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Should candidates campaign at churches?

18% (11 votes)
79% (48 votes)
I don't know
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 61

Legal question for all of you

So I have a legal question for all of you. A particular user has been in the penalty box and is told not to post or comment on the site for at least 2 months. Now it is up to 7 months, but this user keeps coming here and posting. So imagine you have a house and you tell someone they are no longer welcome, but yet they keep trying to get in. There is legal cause to file a police report if someone does that to your physical property. Do any of you know of a situation where this has happened on a virtual property? Where someone files a report to keep this person out?

Where is the other $20,673 Jon?

In the expose on corruption and vestiges of the Lucas County Republican Party mini-series that ran on Sunday and Monday of this week had a very interesting proclamation by Jon Stainbrook. In the article “Old guard 'left us broke'; Look at books raising more questions” it said:

“Mr. Stainbrook said he has raised nearly $50,000 in cash and in-kind contributions since taking the party reins last year.”

Development next to Promenade Park?


Whatever became of the alleged plans for development of that former electric (or whatever type of building) next to Promenade Park by some sports fellow?

Will you be attending the free BASH AT THE BAY '09 at Maumee Bay State Park on 7/23 - 7/26 ????

YES - Of course ! I would not miss this event for the world !!!
10% (5 votes)
NO - No way ! It is too far out for me !
10% (5 votes)
YES - Heck yeah ! I want to meet this Bling Bling Dolla dude !
8% (4 votes)
YES - Tyme Management is involved, so it must be good !
10% (5 votes)
You gotta be kidding me.
63% (33 votes)
Total votes: 52

Toledo Public School Report Cards

I am wondering what the rational would be to withhold the TPS report cards issued by the state of Ohio. It is my understanding that the charter schools have received their report cards and I would assume that TPS also has theirs but is keeping them under wraps for whatever reason. I think if the report cards have been issued, that they should be made public as soon as possible. Why would TPS delay the reporting of how the district did as opposed to charter schools and other districts?

Congressmen & Senators Get Salaries For LIFE??????????????????

I was told that all Congressmen & Senators (once they've served 6 years), receive a salary for the rest of their lives. This seems absurd & obscene to me - a waste of money (especially when the receivers are already wealthy) - something I thought was reserved for presidents (and I think there should be a time limit set on them). I asked my husband why "We The People" can't get something on the ballot to change this & he said because "they make the rules".

Has it always been this way (where they receive lifetime salaries)? How can "We The People" put an end to this madness?

Got our new house market value from Lucas County Auditor and it is down by 12%. How about you?

6% (3 votes)
8% (4 votes)
37% (19 votes)
13% (7 votes)
4% (2 votes)
26% or more
4% (2 votes)
I don't own a house
8% (4 votes)
I have not received the values yet
21% (11 votes)
Total votes: 52

Who's Yo Daddy


Why does TPS not want to involve Scott alumns in the renovation of Scott?

Why would anyone in TPS be non-committal in keeping Scott alumns involved in the renovation of Scott? Lisa Sobecki and the administration think it is a bad idea. Maybe if they are involved things will go right, because we all know TPS's record on the building plan. Poor planning. Poor decisions. Over spent, under built.

The Toledo Journal has more:

Toledo Public Schools officials like to say they welcome community involvement. Now, with Scott High School’s renovation approaching, the public will learn whether that is real sentiment or just words.

Anybody have an Air Conditioner To Sell For Cat Rescue Home? - How to insert Pay Pal option on a website?

My daughter & her boyfriend are very active in cat rescues - they take in strays & have the vet checked, neutered - and then they socialize each cat or kitten to be able to place it in the most appropriate home (some cats don't like dogs, kids or other cats). They've been doing this for some time now & are independent of Paws & Whiskers or Planned Pet Hood - only because those two organizations are already too overwhelmed. My daugher posted her rescue website here at one point & I will ask her to post it again.

Reformers Unanimous International

I was just told by a friend of mine about an addictions program at Lewis Avenue Baptist Church called Reformers Unanimous International. It is held every Friday at 7:00 p.m. The founder and president of RUI is named Steve Curington. From what I was told Curington is shown at the beginning of each meeting in a video. My friend says he appears to be a wild-eyed nut who claims divine intervention from God and that God showed him how to create this program. Curington and his cohorts claim to have a 75% success rate of "curing" people of substance abuse problems.

Can Biden Shed Light on the Birth Certificate?

Biden scheduled to visit Perrysburg
PERRYSBURG - ...Biden will appear at Willard & Kelsey Solar Group headquarters, 1775 Progress Drive, Tuesday to discuss emerging manufacturing opportunities for the middle class during a Middle Class Task Force meeting, according to U.S. Rep. Bob Latta's (R-Bowling Green) office.


Where do the Blade editorial writers live?

Ok I have read this several times now and I am just wondering where do the Toledo Blade editorial writers live? We know where the Publisher lives and Marilou Johanek lives in the suburbs (from an article during the 2004 campaign), so we have that. Anyone know how many other Blade editorial writers actually live in Toledo? In the editorial today about the next council president, the writer says:

Mayor Finkbeiner has challenged the recall petition, which we expect Toledo voters would in any case reject as unwanted outside interference from the suburbs and a waste of time.

Site performance questions

Have you noticed any issues since moving to the new server? Please let me know.

How many times does Ben break pledges and no one calls him on it?

Jr @toledotalk has a great piece on Ben Konop's breaking of pledges left and right. I have more to add to this, and will so soon.

Ben Konop would not be in local politics without being propped up by the Toledo Blade. Sort of like the Toledo Blade would not exist without being propped up by Buckeye Cable and Buckeye Express.

Konop is getting accustomed to violating useless, symbolic political pledges.

Read the rest at:



YES,absolutely. He would never walk away from a fight.
18% (18 votes)
NO way. He will fade away with his tail between his legs.
29% (29 votes)
I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT. This guy makes me sick.
26% (26 votes)
I HOPE SO. Maybe THEN he will get the message that his services are no longer needed.
19% (19 votes)
IF HE DOES, I'm going to Canada for the rest of the year.
7% (7 votes)
Total votes: 99

How Did This Guy Get Released Early?

That former city worker who got his fifteenth DUI (while in a city truck) got released after only serving five months of a two year sentence:

Here is the article about him being sentenced to two years:

There are a few things I don't understand. First, given that he has had a "significant history of contact with the courts," according to the judge, how did he manage to get released so early?

Have you ever published or posted something without citing the author? Be Honest.

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