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In addition to the info in this link - as we all now know, Morsi Monster has granted himself dictator powers - at the same time as he holds out both hands for billions in American taxpayer dollars. And Mubarak is in jail for - what again?


Concentrate on Benghazi

The real truth is that rank and file Republicans - real conservatives - couldn't care less if the wealthy (making over $250,000) have to go back to pre-bush tax rates. WE DON'T CARE. McConnell & Boehner care only because 1) They are RINOS to begin with & 2) they are trying to please wealthy campaign donors - not us, the little people, who are the bulk of the Republican Party.

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi - this is the only way to neutralize the liar in chief. He is hiding the truth about Benghazi (along with just about everything else affecting U.S. citizens).

Did Prez watch Benghazi attack in real time?

This certainly appears to be the story (or question if you will) that the mainstream media is spiking (studiously ignoring) big time.


Oh, and if you want don't want your computer screen to freeze up, don't google this question (did he watch the attack as it took place), bing it. I've been trying for 2 days, and finally got the above link to open up.


I know this was posted by another poster (below) - but didn't see a link or backup, so wondered if this was possible, and whether it could be blamed on Kasich.



Gives me no pleasure to see people's food samps reduced. People are in real need.

What was it that guy standing in the water after Katrina in New Orleans said? Oh, yeah... "Where George Bush?"


Wow! I thought Obama had your backs.....

Well! well! Isn't it amazing this didn't come out until after the election. All you food stamp
recipients that really need this help, your getting your stamps cut by $50.00 in Jan. Thought Obama had your back. This is just the start of your cuts, Obama, Obama, Obama...

Isn't It Great News? Jack Ford...

Will soon be back on Toledo City Council! The word is he will be appointed to the seat being vacated by Phil Copeland. Mr. Ford can bring back to city council the experience and leadership this city needs. This could be a sign that Mayor Bell is either considering stepping down or Mr. Ford will challenge him next year. That would be great if Jack Ford would get back into city government and thereby block Carty Finkbeiner's likely try for mayor next year. If Jack Ford runs, I will support him.


I have been thinking precisely exactly what Cain is saying about a 3rd party, since Wednesday morning.


Is the Recorder's office part time?

Will Phil Copeland be able to continue his work at the Local union hall? Hopefully he shows up for the Recorder's position more than he did for city council...


We all are the better for this election. Mitt Romney was a divider not a uniter. As Michael Steele said tonight, he took an electoral spanking!. Let the church say Amen!

It will be interesting to see if this author is correct



On the popular vote - my prediction for several months has been that Romney will win that.

Hope the author is correct about the electoral count.

Your endorsements - post here

The news media does not get the final say! Post your endorsements here or make a new thread and let us all know who we should vote for.

Much of the bad news on BO Care delayed until after the election

This for instance:

A Message From Blue Cross Blue Shield To ALL AMERICANS .... November 6, 2012 will be the most important date that will affect the rest of your life .. The Choice Is Yours.
A message from Blue Cross Blue Shield

Professor Emeritus John W. Hill, JD, PhD
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Look clearly at the 2014 rate compared to the 2013 rate.

For those of you who are on Medicare, read the following. It's short, but
important and you probably haven't heard about it in the Mainstream News:

Liveblogging election 2012 in Northwest Ohio

Hi there everyone, I will be live blogging all tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates, photos, videos, Tweets and postings about what I experience tomorrow. If you are a candidate, feel free to let me know where you will be and at what time you will be there. I will try to make it to see you.

You can help by forwarding photos, sharing video links and or sending me your observations, post them here or email them to news@swampbubbles.com or Tweet them using the hashtag #ohelection2012.

Marchionne is a shyster

That was fairly unmistakeable when (I think it was) 60 Minutes recently did a kissy smoochy, pretty-him-up, piece on this Italian jerk. The evidence is pretty clear that:

1) BO gave him a bunch of U.S. taxpayer money to this Italian jerk, in order to make it look like BO cared about the U.S. auto industry.

2) Marchionne then called the money you and & supplied to him "shyster loans".

3) Chrysler has since been used as a cash cow for failing Fiat.

Color me shocked: Union makes members do political work

Having grown up in a union household and personally witnessed how unions operate I am not shocked at all to see that this occured.


This really puts the feigned outrage over the Citizens United decision into perspective.

So tired of self-important hollywood actresses who sanction murder

This is murder, and it's horrific. So how BRAIN DEAD do you have to be, regardless of your occupation, be it over-paid liberal politician, or godless hollywood actress - to have zero compassion for the unborn? There is a black dead part of these individuals' hearts. These are people who not only SANCTION this, but turn a blind eye to many of these murdered babies then being chopped up into body parts which are then sold. The Mafia has NOTHING on the abortion industry and its supporters.


Who Won The Debate Tonight---Joe or Marcy?

Does Mitt Romney Suffer from Brain Damage?

Mitt Romney seems to have the same problem that George Bush had during his presidency--forgetting to start his brain before putting his mouth in gear. Such a problem shows that both men might have neurological damage in the brain that impedes their ability to conceptualize and then verbally express those concepts in a comprehensible manner.

Democrats and Voter Fraud

As a former poll worker, I never understood why utility bills were accepted as ID, anyway. Not in this day and age with so many undocumented residents, who have learned how to bleed our health care safety nets dry.


Photo of BO not saluting flag

(from 2007, I believe). The excuse floated at the time was sometimes he did and sometimes he didn't (prior to ascending to the presidency).

But it wasn't a "statement"??? Of course it was a statement. As the late veteran, Harold Estes said in his open letter in 2009 [link below]... "Shape up and start acting like an American."

The photo is sad, but prophetic, in terms of the thinly veiled contempt for this country as a whole that many Americans believe they see displayed, to this day.


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