Fed up and ticked off by government

Sad, but here's a guy who just snapped dealing with the bureaucracy and government. He should have found a better way out, but I sympathize with him.

Toledo Blade: New GOP religion is just grand

Article published January 29, 2010
New GOP religion is just grand
This President and his administration were delivered a nation and economy on life support a year ago. No one understood whether the world economy would implode, resulting in a global depression.

Fortunately, we have stepped back from the abyss and the economy is slowly recovering, but all we hear from the media is why are we not yet out of the woods.

Public school teacher absenteeism declines when principals have more control

I thought this is worth mentioning, especially here in Toledo.
ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Public school teachers took less time off when principals had more flexibility to dismiss them without completing elaborate documentation or attending a hearing, one of two new University of Michigan studies shows.

Two papers authored by Brian Jacob, a professor at the U-M Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, examined a policy change in the Chicago Public School system in which principals were given complete autonomy to dismiss probationary teachers.

Strickland, House Democrats Gamble With Education Schools Targeted As Political Pawns Throughout 2009

COLUMBUS— One year to the day House Democrats took the majority, State Representatives Jarrod Martin (R-Beavercreek), Seth Morgan, CPA, (R-Huber Heights), and Gerald Stebelton (R-Lancaster) summarized the 2009 legislative year as time of unfunded mandates on schools and damaging funding cuts to poorer districts, charter schools, e-schools and Catholic schools.

Harmful Policies Plagued 2009 House GOP: Will Democrats Change Anything in 2010?

COLUMBUS— House Republican leadership today asked “Will Governor Strickland and his Democrat colleagues change anything?” The question is released one year to the day that Democrats in the Statehouse took the majority, a feat that hadn’t been seen in 14 years. While unemployment steadily increased and shortfall after shortfall was apparent to the state’s operating budget as touted by Governor Strickland and House Democrats, numerous viable, alternative solutions to the irresponsible policies proposed by the majority were ignored.

Breaking News: UPDATED: Steve Riddle principal of Leverette Middle School resigns.

It has been disclosed on 11News that Steve Riddle has resigned as principal of Leverette Middle School. Now maybe, depending on who they put in as principal, this school will have leadership that is pro children. Out with the child predators, in with the child educators giving the students safe passage to a successful life.

It took awhile to eliminate this principal, how many children were damaged in the process?

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