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DPS privatizing bus service

Last Updated: February 24. 2010 12:07PM
DPS privatizing bus service
Plan saves financially strapped school district $50 million; 289 drivers to lose jobs
Tom Greenwood and Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News
Detroit -- Detroit Public Schools' move to privatize bus service for thousands of students will mean nearly 300 drivers will lose their jobs with the district, but savings of about $50 million over five years.

Public Apology From Fred LeFebvre

I must apologize publicly for something I said on air a few months ago, and am doing it here as well as on air Thursday.
When the Cash For Clunkers program began under the auspices of the Federal Govt. I jokingly said on air that "next we'll have Cash For Kitchens". Obviously I was joking because the idea of using tax dollars to help people buy appliances is so obviously ludicrous.

John Kasich Camapaign Video

The Kasich campaign released a new bio video:

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has proposed the early release of 7,500 Michigan inmates

Releasing a man who raped two 8 year old girls in 1998! What in the hell are they thinking? What other inmates will be free to hurt others again? This is just sick. I can think of other ways to save on the prison budget.. think cable tv, internet, and other luxurys many of us law abiders dont have...

A Fourth Leg For Conservatives' Big Table

A Fourth Leg For Conservatives' Big Table
On Feb. 17, most of the leaders of the traditional conservative movement gathered in Arlington, Va., to plan strategy, and issued a statement of conservative principles. However, the conservative movement is rapidly changing and significantly expanding because of the addition of millions of Tea Partyers.

Ohio's pain is Atlanta's gain


In all, 43 Midwestern companies have established headquarters, warehouses, distribution centers, factories, branch offices or testing labs across the region since 1999, according to the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Ohio alone has shipped 20 of those companies or their units down Interstate 75. Only three other states -- California, Florida and Texas -- have been more generous toward Atlanta.

Another reason to visit this site: It will make you smarter

Stop back frequently so you can get smarter.
The Internet can make you smarter, experts say

Though it may not always feel like it, the Internet is actually making us smarter, at least according to a new survey of scientists, business leaders, and technology developers.

NEWS ALERT: Driver, Victims Talk About Alleged DefectiveToyota Crash, Driver in Prison for Fatal Runaway Toyota Accident

Driver, Victims Talk About Toyota Crash
On June 10, 2006 Koua Fong Lee was returning from church with his family when his Toyota Camry hit an Oldsmobile at a St. Paul, Minnesota intersection, killing the driver and a passenger in the Oldsmobile. Lee is now serving an eight-year-sentence for vehicular homicide, but he has always maintained that his brakes didn't work. (ABC News) (VIDEO)

Exclusive: TPS's first TV income tax levy commercial titled "It will get ugly"

Given this was sent to me from someone at the production house, it is missing the disclaimers, the intro and the ending. I am told the intro segment will say, "Don't let things get ugly." Then the normal exit segment, "Vote for the Toledo Public School levy in May" with the normal campaign committee disclaimers at the end. Makes the point doesn't it?

Don't worry about the Socialists worry about the Banksters

More from the independent Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

If Ben Konop ran again would you vote for him?

IRS Plane Attacker Part of ‘Right Wing,’ Christmas Bomber Just a ‘Lone Wolf’

Todd Warner Houston on is taking on those in the journalistic community who are happy to label the nut who flew the plane into the Tex IRS building an extreme right winger while the underwear bomber is just a lone wolf, same with the base shooter; either the media should call them all lone wolf nut jobs or part of a bigger plan.


How did we become a nation of such angry people?

Are the recent actions of Amy Bishop and Andrew Slack a sign of the times or are they an aberration and no cause for alarm?

The life situations of both individuals were markedly similar. One was unemployed and one was scheduled for unemployment in the very near future. Both felt persecuted and took out their anger on innocent people. One shot and killed three colleagues and injuring more, the other flew his airplane into a building killing an employee and himself while injuring scores of others.

Franklin Park Mall Security

ts good their is more security at the mall. But this happened before a year ago or so. I would bet in a month or two the extra security will disappear until the next riot takes place.

Heres an idea why don't Toledo provide Tarta buses at the mall and provide free transportation to Levis Square or Fallen Timbers Mall. That should cut down on the violence at Franklin Park, Share the pain.

Lucas County GOP precinct committee races

The Lucas County Republican Party will appear to have an interesting central committee election again. Of course some of the contested races are a bit strange, like Jon Stainbrook running against one of the Manson Girls Kelly Bensmen and there are a few other races of Stainbrook supporters challenging other Stainbrook supporters. Once the lists are certified, then we can see who is actually challenging who and who is a supporter and who is not. Until that time, you can get the uncertified list at:

The Wolfman Institute of Rational Thinking Presents: "Justice for Sale"

~An investigation into how campaign cash is corrupting America's courts~
February 19, 2010

BOE films petition filings

Hmm, I wonder who they are referring to feeling mistreated.

The Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) had a video camera running all day Feb.18, the deadline for May primary petitions.

Linda Howe, BOE director, said the camera tri-pod was set up in the morning to film the entire day, with switching of tapes periodically.

Brunner seeks intervention in Stainbrook case to fill seat on county elections board

As promised, Jennifer Brunner, the Ohio Secretary of State, moved to intervene in the Lucas County litigation over political power in the Republican Party — except she was too late.
Ms. Brunner on Thursday asked to be part of the Lucas County Common Pleas Court case only to solve one problem — to fill an upcoming vacancy on the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Judge Charles Doneghy on Friday overruled the motion, saying he had already terminated the case. The case ended when he denied a preliminary injunction sought by Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook on Thursday.


BOWLING GREEN- The Latta for Congress campaign is proud to announce its updated website

The new website features:

-Email update subscription
-Secure online donation
-Social media outlet links
-Volunteer opportunities
-Welcome message from Congressman Latta

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