “Black Swamp Conservancy Endowment Fund.”

Bizjournals ranks Toledo in bottom 5 for being able to start a small business

Another ranking politicians will want to ignore.
Last place in the small-business-vitality rankings again belongs to Detroit, which continues to pay the price for the decline of the domestic automotive industry. The Detroit area lost 298,000 jobs during the past five years—an employment decline of 16.3 percent, easily the worst in any metro. It also experienced short-term drops in population and the number of small businesses.

Joining Detroit in the bottom five, in descending order, are Youngstown, Dayton, and Toledo, Ohio, and Milwaukee.

Jon Stainbrook now picks on Children of Liberty

Jon has a unique talent of making enemies and also more proof that the more conservative you are the more Jon hates you.

Library officials say contested Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook recently filed a complaint alleging a local conservative group was violating library meeting policies. Stainbrook told Toledo Free Press that is “untrue.”

Conservancy and Agriculture Department Protect Nearly 1,000 Acres of Northwest Ohio Farmland

Perrysburg, Ohio (July 24, 2009) - Black Swamp Conservancy has partnered
with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and family farmers in three
northwest Ohio counties to ensure that nearly 1,000 acres of farmland is
used only for agriculture, in perpetuity.

The farmland preservation occurred as a result of the Agricultural Easement
Purchase Program (AEPP) of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The AEPP provides funding to assist landowners in preserving Ohio's
farmland. Each spring, applications are submitted by sponsoring

Black Swamp Conservancy to hold Earth Day event at Forrest Woods

 Perrysburg, Ohio (April 7, 2009) - Black Swamp Conservancy will host an Earth Day celebration at Forrest Woods Nature Preserve on April 25, 2009, at 10:30 a.m. The celebration will include a seed planting and nature walk. There is no charge to attend and the event is open to the public.

Black Swamp Conservancy Matches Toledo Community Foundation Challenge Grant

Perrysburg, Ohio (December 22, 2008) - Black Swamp Conservancy, a Perrysburg, Ohio-based land conservation organization, has announced that it has matched a challenge grant the conservancy received from Toledo Community Foundation.

The conservancy was awarded a $50,000 grant from Toledo Community Foundation earlier this year. The grant allowed Black Swamp Conservancy to hire a stewardship manager.

$30,000 of the community foundation grant was awarded outright. The remaining $20,000 was a

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