Should Male TPS Teacher' be required to wear matching socks?

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Should be TPS Teacher's*

...IF the dress code requires kids to wear matching socks. AND the requirement should apply to female teachers as well. (with the understanding that sometimes blue and black look awfully similar...)

Actually, now I'm curious. Are teachers allowed to wear non-collared shirts??? Sweaters or other dress shirts without collars???

Do teachers have a dress code too?

Teachers do have a dress code. They are allowed to wear sweaters, but t-shirts are frowned upon...unless you teach Phys.Ed.

I will admit, I have worn mismatch socks before while teaching, but it was totally unintentional. I don't think it affected the students education.

actually, it's simply *teachers* (add 's' since there's more than one teacher--use an apostrophe only if they are in direct possession of the socks in the sentence, which they are not). If yr gonna be picky, be correct, at least.