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My question exactly - WHERE is the video footage?

Where IS the video footage? In the information age, the IT age, the digital age, where every phone is a camera? At a school (as Rappaport notes) that had installed new entrance security cameras. It's as though we live in the year 1880 or so, and the Stanley Brothers hadn't even invented the dry plate system for photography yet.


Kill List info

This is a somewhat detailed article on Obama's (drone) kill list. It's interesting that the media is ALL OF A SUDDEN paying attention to this, when previously they had been "spiking" or covering up info on these drone assassinations directed by the prez.


Tyrone Woods' father

If the name Tyrone Woods doesn't ring a bell, then your major source of news is most likely the 3 mainstream tv networks. Woods disobeyed a "stand-down" order during the Benghazi attack. He is one of the 4 dead that Queen Athaliah claims to be sad about. He saved many lives during that attack. His father has received thank-you e-mails from some of the rescued. Which is why we have a "little" of the truth about this attack. His use of the word "cowards"... I could not agree more. I have also heard Mr.

Benghazi, what really happened

It gives me no pleasure to post this. But a lot of it, I had already read or heard on both tv and radio & a couple on-line articles - just not all together in one chronological article, like the one below. I certainly did not know that a general was arrested, because he was going to launch a rescue effort in spite of being ordered not to do so. My boggled mind thinks: And NOBODY in congress thought to bring this up at Hillary's dog and pony show?


Bob Schieffer tops some on Biden's remarks.

Bob Schieffer host of Face the Nation had a ban gun segment; Gingrich was one of the guests and was answering one of Schieffer's questions about the ban when Schieffer interrupted and said well if Lanza only had access to a bat those kids would have only had a few bumps on their heads. Really,This statement comes from a 40 year political correspondent. This is not the first time Schieffer has showed his bias, I mean you see it in his face; he really needs to just fade off into the sunset if he can’t be balanced with his guests.

Queen Athaliah - liar liar pants on fire

I mean, seriously, is there ANYTHING that she doesn't lie about? She obviously went in there prepared to do an Oscar-winning performance. But the histrionics and lying are going to follow her into her presidential bid. Safe prediction: She will NEVER be president.

And thank you Rand Paul for questions and comments much of the public has had.


Political Party Time 2013 Inaugural Balls

Political Party Time follow the 2013 Inaugural Balls

The Hottest Ticket of 2013: The Inaugural Balls Are Here

Move over inaugural fetes: Congress prepares to party and dial for dollars

Louis Serino
January 18, 2013,

Congressional Backlash over Aaron Swartz's death

For those concerned about attacks by this administration & others on internet freedom:


It's a good start - good luck to Issa and others in congress who care.

A brilliant young man dead

Apparently harrassed by thugs in high places:


This is how "they" go after internet (free speech) freedom. This young fellow's family's statement is worth reading, even if you never heard of him, even if you don't erad much of the rest of the article.

Obama losing big time on abortion pill mandate

I borrowed the title from this article:


In spite of Roberts' cowardly flip-flopping... that went something like this.

Preliminary Supreme Court vote didn't go BO's way
What's-her-face - oh yeah, Kagan calls up White House [it is speculated]... ooh ooh former boss-eronie... it didn't go your way...


FINALLY..... We are getting "quit" of Jay Rockefeller. He says otherwise, but apparently he was in jeopardy of losing in 2014. Rockefeller egos are such that he would never let himself be voted out.


I could never figure why West Virginians kept voting for this guy to begin with. A conservative Senator for a conservative state - makes sense to me. 2014 is looking brighter and brighter.

REAL ID for drivers licenses

I had a simple queston for "bing" (& google). Which states have implemented the [repressive] "REAL ID" law that was supposed to change our drivers' licenses? If you don't know the pros and cons, you'll have to bone up a little - space and boredom factors make me uninterested in doing a tutorial. [But it WAS and IS an attack on our freedoms as U.S. citizens.]

Marine's open letter to Dianne Feinstein

A Marine who served in Afghanistan tells DF he will not register his guns (and, basically, that SHE works for HIM... he is not here to serve HER).


Is The President More Important Than Millions of Schoolchildren?

Congratulations to Michigan Legislature

While I agree that right-to-work legislation is good - the Michigan legislature did something more important than that:


Right-to-life legislation is enumerated on left-hand side of the page (of above link).

Needless to say, mind-numbed liberals are very unhappy about this. Well, we conservatives got numerous Republican governors and legislatures elected for some very sound reasons.

Good job, Michigan legislators!!

Great thoughts by another BLACK CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN


This black Christian pastor has some very good insights. Personally, as an evangelical, I gave up on Focus on the Family a long time ago. Many formerly solid Christian organizations are now deep into apostasy. Which is why Pat Robertson, for one, sounds so much like a nut case these days (defending Petraeus etc.)

Michael Massie on the Obamas

Just went to a search engine to re-read & print out the M. Massie article on the Obamas, and lo and behold, the article has been hacked and the text "whited out", so that it cannot be read on-line. Interesting - so tried to re-read it here - nope, the entire article is now un-readable.

So, since I want at least part of the article to be "readable" here -- here is a re-post of the article (or the main part of it) from another website:


(you have to cursor down past the website header to get to the article).

Michael Massie on the Obamas

This is from Massie's "daily rant" earlier in the year. It covers what the mainstream media studiously ignores - the apparent bigotry, the constant lies, etc.


And to reference another poster's Obama vacation notes... of course they are taking yet another vacation, Airforce One being his favorite toy (per Devvy Kidd).

Also, he isn't going to hang around Washington D.C. and take further questions on Benghazi and whether he was sitting in the situation room watching the attack in real time.


I couldn't have said it better myself:



In addition to the info in this link - as we all now know, Morsi Monster has granted himself dictator powers - at the same time as he holds out both hands for billions in American taxpayer dollars. And Mubarak is in jail for - what again?


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