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Does TPS actually have a quote and a plan for Scott High School?

I ask this question because back on 6/17 I asked TPS for a quote/plan for Scott High School. The answer I got is they would prepare something, I have yet to see something.

In light of the big apt. fire, City council may consider tighter fireworks regulations

Fireworks are dangerous. Except for the smallest ones, they should be handled only by professionals
56% (29 votes)
The neighborhood displays are awesome. They should be allowed to go on.
44% (23 votes)
Total votes: 52

Do you support the .5% sales tax increase to support TARTA?


What type of government do you want for Toledo?


Is Everything Seemingly Spinning out of Control? Or is there spinning?

The Toledo Free Press is asking if things are spinning out of control. What do you think?

You can read the original piece at:

You can read what others have to say in the area:

A great observation/response by Ohio Blogger, Tom Blumer can be read at:

ChrisMeyers question

Is there a reason my comment today to NC's post about oil prices doesn't show up? My contribution featured a YouTube clip of Ron Paul talking about Iran and energy. Are YouTube clips no longer allowed on SB or is there another reason for the removal/disappearance of my comment?

Who would you most like to see host a local Radio Talk Show?

H2O "Thirsty"


Excellent video that everyone should see that is thirsty for love, acceptance, peace and joy.
H20 A Journey of Faith

I think you get to only watch a preview on this link. I've seen 3 of the episodes in full and was moved to a new level in my understanding of God and my faith.

Turnpike Signage

My son and I just got back from a day trip to Cleveland to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. I noticed on the way there and back a sign on the turnpike I wasn't familiar with.


It's the letters HC with a red circle around them and the red line across them as in the No smoking signs.


Any ideas as to what HC stands for?

Internet Terrorists Unite: We need slogans

At the risk of attracting the wrong crowd through a google search, we need to come up with some new slogans and sayings for potential development into a T-shirt. If we get some Osamas or other odd names creating accounts, we may have to pull a plug on this. Being this is a not-for-profit site, I will not make any money off of them, but it may be worth the effort to add to the cafe press area.

Say Hi

Stop by this post and say hi. I am wondering if something is wrong with the comments. Comment here to prove me wrong.

Should we start drilling in ANWR?

39% (46 votes)
29% (34 votes)
I don't know. I want to ask Al Gore before I answer cuz him so smart.
1% (1 vote)
Yes, and on the Continental Shelf as well.
28% (33 votes)
What's an ANWR?
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 118

Site ideas

Now is your time to sound off on what you think about the site. What you would like to see? what you would like to improve etc? Let me know.

Will Hillary supporters support Obama?

47% (24 votes)
41% (21 votes)
I don't know
12% (6 votes)
Total votes: 51

Anything going on during the festival?


Anything interesting going on during the festival? Will any of you have something going on at your house? Let me know. I love going to the Old West End festival.

What ever happened with the Robo Trash trucks?

The automated trash pick up trial seems to have slipped from the news. I was wondering if anyone has heard how it went or how its going. It seemed like it was such big news for a while and then *poof* it was gone.

I'm curious to hear how it worked out on the narrow side streets and if they plan to expand the trial to other areas.

Help with TPS and IEP

My nephew has an IEP. TPS broke IDEA( Ind. with Disabilites Act) by writing the IEP ( Ind. Education Plan) and not contacting my sister or going through all three steps. Long story but is sister is not a strong advocate. But on this one they NEVER contacted her that I or she knows of and never wrote a letter or visited as is written in the statue.

Drupal site

I am thinking of reviving my Blogsite and have found a theme on Drupal which I like. I want it to have a newspaper look and feel. I think I can hack the theme to make my pages look like actual newsprint and maybe even create an e-reader version so that it can be read on ebook readers like Filament and Kindle.

Do you feel it's OK for turnpike revenue to be diverted to help pay off $200 million in borrowing plus interest through 2030?

looking for advice / bad neighbor with animal issues

I have a neighbor who lives two houses down, and she is a cat horder. Last year it seemed as though she had 10+ in her house and another 20 or so that lived in and out of her basement and on her back porch. The cats were mostly feral, and all in bad shape.

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