Official: State Farm warned NHTSA on Toyota in '07

Official: State Farm warned NHTSA on Toyota in '07
Nick Carey
Mon Feb 8, 2010 5:42pm EST
DETROIT (Reuters) - Private insurer State Farm informed a government regulator of a worrying trend of vehicle-caused accidents involving Toyota Motor Corp as far back as late 2007, an official at the company said.

Ten Times the Rate of Inflation

Ten Times the Rate of Inflation

February 09, 2010 9:14 AM

As we covered yesterday, the Obama administration is demanding answers from California's largest insurance company, Anthem Blue Cross, as to why the company is suddenly raising premiums on some customers by up to 39 percent -- more than 10 times the rate of inflation.

“I really can't afford to spend $9000 a year on health insurance,” said San Francisco attorney and Anthem Blue Cross insured Pamela Fasick.

Kaptur votes to raise debt limit - will soon commence complaining about foreigners owning too much American debt

Thankfully the Atlanta Journal Constitution has a habit of printing votes on major issues that come up before Congress. Well, we now know Kaptur voted yes to raise the debt limit. That would not be notable if Marcy was not going around complaining foreign entities own too much American debt. Truly a hypocrite.
Roll Call: House agrees to $1.9 trillion more debt
Democrats — Boccieri, N; Driehaus, N; Fudge, Y; Kaptur, Y; Kilroy, Y; Kucinich, Y; Ryan, Y; Space, N; Sutton, Y; Wilson, Y.

Latta opposes raising debt limit again

WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement after voting against H. J. Res. 45, a bill that would increase the United States’ national debt limit to $14.29 trillion dollars. Congressman Latta also voted against a national debt limit hike on December 16, 2009, less than two months ago.

Check into cash to have license revoked

Columbus Dispatch has the latest:
Commerce notified three payday lenders -- Check into Cash in Toledo, Quik Cash in Cleveland and 1st Choice Financial in Washington Court House -- that the state intends to revoke their lending licenses.

Sherrod Brown is for Bernanke and against us!

I joined the Campaign for Liberty's "No Audit, No Bernanke!" and called and emailed Senators Voinovich and Brown to vote against the miserable and treacherous man. So far I've gotten a lousy response from Brown where he weasels out of doing anything for the American people or against Bernanke. He deserves a pink slip!

[Emphasis mine throughout]

Dear Mr. Ben-Ariel:

Thank you for sharing your views on the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

El Tiempo Story: 2009 Foreclosure Numbers Show Mixed Picture

El Tiempo Article by Kevin Milliken
Lucas County’s 2009 foreclosure numbers show more properties continue to fall prey to the poor economy, but fewer homeowners are losing the biggest investment of their lives to a sheriff’s sale. It’s a mixed picture that suggests local foreclosure prevention efforts are succeeding, banks are giving up on situations that can’t be resolved—or both.

Ohio’s Tax Code Hinders Economic Growth

In May 2009, Forbes ranked Toledo as the worst job market among mid-sized cities, citing massive industry decline in the past decade. However, the plight of our community is not isolated; Cleveland, Dayton and Youngstown make the list for worst job markets in the nation, and businesses continue to hemorrhage from our borders. National Cash Register abandoned Dayton over the summer, and this month American Greetings announced plans to possibly relocate from its Brooklyn headquarters.

Mayor Appoints Finance Director - McLean brings 20 years finance and budgeting experience to the job.

Mayor Appoints Finance Director
McLean brings 20 years finance and budgeting experience to the job.

Mayor Michael P. Bell today announced his appointment for City Finance Director at his first press conference since taking office.

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