How are your streets?

Well my street hasn't been touched yet by a snowplow. How about yours?

Think this may have anything to do with the NEW February attendance reporting requirement this year??????

Local Truants Grab the City

Positive negativity

WSPD's Brian Wilson has an OpEd piece in the Toledo Free Press called Positive Negitivity.

Well, your new saviour is going to raise taxes

Well-just saw on local news-the latest in the long line of guvs that have given OHEILO a screw job continues unabated. Strickland's first public comment since taking office shows he's just like the scumbag before him. He stated that taxes must be raised-this followed a report that the toledo area is losing several hundred more good-paying jobs at Chrysler.

TPS Superintendant Finalists to meet with Carty?

I had to make a quick run to the hardware store this evening, and I briefly heard them saying that three of the candidates for TPS superintendent will be meeting with Carty.

Friends with Benefits segment on 13 ABC

I've been seeing the promos for this segment on 13 ABC in the past week. Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude. Far from it, ha ha. But does anybody else think that this is just un-needed, trasy, tacky jounalism? I thought it was kind of "low" the way the whole thing was presented. Interested to hear others' thoughts...


Anyone haing problems with Buckeye Express today?

I don't know if this is weather-related, but my Buckeye-Express Internet connection has been lousy all day. It will work for about two minutes, then PHHHHT. Down for 20 minutes.

Then you call, wait on hold for an eternity, only to have a rep tell you that they are "working on it," and that it is system-wide in nature.

Getting Ready for the Blizzard of 2007?


Everyone ready for the Blizzard of 2007? Care to make a prediction?

Local Crackheads Not Minding Arctic Freeze So Much

Local crack cocaine afficianado Thomas "Tweaky" Williams, speaking with Toledo Tales reporters, said that the current cold wave is "not a big deal" to he and fellow crack users in the abandoned house they hole up in on Oakwood Avenue.

Read the rest of the story here.

Oh, Drinkers...the noose is going to get tighter...

Well, my, my-yet another sign of the times. It's for 'the public health', you know, after all.


Actually, I think we should put exorbitant taxes on everything. Only then can we have utopia. 8^D

Drinkers turn in the barrel coming......

MMMMM........ain't nothing quite like the aroma of oppression ...enjoy the socialist state.


Kaptur fails?

I read the article in the paper today regarding the shipyard and I have have to ask about the power Marcy Kaptur has in Washington. The grant she promised did not come through does anyone know what she is doing in Washington? It seems like such a senior member of Congress would have power in a Democraticly controlled congress. Does anyone have any information?

What does your desk / workplace look like?

I am outing myself as a Messy Desk Person. How about you? Are you one of those admirable people whose workplace is a bastion of organization and neatness, or does your desk resemble mine?

The Nazi State Marches On.Part #64

Hmmm..Karloffornia is finally
Getting around to boozers. Well, well...but, then, it's for the children.


Dogs are Welcome, Smokers are Not

So....a state that told businesses they couldn't serve smokers are going to try to tell them they have to accept dogs. I don't make this stuff up, folks (sadly).


Karloffornia Strikes Again-Nanny State Marches On

Doesn't look like it's ever going to end, does it??


No Surprise There...

Fox News is letting viewers vote by text message on how the President did tonight. The vote as of this post:
POOR - 10%

Is Toledo following in Detroit's footsteps with regard to public education? Or is Toledo leading the way....?

Excerpt from the article...."The board also approved three finalists in the superintendent search, including current Superintendent William F. Coleman III.

The board was heckled during the meeting, and at least one person was ejected after an argument with another audience member.

Some parents were suspicious that the board delayed getting to the issue so they wouldn't have to deal with the angst and emotion of the audience."

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