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Nancy Pelosi comes out solidly on the the Presidents' side

I was sitting through the State of the Union address tonight.

I was so happy to see Nancy Pelosi giving the President the lead for one after another standing ovation.

This is a great sign for healing, for our leadership to work together. I taped this - and I am so glad that I did. Nancy P. has crossed all boundaries and any aisle - in her support for the President.

I am so happy to see her solid support of the President.

i can't believe i'm about to type this.....

i can't believe i'm about to type this, but i found this blade editorial piece to be a good read. of course, the writing was from an outside source.

nonetheless, it address the feel-good political issue of the moment.....the minimum wage.


Tom Maher as a candidate for Super.

This is from a news story from my Local paper: "SCHOOL BOARD A BATTLEGROUND

The controversy over the dismissal of Indian River County School Superintendent Tom Maher in late 2005 continued through 2006 as a divided school board battled over school construction plans, personnel and school sites. This led to voters electing three new members in 2006."

Pricey council campaigns deter some from running

The bidding for a Toledo City Council seat this year starts around $25,000, candidates and analysts estimate, and it could go higher than $50,000.

Ellen Grachek says that's untenable.

Others say it's a bargain.

In Toledo's relatively unfettered campaign finance world, nearly everyone agrees it's reality.

Ms. Grachek, a Democrat, announced last week that she won't run for a second term representing council District 5. She doesn't like fund-raising, she explained, or the debts to donors it implies.

Do you support ANY tax levy from a body who refuses to review their budget for cuts first? (TPS, Toledo City etc.)

I would support a tax levy if the requesting body had reviewed the existing budget and made the appropriate cuts.
36% (18 votes)
I would support a tax levy if the requesting body had not reviewed the budget.
8% (4 votes)
I will not support any levy regardless of budget review or fiscal accountability practices.
34% (17 votes)
I will not support any levy until enough time has passed that those who request levies without reviews learn their lesson.
22% (11 votes)
Total votes: 50

Do you support ANY tax levy from a body who refuses to review their budget for cuts first? (TPS, Toledo City etc.)

I would support a tax levy if the requesting body had reviewed the existing budget and made the appropriate cuts.
71% (12 votes)
I would support a tax levy if the requesting body had not reviewed the budget.
29% (5 votes)
Total votes: 17

Where is Kaptur?

I remember people saying how powerful Marcy Kaptur is in Washington and how much she will bring back now that the Democrats are in charge of Congress. I would think that Marcy would have a leadership position on a major committee or even chairing it or something. Has anyone heard where she is or what she is doing? I do not recall hearing any stories of her getting a leadership position, but maybe

Where did Recall Billy go? Does anybody know what's up with that?

Does anybody remember the guy that was so upset last year that he wanted to start a recall effort, but then found that a year had to pass first?

Boxer's Low Blow

Today's NY Post:

"Who pays the price? I'm not going to pay a personal price," Boxer said. "My kids are too old, and my grandchild is too young."

Then, to Rice: "You're not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family."


Simply breathtaking.

We scarcely know where to begin.

The junior senator from California ap parently believes that an accom plished, seasoned diplomat, a renowned scholar and an adviser to two presidents like Condoleezza Rice is not fully qualified to make policy at the highest levels of the American government because she is a single, childless woman.

Hotel-Motel tax increase

I was told that the Commissioners will hold a meeting on Wednesday to vote on the increase in the hotel-motel tax. I blogged about this, but was wondering if anyone else has heard it, or seen it in press....

Kaptur and Gillmor both vote no on HB3

H.R. 3 - Promoting Life-Saving Stem Cell Research http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2007/roll020.xml

The DeGette-Castle stem cell research bill increases the number of lines of stem cells that are eligible to be used in federally-funded research. The bill authorizes Health and Human Services (HHS) to support research involving embryonic stem cells meeting certain criteria, regardless of the date on which the stem cells were derived from an embryo. Current policy allows federal funds to be used for research only on those stem cell lines that existed when President Bush issued an executive order on August 9, 2001. The bill only authorizes the use of stem cell lines generated from embryos that would otherwise be discarded by fertility clinics. The bill includes stronger ethical guidelines than the President

Szollosi humiliated her, Brown asserts

In this week's Toledo Journal:

Was Frank Szollosi mocking Wilma Brown at last week

Will this be a watershed week?

Today's Free Press Kevin Miliken says:

This could turn out to be one of the most important weeks in the future of our state and country, as a new governor takes office, President Bush announces a new direction in his Iraq policy, and a slew of new legislators begin work in the Ohio General Assembly and Congress.

We've heard words like

Hildo: Carty looks to give away the store

This week's City Paper:


Glass City Jungle email challenge


Glass City Jungle is hosting a contact challenge. You can see which council members respond to their email. You can follow the story at Glass City Jungle www.glasscityjungle.com/wordpress/.

3 on council facing party chief's wrath over president vote

In Today's Toledo Blade:

Three Democratic Toledo City Council members who are identified with the so-called A-wing of the party may not be endorsed for re-election if they don't mend fences with B-team members who currently run the party, the party chairman said yesterday.

The three councilmen expressed disbelief that Lucas County Democratic Chairman John Irish is threatening to withhold party support. Two of the councilmen remain under a sanction imposed in 2005 for not supporting the party's choice for a vacancy appointment on council.

Here's looking at you, Kidd

Joe Kidd refused to be a Noe political patsy

Joe Kidd, former executive director of the Lucas County Board of Elections and exposer of perhaps the most recent and compelling reason for public funding of elections, sat in my dining room last month. He agreed to talk with my wife, City Paper Publisher, Collette Jacobs, Managing Editor Jason Webber and myself to answer our questions regarding his involvement in the imbroglio at the center of the Republican Party

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