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In 2010, wolfman posted 161 blog entries. What % were related to race or racism?

Wolfman the Race Hustler

A poll doesn't allow for much of an intro, so I just wanted to convey a few thoughts prior to putting it up. Let me start by saying this...this is in no way an attempt to stifle discussion, about race or almost any other topic (sorry, but I'm not changing my mind about wanting to send Justin Bieber back to Canada). Free and open discussion can be extremely productive when those involved have an interest in genuine dialogue. Unfortunately, what isn't productive is when someone trips over an issue and suddenly feels the need to lecture everyone around them. So, when reading on please keep this one question in mind.

How much does wolfman really care about racism?

Who's The Bigger Idiot?

Subliminal racism alive and well at Speedy radio

Whether it be "monkeys peeling bananas" or repeatedly making fun of audio of blacks talking about Obama money (Lets not forget the repeated belittling laughter by the hosts of the audio of the black Toledo city manager who explained the loss of the city backhoe). Subliminal racism is alive and well on AM talk radio skirting the FCC laws and public decency, promoting divisive hate talk for the bottom line. Racist hate sells and enlighten Toledoans know it.

Golden Pipes Man Looks Like Obama On Crack

The recently discovered man with "golden pipes" looks a bit familiar I'd say...



For all you people crying about highly educated SKILLED teachers being overpaid. Why don't you focus your gripes on those who are really overpaid...like the UNSKILLED toll collectors on our turnpike. $19.50-$24.41 an hour to stand in a booth and collect money? And unlike teachers...toll workers are not REQUIRED BY THE STATE to get a bachelors and masters degree and their own cost.

Anyone Have Problems Reading The New Font?

Maybe it's just me, but I'm having difficulty reading the large font now being used here. It actually gives me a headache trying to read it. Oh well.

Happy Kwanzaa

I was watching channel 13 WTVG's news last night and saw something that disturbed me. They wished people a Happy Kwanzaa! Why are TV stations not allowed to wish people a Merry Christmas but can say Happy Kwanzaa? Merry Christmas has been replaced with Happy Holidays. Christ has been removed from Christmas. Kwanzaa was first created and celebrated by a black nationalist nut in the 1960's by the name of Maulanga Karenga. In the founding of this so-called holiday Karenga stated that Jesus was a psychotic and Christmas was a white man's holiday.

Brilliant! by Brian Wilson

What the host really thinks of Toledo!

November 7th, 2010 by Brian Wilson

About “comments”
August 22nd, 2010 by Brian Wilson

16,000 unemployed workers in metro Toledo losing unemployment after 99 weeks.

I'm feeling confused.

According to a Toledo Blade article dated November 30 of this year
"More than 16,000 unemployed workers in metro Toledo are in danger of losing their weekly unemployment compensation starting next month if Congress fails to extend those benefits during its lame-duck session."
Also in the article, "...up to this point, they've been able to collect up to 99 weeks of benefits"

Now my dilemma. Barry Housain Barak Sotero Obama has been President for longer than 99 weeks.

How Funny Are Racial Jokes/Remarks?


Here we go again, just when you think we have someone thats turned away from the progressive model...

Mayor Bell wants to raise water rates, next will be taxes and whatever else he can do to balance the budget. Bell is a one term Mayor, he will do whatever it takes to balance the budget regardless of what the people have to say. Same with Collins, just when you think he is on the right track and makes sense, he proposes a 30,000 donation to the symphony, Progressivism runs this city......Don't be fooled by that Independent affiliation, that (I) behind their names, especially when making suggestions like raising water bills and giving away 30,000 dollars of our money....

Fear of School District Consolidation

The day after the mid-term elections, a co-worker (who resides in Ottawa Hills) and I were discussing the "what-ifs" would occur if Governor-elect Kasich got his wish granted with the Ohio Assembly (consolidating school districts to save money). My co-worker bluntly stated it wasn't going to happen. I asked her why. She then showed me an email response from her school superintendent (Kevin Miller), stating that as long as he was Superintendent of Ottawa Hills he wouldn't allow consolidation to happen (gee, isn't that what Gov. Faubus said too?).

Arnold Schwarzenneger How could You? You're like Rich Iott?

Oh, Arnold say it ain't so! I enjoyed your movies so much. You had to ruin it all by becoming a Republican governor of California. Now you have become like Richie Rich Iott. A Nazi lover! How could you let me down Arnold? Just when I thought we could look up to you you had to go and do this. Shame, shame, shame: http://raumfahrer.wordpress.com/2007/07/20/schwarzenegger/#TIMECOVER Is it just you and Richie Rich Iott, Arnold? Or have all Republicans become Nazi sympathizers?

Michael Miller's, "Iott should exit, stage reich" is not alone

The Tea Party and Himmler's Black Legion
By Omer Bartov
The revelation that Rich Iott, the Republican candidate for the 9th Congressional District seat in Ohio and a Tea Party favorite, has been in the habit of dressing up as a Waffen-SS soldier, is just one more sign of the heroic ignorance that characterizes large sectors of American politicians, the media that covers them, and the public that votes for them. (The Complete Story) http://hnn.us/articles/132462.html

Someone who compares our founders to terrorists or a history buff who dresses in military garb

This Morning Red State had this headline "If Democrat Marcy Kaptur can’t tell the difference between Islamic terrorists and our Founding Fathers…

No wonder she's okay with assassinating Rich Iott's character. "

The real issue is not if Rich Iott is a Nazi, but is Marcy Kaptur sympathetic to Terrorists.

Rich Iott Says He Had No Knowledge of Spartans Past Practices.

Posting of this link on GOOGLE SEARCH is an attempt to slander my good name and quiet my ability to express myself in a free an open way.

50,000 Northwest Ohio autoworkers out of a job if Rich Iott were Congressman in 2008

The Toledo Blade
Article published November 14, 2008
Auto industry can't compete with unions

The American Socialist party platform of 1928

Take a look at this list from the American Socialist party agenda from 1928. See anything familiar? As of this date, there is only one item on this list that has not yet been achieved, do you know which one it is?
We have been spoon-fed this garbage for so long, we just accept it as "life in America"
Do you think maybe it's time to force our "representative" government to get back to adhering to its constitutional limitations, or just throw in the towel and go full-on communist?

Socialist Party Platform of 1928- Courtesy Mikechurch.com

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