Site Features

Other features:
SwampBubbles Groups
You can create and organize around groups here. For more information, see SwampBubbles Groups.

You can view local RSS feeds under the SwampFeeds menu item. A select few sources have been chosen because of them being established or frequently updated. Want to include your own feed? Let us know and we will consider it or will put it up for a vote. Your Site will need to be active for it to be included, so make sure you are invested in it. Contact us if you want your blog listed in the RSS feed or want to suggest one.

RSS Feeds
Not only does the site have a feed, but each term has a feed and each post. There are feeds galore. Look for the orange feed icon to get the subscription item. Click on the category terms in the post to get the term feed.

You can select multiple categories to describe your content. For example if you have something on the Oregon City Schools, you can choose Oregon and Education categories. You can browse by category, so now Oregon Education will show up in the Oregon category, as well as the education category. You can also browse the different categories by choosing the "Categories" item on the navigation on the left.

Want to know what users are thinking? Create a poll and find out. Any registered user can create a poll.

Post Archives
View post archives by date. Click on the View Posts by Date link to scroll through the posts by date.

Get alerted when new items are posted
You can set SwampBubbles to notify you of new content. You can do so in the "my account" menu item on the left. Look under my notifications.

Press Releases
Press releases are welcome and encouraged, but be prepared for users to comment on them. While this is not a specific feature, you can post them here. This includes government officials, organizations, media, candidates and politicians. Please make sure the press release is appropriate. Press releases for the sole purpose of advertisements of products or sales will be frowned upon.

Bubble Points
Earn new rights by participating here. See for more information

There will be more to come in the future.