This is an electronic Christmas card from Ashland University in Ohio. Look to the bottom left for progressive instructions on filling in the Christmas card. At the end, if you have earphones on, the University choir sings:


Romney's Lies, the Real China story, and More Robots for Toledo Jeep

Walmart sells a lot of products

But it doesn't look like they stock dignity.

Surprise! Jobless Claims Skyrocket After Election...

The Department of Labor has announced that new jobless claims rose by 78,000 in the first week after the election, reaching a of 439,000, and in the weeks leading up to the election, jobless claims were said to be declining, dipping as low as 339,000. Now suddenly the news seems far less rosy. Hardest hit PA, and OH, good, you wanted him , now you have him. Its to late now, deal with it.

Swamp Bubbles and a Potty Mouth

I want to commend Chris Myers for still providing a venue for people to express themselves in North West Ohio. However, this site which I have belonged to since forever has become a beacon for the not so sane members of this website. I have never been the most popular person, writer, commenter etc. on this site but I have enjoyed visiting here to see what is going on in Toledo and all points north. I now am a FaceBook junkie but stop here every once in a while.

Karl Rove Ripped Off Right-Wing Billionaires of $300 Million

Romney Will Make A Fortune

For all the disillusioned voters of Mitt Romney, don't worry, Mitt will be fine. The stock market took a dive today on news that Willard didn't win but there will be a major rally in the days ahead that Romney is sure to cash in on: pharmaceutical stocks. Yes, that's right, pharmaceutical stocks. For all you investors out there you had better contact your stockbroker immediately. The pharmaceutical companies in the days ahead will be making a killing on antidepressants. All the Willard fans out there will certainly need them now their candidate has lost. Hurry! Cash in now!

Goodbye USA

Goodbye USA...It's been a good run but just like Rome, we now have fallen. Hello EuroUSA, how is that Socialism working out for you? Greece. France, Spain, Italy? Looking forward to 20 trillion dollar debt for our kids to pay? Social Security broke in 10 years, Goodbye retirement. Hello Death panels in Obamacare...sorry Mom, your no longer productive and don't qualify for that surgery, here is some pain meds to keep you doped up till you die. Goodbye my employee health care, I like it but won't be able to keep it. Goodbye 2nd amendment, shall I turn my firearms in at the door?

Joe Being Joe, Or Is It More Serious?

We keep hearing about Bidens' never ending gaffes, as merely "That's just Joe being Joe". Bullshit. When someone tells a dead soldiers' father, his son had a set of balls the size of cue balls, and doesn't know there's a difference between Ohio and Iowa, it's time to look more closely at what has so far been sloughed off as gaffes. Anyone who has problems with elderly parents knows exactly what I'm talking about. Maybe there's a medical disorder, substance abuse problem, or something else going on, but "gaffes" no longer explains Bidens' behavior.

Daily Humor: Two Old Heads Arguing Over Obama vs Romney

Obama Called It An Act Of Terror

Contrary to right wing media spin, the President did refer to the Libya attack as an "act of terror". Here he is in the White House Rose Garden the morning after the attack.

Paul Ryan tried an old trick during the debate

I noticed during the vice presidential debate that Paul Ryan used the old "JFK cut taxes to the rich" slight of hand trick. What Ryan purposely left out was that Kennedy cut the top rate from about 90% to around 65%. I didn't hear him mention that part, most conservatives trying this trick ever do. Today the top rate is somewhere around 35%. Ryan evokes the name of JFK, but doesn't really want to suggest a 65% top rate for his rich owners. Be carefull, Ryan's a slick one, and so is Mitt.

Here's an article about the JFK stuff:

Here's a gasoline question:

With the big oil boom going on in North Dakota, why aren't the gasoline prices going down?


That is the battle cry of Catholic Bishops, along with all who know the truth about abortion. I don't believe UNELECTED Sebelius is going to win this one. MANY citizens will not comply, including most evangelicals who are standing with the Catholic church. Christians may be persecuted, as they were for 70 years in the Soviet Union, but WE WILL NOT COMPLY with an unjust law.


Cars could run on water

Want to see some? Well you have missed this year's Greenfield Village "Old Car Festival" - but go next year. There are always a few Stanley Steamers. And you can see for yourself that the Stanley brothers were correct when they claimed that steam technology (of their day) was superior to combustion engine technology. The steamers glide silently down the roads at the Village, while the combustion engines are loud, smelly, and go PUTA PUT PUT PUT down the road.

Mysterious Library Donors

I'm a real bad person. I had a couple posts removed from Face Book today.

All I wanted to do is point out that the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library has a sizable campaign chest. Over $18,000 in funds to purchase all those big signs I've been seeing.

Where did the money come from? I checked out this Augusts Semi-Annual filing and saw they obtained $7,000 in two donations from the Sylvania Friends of the Library. Funny how those round numbers just show up.

BUSTED: Obama Spent Stimulus MONEY On Political Ads

The Labor Department paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds to a public relations firm to run more than 100 commercials touting the Obama administration’s “green training” job efforts on two MSNBC cable shows, records show.

The commercials ran on MSNBC on shows hosted by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, but the contract didn’t report any jobs created, according to records reviewed recently by The Washington Times.

Spending reports under the federal Recovery Act show $ a half a million was paid to McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations LLC.

Want to talk about the issues?

Want to talk about the issues? Apparently the Romney campaign chief adviser doesn't. Watch him squirm in this video.

You Didn't Build That Yourself

Let's take Obama out of the equation, shall we?

Any good business person knows that infrastructure plays an important part in their
individual success. I know you've all heard the term "location, location, location". We
have a new casino in Toledo and look where it sits, right on I75, the main artery into
Toledo from the south. That didn't happen by accident. The company that built the casino, chose the location because they want to succeed. The site has the right infrastructure for success.

American not the greatest country in the world

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