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Why, surely, our honest hard-working reps would not pass an oppressive law, and then want to exempt themselves from it.... would they?


Ms. Kaptur, Mr. Brown, Mr. Portman - Could I and all of my family members please also be exempted? I mean, you know, in the interests of fairness and all?

It's like Hitler's holocaust

With the exception that many adults and children in ethnic groups he targeted for extinction - were able to hide, run, escape. And some survived the torture of the camps. These babies can't run - they can only suffer and die because one day in 1973, 7 black-robed criminals decided it was ok to kill babies in the United States of America.

Bradlee says it better than I can:


Don't tell me what to think

Note to all media talking heads AND all politicians: Don't even dream for 5 seconds that it is your right to tell me what to think, or what conclusions to draw from the screaming-out-loud evidence - on ANY story or topic. You have the right to one opinion - your own. Just don't tell ME or anyone else, exactly what we are allowed to think.


Trying to "Sneak Through" is right...

This is the new internet sales tax that Congress is trying to sneak through. It will hurt small businesses, putting many of them OUT of business.


The lackey media is performing as usual - they have Harry Reid's back at all times. Leftist talking heads are rich - what do THEY care about average Americans?

Are Americans Too Uninformed for Democracy?


Papantonio: Are Americans Too Uninformed for Democracy?

One Voice Can Change a room....

What the world needs now is a united states of America. We need to pass gun control laws,


The New Federalist Party


It's a new political party - based on the Constitution and founding principles

Introducing the New Federalist Party


And all Dem voters know it when they vote Dem. They are accessories before and after the fact.



Infanticide is infanticide. Didn't "finish the job" in the womb? -- the feminazis and their ilk have no problem murdering the little one after he or she is born:


Frankly, if you have voted for pro-abortion candidates, you have participated in these murders.

What has become a pattern: Stainbrook's latest failure

For some reason another binder of evidence is presented - Who put it together? How does one get insurance records of someone else? Dumpster diving? Now one wonders what Jon will do next and how much time he will spend doing it and ignoring what he is supposed to do. How long the Secretary of State Jon Husted continue to ignore the distractions happening at the board of elections.

The best writeup of what happened did not come from the news media, but from the tea party:


Jobs of two Lucas Co. election officials spared, Board member's future uncertain

The Director and Deputy Director of the Lucas County Board of Elections have avoided getting pink slips; again, after a motion to fire them failed at a meeting on Tuesday morning.

Flashback: Kidd beats 2nd challenge to residency qualification

All of a sudden residency is a problem for Jon Stainbrook, and not to mention that if Jon had a problem with Tony's residency, why did he wait until now?
Joe Kidd yesterday overcame a second challenge to his residency qualification to run for Toledo City Council's open District 2 seat.

Mr. Kidd keeps an apartment near his workplace in suburban Detroit but claims to rent a room in a South Toledo house, sleeping there on a mattress surrounded by dry cleaning, books about urban renewal, and an old copy of Esquire magazine.

This story made me smile....a lot!

Bill Maher thinks his taxes are too high! ROFL, hey Bill, "elections have consequences", eat shit and die!


Stainbrook now says never had relationship with Gallagher - forgot to check prev stories first

Jr over at ToledoTalk did some digging to remind Jon that Meghan was his girlfriend. Read the comment:

The Jon and Ron show

“Welcome to the Jon and Ron show,” Jon Stainbrook announces. The show needs to build a following quickly among Lucas County voters, or it risks getting canceled by the Ohio secretary of state.

Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/DavidKushma/2013/03/17/Jon-and-Ron-must-be-se...

Jon Stainbrook now tries to eat his own - it can give you indigestion

How bad is it when you have to go after one of your previously biggest supporters? Warning: Eating your own can give you indigestion.


Jon Stainbrook, a Republican member of the Lucas County Board of Elections, has filed a complaint seeking to remove fellow Republican Tony DeGidio from the elections board over an ethics issue and the subject of Mr. DeGidio's residency.

Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/Politics/2013/03/18/Stainbrook-aims-to-oust-G...

Lest We Forget

The Muslim who (in the name of his God) killed several in a military base shooting spree in 2009 and wounded others - and which the Barak Hussein Obama administration has deliberately mis-named "workplace" violence. And is still sitting in relative comfort in jail, instead of the grave, with his Islamic beard in place.


In answer to J. Farah's 3 "are you confused?" questions, my answer is "no" - because of who is POTUS.

It's Time For Congress To Do It's Job

U.S Constitution Article 1, Section 7:
All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

BOE chooses not to remove director and deputy director at Feb. 26 meeting

On Feb. 25, consultants tasked by the Ohio Secretary of State with evaluating the Lucas County Board of Elections recommended that Director Meghan Gallagher and Deputy Director Dan DeAngelis be fired. However, at a Feb. 26 board meeting, no movement was made toward removing either employee.

Also on Feb. 26, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted officially removed the Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) from the Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) administrative oversight and assistance.

No More "Hesitation" -- Really?

I scarcely know how to comment on this one. Except to say that we have some seriously demented individuals in charge of various parts of our national government:


The idea was, apparently, to DESENSITIZE police forces (via training) to shooting various citizens. Words actually fail me (and that almost never happens).

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