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Harold Estes, Veteran (deceased 2011)

This is an open letter to Obama from Estes (in, apparently, 2009). It's going around the internet again, so I googled to get a site that included the entire letter. Amazing how timely it remains. Apologies in advance to all who are not fans of the California hippie geezers, Snopes, but that was the best place I found the complete letter.


There's more than one Constitutional way to stop BO-care

and this article tells, individuals and religious organizations are not the only ones who WILL NOT COMPLY. States are also staring down this power grab by this Constitution-hating administration.


Historical Election (?)

My answer would be yes, for the same reason(s) put forth by this author:


The MAIN reason, in my opinion, that the mainstream media have taken off their masks for this election, and joined the Obama campaign as out-and-out activists, is the spectre of Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaving the court during the next 4 years.

Martha Raddatz pretending to be a journalist (and other jokes)

Biden didn't do himself any favors last week. Activist Devvy Kidd long opined that he appears to be in the early stages of dementia. Don't know about that, but Joe Farah is right, Biden appears desperate. It obviously drives him nuts to be no. 2 man to an all-around faker in chief. Nevertheless, desperation to continue as VP had him turning himself into a sad clown in front of millions of viewers last week. In the end, the only person he really damaged was himself:


And Martha Raddatz was disgraceful.

Romney's Bain Selling Out American Workers to China

Mitt Romney’s Tax Dodge

Representative Jason Chaffetz's Role in the Attacks on Benghazi

In an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien, Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz, made several statements that were deceitful, considering the representative's role in reducing funding for the State Department's embassy security.

Representative Chaffetz seemed prematurely certain of what the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform would find during the hearings."I think what we’re going to hear is that we didn’t meet the basic, minimum standards required for a facility such as the one we had in Benghazi."

Security Breach within Congress


The current Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearings on the recent terrorist attack against the United States' compound in Benghazi, Libya, and the deaths of four Americans, raises serious questions about Republican leadership in the House of Representatives.

Obama Phone Lady Parody

"Rev" Wright and Black Liberation Theology

More blanks filled in on a very secret life:


And isn't it sad how easy it is to manipulate a good sized portion of the American public (as in 2008). All the "unseen hand" guys had to do is make sure 2 of the most unattractive candidates in American history were put up against BO - and the cutest guy won. Well, that was then - this is now.

An arranged marriage?

And a lot of "blanks" filled in on a very secret life:


Bits and pieces of this info/history has been around for years. Astonishing is the idea (or hope?) that they could succeed in hiding this from the American public through 2 terms - let alone one.


Pastors are increasingly DONE with cowering in fear. More and more are done restricting their own speech. Good article with details on the history of this particular persecution. Guess it started with Lyndon Baines Vietnam War Johnson:


Republican Smears and Voter Registration Fraud

Republican Smears and Voter Registration Fraud

With current New York Times' polls showing only an 3.5 point difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney, some of Romney's supporters have been driven to commit themselves to desperate acts to discredit President Obama.

Unfortunately, some of these acts, have also become attacks against his mother. The acts are so bigoted that readers who are supporters of the Republican Party should feel a sense of shame, while others will rejoice.

Related books or media from post: 


Have posted that here before, with a link to a conservative Michigan teacher's article, spelling out why BO DID NOT SAVE THE AUTO INDUSTRY.

Here is a similar article:


He DESTROYED dealerships and other related employment. AND - GM WENT BANKRUPT ANYWAY.

Wonder if Romney will be able to mouse-squeak out at least one sentence along these lines tomorrow. Or is he going to lie down and be a complete doormat in the face of liberal media attack questioning?


Any restrictions by executive order, of course, would be un-constitutional. But when has that stopped him before?


Police stop prayers outside White House

A Christian president would not stop Christian prayers. BO shows no real evidence of being a practicing Christian. Apparently Rev. Wright assured him he would not have to give up his connection to Islam in order to attend Wright's church.


Americans deserve the truth from elected officials

I think American citizens are so weary of lie after lie after lie, that they are also growing weary of trying to sort out what's true.



While BO & MO fly aboard super plush Airforce One to campaign and fundraising events, having fun fun fun, frequently at taxpayer expense, our soldiers continue to die in Afghanistan - FOR NOTHING - other than a chicken hawk administration's collective ego.


Administration AND the Press lied and/or covered up about Libya embassy attack

Libya-gate MUCH WORSE THAN WATERGATE. For starters, nobody died during Watergate. Details are coming out about Libyagate having to do with weapons sold to Islamists in Islamic countries. 'Scuse me - but isn't that what the hulabaloo over Iran-Contra was about?


I will quote Queen Athaliah here: "Shame on You Barack Obama"

We got rid of RINO Dick Lugar anyway

And whether BO gets re-hired to the presidency or not - conservatives and other patriotic Americans now realize, based on the last 3-1/2 years - that his core values are not pro-American values.


Beelzebubba - easily our most wicked president

Debated about posting this - he's so slimy, as is almost everything about him.

Wasn't gonna - then I saw little Bobby Schieffer trying to present him on Sunday as some kind of elder statesman, instead of the creep he is:


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