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Just Like Stalin, Just Like Communism


I mean seriously - what's the difference? I actually was acquainted with someone who was once in one of Stalin's gulags. Once they can shut us all up (meaning verbally) - it's all over There will be no freedom in this nation, in any; sense of the word.. Of course, this power grab won't fly, I don't think - not if any prez ever actually tried to implement it. But to think that an American president thinks the U.S. Constitution grants him this power. It's both mind blowing and sickening. It's what they now do in Communist China.

The G(reedy) O(ld) P(arty) Is At It Again

The following story is in today's Blade: House Republicans may set aside a bill calling for the biggest reduction in food stamps for the POOR since 1996, averting a fight over cuts that critics assail as immoral during hard times, House leaders said Thursday.

Food stamps would face the largest cut, $16 billion over 10 years, in the House farm bill-$2 billion more than for farm subsidies and nearly half of all the savings in the bill. The cuts are estimated to reduce enrollment by 5 percent.

My thoughts on this bill:

Confessions of a former Communist (Joe Farah)

Joseph Farah & his wife own WorldNetDaily website (wnd.com)

I did not know any of this previously, because he has not talked about it publicly previously. Fascinating. Love where he says he can "decode" BO's liberal speak, because he was once "there".


O-Care can be Defunded


Yes, this monster can be defunded. Will be interesting to see if Boehner goes the RINO path or the conservative common sense path.

There is a link at wnd.com, if I am not successful in posting my link today. Yesterday, there was a real "slow-down" at this site (in my opinion, hacking), and I could barely get on the website, and when I did, couldn't put my link into my post. We shall see, but the story is at wnd.com about defunding BO-care NOW.

Irony. Hypocrisy. Just Another Day In The Liberal Neighborhood

So our contemptible Attorney General was in Houston today to address the NAA(L)CP National Convention. Luckily there was no shortage of irony or hypocrisy.

First the irony. Just in case someone may not have been aware, Houston is in Texas. Texas is currently being sued by the aforementioned and contemptible Holder's Department of "Justice" over the recent enactment of a voter ID law in the state.

And since we're talking about liberals, we can't forget the hypocrisy.

Newest DCCC Election Strategy

Apparently the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, after getting annihilated in 2010, is employing a new strategy for the upcoming elections in November.

Behaving like parasitic* paparazzi from TMZ...

Yay Republican Governors



And congratulations Mitt Romney - the Court has just handed you the Presidency on a silver platter. Not a bad day's work for godless liberals.

Proctor & Gamble (former) Exec's Open Letter to Obama


This letter IS from Pritchett, and IS genuine. It's from a couple years ago, or so. It speaks for a majority of Americans, in my opinion, based on the 2010 elections.


I tried to post once before - so if it comes up twice, it's because I couldn't get it to "show up" the first time.

Yup, I think he qualifies as a Chicken Hawk supreme

I may just have to post every article on this topic that I can find... we'll see


This guy's right

I haven't heard one liberal call BO a chicken hawk. Not Michael Moore, not Al Franken, not Keith Olbermann. Could it possibly be that all liberals ARE hypocrites supreme???


Sort of interesting

Has this been reported on in the Blade or on tv? I stumbled upon it at rense.com.


I'll have to stop at Speedway and get a copy of the Wood county paper to see if more info is available.



Had been wondering about Ginsburg a lot lately, mainly because she looks so ill, as though it hurts for her to sit up. I thought that Republicans are not going to make an issue about the Supreme Court judges during this election cycle, because if Obama wins, and her health should cause her to retire -- well, he would just replace a liberal with a liberal. So there would be no net loss for conservatives under that scenario.

He really has gone around the bend


Well the granting of illegal, unconstitutional amnesty to illegals should be all over the news tonite and this weekend.

This article is from April.


I scanned several articles, all from earlier this year, and politics watchers have seen this coming for a long time. I didn't. I didn't believe, whatever his limitations and lack of interest in or understanding of middle Americans - that he would pull this stunt.

The Danger of American Fascism

The Danger of American Fascism
An article in the New York Times, April 9, 1944.
From Vice President Henry A. Wallace
Select quotes from the article.

Opinion Article on BO by Mychal Massie


Interesting article received in my e-mail. I've seen this "cracking" around the edges for some time. During one tv appearance, he was talking about Boehner saying something to the effect that he (Boehner) would be concentrating on making sure BO was not re-elected this year. Which is the goal of all political parties - to get their own candidate elected president. What was so noticeable, however, was that Obama not only acted "offended" [like this was amazing news to him]. but his voice very noticeably broke when he quoted Boehner. In other words, he almost started crying.

Mainstream Media Loses ALL credibility - forever

On non-coverage of Governor Walker's win.

Late that night, I had to turn on my radio to finally hear an official announcement - of what I predicted in advance - that Walker had won. I waited and waited and waited for some tv coverage (being without cable) - and some humble pie eating - of the Wisconsin election results. The networks decided they were not going to give Walker his due. My my (I thought at the time) "pout pout pout" & "sour grapes supreme".

Jon Stewart Provides a Reality Hip Check to MSNBC

Normally I would have included this as a comment in one of the posts related to the Wisconsin recall. But seeing as how one of our more "esteemed" posters fancies Jon Stewart video clips, a separate story just seemed more appropriate.

Mayor vows veto on health benefits legislation.

I pay taxes to fund the health care benefits, so shouldn't I get health benefits too? Someone needs to trash this idea entirely.


A simple question with what is probably an easy answer.

Are the President and his campaign team not nearly as bright as they are made out to be or are they so arrogant and out of touch that they think no one will call them on it?

Obama to send troops to die for a mistake for 2 more years


It's just like Vietnam, it's just like Vietnam, it's just like Vietnam... and he's just like Woodrow Wilson and Dick Nixon. Same ole same ole same ole. And our troops are sitting ducks, and a man raised as a Muslim until the age of 10, who knows next to nothing about the U.S. (or any) military, will be sending our boys to die for nothing, and handing the bill to the American taxpayer -- to have our sons killed for NOTHING.


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