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This site is over-the-hill

Happy 2016 everyone! I want to let you know that we have quietly passed the 9 year anniversary of the founding of this site which in Web years is really, really old (1/4/7 was the first post). Your thoughts on where to go from here and what would be neat? Thank you for everything you have done to make the site what it is today.

Is the library needed anymore? Amazon Prime is cheaper for me than county library

I was recently asked a question about renting videos recently, and it got me thinking about how much I pay for the Lucas County libraries. After some investigation and understanding how much subscription services cost, one has to wonder if the library is even needed anymore.

Who won the Republican debate?

I was pretty impressed with Cary Fiorina. Who did you think won the CNN debate last night?

It's no wonder why the Dem frontrunner doesn't answer questions.

It's no wonder the Dem front runner doesn't answer questions. Have you seen the liberals on here. Just getting them to answer a specific question is almost exhausting.

Why Do Homosexuals Want To Marry In Christian Churches?

I can't understand why homosexual people want to get married by a Christian minister or in a Christian Church. They have chosen a lifestyle that clearly contradicts the teaching of both the Old and New Testaments but they insist on marrying under Christian traditions. A Christian couple was fined $10,000 by the State of New York and ordered to pay a lesbian couple $1,500 each for not allowing them to marry on their property.

Wind Turbine Syndrome a placebo affect

A week ago we discussed Wind Turbines causing illnesses.

This article shows that one side is clearly winning the legal cases brought forth by the two sides. The winners thus far have been the turbine companies.

In many of the cases the courts are ruling that a "placebo affect" is taking place that people are thinking the turbines are bad for them and psychologically they then become sick.

Site problems

Hi everyone, the last 24 hrs have been rough for this site, but since I have not done anything, I suspected it was the host. The host has provided some more information. Apparently this site is hosted on a group of sites that included one dealing with political content relating to the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. One of the groups decided to instigate a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the Web site that is affecting this site. While that site has been neutralized, it is still affecting the host.

DTOM is SICK in the head

He's been TOLD to stop his obsession with determining my sexual orientation and projecting his desires or whatever sick thoughts are in his sick brain onto me.

Coupled with the "Anal Cavity" remarks elsewhere I can only conclude that DTOM is really sick in the head and projecting his inner desires for a homosexual encounter or something like that, and his willful denial to acknowledge that "no means no" and "leave me the fuck alone" means harassment is happening,

Your votes?

Who will you be voting for tomorrow? Lots of primaries and lots of issues.

Reply fixed?


Are you still not seeing the reply function? There were some server problems recently and I am using some aggressive cache - but please chime in if you still don't see the reply function. Unfortunately, last week was a very busy week for me and I had just about 0 time to do anything on the site over the last 10 days.

What is the problem with this site

Every time I go to post a reply, I get "unable to serve this request, connection timed out". Anyone else, or are you just unable to reply as well?

Windmills - Whats the big deal?

Why is everyone so upset about those giant windmills they want to build near Lake Erie?
There is a ton of wind around the lake. Who profits from the electricity produced from these machines?
Isn't there something they can put on or near those windmills to keep the birds away?
(Like a giant Owl). Or how about certain lights or ultrasonic sound or an electronic scarecrow?

Presidential Health


As an admitted past recreational narcotics user, would it be appropriate to have a fully public drug testing of the current President?

Your predictions: Winners and losers

Other than the Board of Election losing, that is a given with Jon Stainbrook on it, who are your choices for winners and losers today? Sound off here. Any race - city/township/school board.

Flash on Gaxay Note 10.1 tablet

I just bought this tablet but unfourtunatly it will not support Flash Player. For the SB techies, do you know of a workable solution?

Toledo's Best Kept Secret?

I cannot believe my pagan bodied ears! Girls, is it TRUE? I heard a vicious rumor that the incomparable pantless pastor of Toledo allegedly likes boys on occasion? The same man of the cloth that has bashed gays and issues related to gays for years? And is now leaning towards "acceptance" of such things?

Well grand momma always said that those who scream it loudest usually are - allegedly.

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Mayor Bell's Trip To Germany - A Good Thing Or a Boondoggle?

Is this trip to Germany going to help us or just waste tax dollars?

Who is Frank Marshall Davis?

Can anyone tell me who the hell is Frank Marshall Davis.

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Oscar time

Hello again. As you know Sunday is Oscar night. Any on you Bubble heads on here seen any movies in 2012 that you really liked?
Here is a list of nominees:
"Beasts of the Southern Wild"
"Django Unchained"
"Les Misérables"
"Life of Pi"
"Silver Linings Playbook"
"Zero Dark Thirty"

I've seen Argo, Django, Lincoln, Silver lining playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. Out of these five,
Silver lining Playbook was my favorite with Django coming in a close second. Any movie or movies that you enjoyed?

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