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Can't We All Just Get Along Like Our Leaders?

Reminds us what the true spirit of Christmas is about...eh?

Wait & See - ACA will be repealed - eventually it will be repealed

I predicted from day one of passage of the "Affordable" care act -- literally since day 1 - that this monstrosity COULD and WOULD be repealed - just like Prohibition was repealed. [And THAT was a Constitutional Amendment, no less.]


Scared Democrats, thinking they can roll back the damage to their 2014 & 2016 prospects, will be in the vanguard of repealing this monstrosity.

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

When peaceprizewinner ran a 2008 (5 YEARS AGO) campaign against the war, and thereby got elected???

Might THIS be the reason? (Opium bucks)...


Pastor Jesse Peterson says Oprah is closet racist

Well, that was always kind of obvious. Peterson says she had to hide it while on network television. Personally, I don't think she ever hid it very well. She has this little "I hate white people" face she puts on when bashing whites... either subtly or not so subtly.


Democrat (former) aide changes her mind on the "Affordable" Care Act

Oh, the 2014 campaign year is going to be SO MUCH FUN... for conservatives. As of today, the media - including PBS's Woodruff & Ifill, although they are pretending to be concerned about BOcare costs - the media continues to protect BO, trying to change the subject, etc.

Rumors, Rumors,Rumors

Only three days after the Election rumors are everywhere that Carty will be Collins' Chief of Staff. If that happens, hold on folks the ride for the next four years will be facinating.

Anchor Babies

You solve the ANCHOR BABY problem - and you automatically solve the illegal Mexican immigration problem. I am looking for other articles on this, but in the meantime, thought this poster discussion on the topic hit the high points:


Almost any American citizen you talk to (Dem or Repub or Independent) believes at least one parent should - ahead of the baby's birth - be an American citizen. Otherwise - no citizenship conferred on the baby.

RUSH IS RIGHT -- & This lie was obvious back as far as 2010

... at least that far back. But people (particularly liberal people) were mesmerized into thinking that the AFFORDABLE Care Act was going to either 1) be free for them, or 2) make insurance premiums AFFORDABLE.




Wondered how long it would take the board troll to circumvent your rules against porn & filth. Didn't take long.

For lurkers/readers - quick explanation... the board troll created a new "moniker" to hide behind, found a topic (MG) that would initially/temporarily ingratiate him (or, more accurately, ingratiate his new "moniker") with the board owner, and proceeded to post more porn, as links, that obviously can't be seen at first. I hope several others have flagged this one.

Meghan Gallagher Police Report For Alleged Assault

Here is a copy of the police report filed this week against Meghan Gallagher.



Meghan Gallagher Allegedly Abuses Fellow BOE Employee...Again

My sources in the BOE tell me that once again Ms Gallagher has lost the plot, and shown her total lack of respect towards her underlings. Ms. Gallagher allegedly verbally and physically abused a fellow colleague today. My sources also tell me that the BOE board members were so incensed with Ms Gallagher's behavior, that they had the yet unnamed employee file a incident report with the police and prosecutor.

Red State Republicans

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

North Carolina GOP official resigns after interview

Sylvania Township Trustee Election - 2013

Up for reelection are Haddad and Jennewine. I wrote a warm, sensitive but somewhat lengthy piece on the election and was about to post it, but then I fat fingered the keyboard and lost the whole business. Oh well. Here's the summary:

Penny Levine, D (Moonbat)

Anybody else curious about CGI (incompetent contractor doing BOcare)??

I got curious when watching the gal with the weird haircut a the congressional hearings yesterday. First thing I wondered was - how did this organization get this contract, and how long have they been doing govt work... and who exactly is weird haircut woman?


Army Stands Down on Christian Bashing

Christian bashing having become the rule, rather than the exception, during the 5 years of the Obama administration.


Totalitarian Governance Hinges Upon the Dependence of Zombie Dupes

Is a quote from the end of this article:


If you are a conservative, you have heard lots about Saul Alinsky's "rules for radicals" recently all over talk radio. I was not familiar with Alinsky. The above article pretty much condenses and explains. I'm not going to waste a lot of time researching somebody I am pretty certain resides in hell, but understand that he dedicated one of his "works" to "Lucifer".

Wherever he is, one thing is certain. Saul Alinsky now knows that Jesus Christ is Lord.

BO's Brainwashing of the American public

apparently is not working:


And Sebelius (after not being able to convince John whats-his-name on his daily show)... went on to preach to 100 people in a MUCH LARGER VENUE - Heinz Field. Again - that was 100 people showed up at the Steelers' Heinz Field. Word is that Sebelius is blaming that non-turnout on Heinz Field. I'd laugh if she were not so all-around pathetic.

IMAGINED conversation at the White House (i.e., this is satire)...

Bikers, Truckers & the Million Vet march

Already started on the roads to D.C. Events held this weekend. Wonder if the lamestream media will cover more than 60 seconds of it (??)


Of course, the un-thinkable might happen. BO could always don a Park Ranger uniform and try to stop them.

African American "Rush" says Obama is a Dictator


Of course he is - Why else would America's truckers be converging on D.C. this weekend, backed by, among others, the overpass Impeach Obama group? Other than die-hard dems, people now see him for what he is.

Karl Rove is an irrelevant moron

The only reason you ever see him on TV these days is that liberal MSM types know he is pure "establishment" and will help them (liberals) oppose conservatives, and save BO from political disaster.

But Mychal Massie has a far better summary of the history of treachery by the Republican establishment types, Boehner, et al. [who exist only for their own aggrandizement]:


(Go Mychal, you couldn't be more right.)

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