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Ideas you suggested that you got:
- Member directory (choose user directory on the left).
- Better Comments (now includes the title of the thread, not the title of the comment)

Issues being decided on:
- A who is online block
- Better archives

Once features are added, the suggestions below will be deleted. Outstanding suggestions will not be deleted and can be debated below.

- Admin

I'd like to see a "Who's Online" list of all people currently logged in. It helps the obsessive people like myself to know when a new posting or a comment might be made of some sort, especially when a semi-live discussion is about to take place.

I posted a few more fun personal fields in your profile. To get there, click on my account, then edit tab, then click on the sub choice, personal information.

While we're at it, if you really want people to use the signature line as a way of expressing themselves it needs to be set off in a different font or type-face from the actual comments of that person. Otherwise, it's just confusing to people.

The 'recent comments' box that now includes the topic is much better. Thanks.

Hey, why is it that whenever anyone starts a topic/thread and include a link to go to, the link comes out WWAAaYYYYYY down below the rest of the post?? Or is this just a quirk of my 'pooter?




'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Updated the system. If you noticed some strangeness for a couple of minutes, that was the cause.

Still not finalized but you can go there and chat with friends.

Click on the tab on top to get there. Note: You will see it once you log in. You must have an account and be logged in, have javascript turned on, and preferrably use Firefox and IE. Opera has some issues.

Virtual Toledo page is posted (see the tab at the top).

See the latest photos on Flickr in the Toledo Pool group.

See some cool mashups, widgets, and gadgets.

See the local Web cam directories

In the about page, there are some widgets that you can copy and put on your site.

Virtual Toledo has been updated and better organized.


There is a bug with the CMS's reader and WSPD's podcast feeds. The feeds were being displayed as posted many days in advance, which kept them at the top of the lists and sort of ruined the feed page. I looked and could not figure out exactly why that was occuring because the code looked ok, so I made a special widget to display the podcasts and I found they can also play the podcast, which is cool. So enjoy.


Check the display when you read the thread "Perlean Fired because of Reinbolt?". The whole thing narrows to about three characters due to posting replies to messages. I suggest that you eliminate the rightmost column by moving the stuff from the right to the left, leaving two-thirds of the display for message content.

Really, this is getting tough to read and navigate.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I've noticed lately the the font size for polls is much smaller then before and (for myself at least) harder to read. I've had to start using the Windows Magnifier to actually read them comfortably. Its nice but kind of a pain, could you possiblely increase the size a bit or made them bold?I did notice after voting the choices appear more bolded, even that was easier to read.

Just a thought :)

This is a good idea and I think it can be done. Let me look into it.

Feature added, but not default. Fun thing is I won't tell how to activate it. Scavenger hunt!

i like that alot, too. good job and thanks.

This should be fixed with the new layout.

Yes, this may occur with a bunch of posts. To fix this scroll to the bottom of the comments and choose the display option(s) you want. I will prefer to leave the threaded discussions on, for now.

When I click on the Chat tab the first page I come to has an awful amount of "white space" and appears not to work. It wasn't till I scrolled to the bottom of the page that I realized there was an additional link I needed to click on to gain access to the actual chat.

It stated that there were 200+ entries but I could only see about a dozen or so.

I always have Java enabled but those who are not as computer savy may be confused by this requirement or have it blocked by Internet Explorer security settings. I think a little script added to the page which detects whether the Java is enabled or not and returns a message if it isn't would be nice. The message should have a link to a tutorial which explains what Java is, how to enable it and any security risk which might be exploited by having it enabled. This would allow visitors to make an inform decision whether they want to enable it and how to proceed.

JMO. :)

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Probably won't happen, it is a php coding issue, a major change. Don't expect the signature to improve in the near future.

Everything you do makes the site better. 8^D


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'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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