Stunning Comments from the White House on the Burgeoning Geithner/AIG Scandal

As a follow up to yesterday's explosive news, check out today's an amazing - and hideous - interchange between CNN reporter Ed Henry and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs about new evidence that Tim Geithner's New York Fed instructed AIG to hide information from SEC regulators. (more)

Who is the embarassment here? The former mayor or the talk show host.

The end of an error
Written by Brian Wilson | |
By the time you’re reading this, it will be almost over: Four long, hard, grueling years of national embarrassment, local incompetence and stunted economic growth, all the result of what history may accurately record as Toledo’s Greatest Mistake, the election of Carl Finkbeiner.
What else could explain the (re-) election of a certifiable failure and nationally known joke-of-a-mayor whose sole accomplishment was as a “Trivial Pursuit” answer?

Careful Reference and more selectivity

From Tim Higgins' Just Blowing Smoke:
I usually try these days to avoid commenting on Blade editorials, as their voice becomes increasing more irrelevant over time. In spite of the fact that I have no ties to the Republican Party, I could not however, let pass without comment the editorial today "Dissension in GOP".

Attempted Terror Attack In Detroit

The religion of "peace" is at it again. When will America wake up?

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