Pause to remember a great man

With Zeyad's original post on this topic now buried and with February coming to a close, we should pause and reflect on one of the giants of the American labor movement. Many of you may recall that A. Philip Randolph founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925, when a black Pullman car porter was required to work at least 400 hours a month to qualify for a paycheck, but less known is that Randolph and his brothers struggled for 12 years before their union was recognized in 1937.

Black Discrimination in America


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Word of the year.

Word of the year "SMIDGEN" as in, not even a Smidgen of corruption. Who's fault is it FOX NEWS and Bill O'reilly's

"We must have PORTSIDE!"

Over at that other site a certain someone who shall remain unnamed has made no fewer than three comments calling for the return of Portside (and one calling the Imagination Station crooks that have "stolen infrastructure from COSI").


Get Trans Pacific Partnership Off the Fast Track

Get TPP Off the Fast Track
Quote from article:

Vets get 1% cost-of-living pension cut in the new budget deal

Budget deal cuts benefits to some vets: Heartless or painless?

Some Republicans criticized the budget deal passed by the Senate Wednesday because it cuts retirement benefits to some veterans. Military cuts are often tough for Congress to stomach. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/DC-Decoder/2013/1218/Budget-deal-cuts-benef...

Bipartisan Budget Deal a Disaster

The Federal Reserve: Everything you need to know (documentary)

Online education at home without the hype.

Mayor Elect Collins And Double Dippers

Rumors have surfaced that Mayor Elect Collins will not allow Double Dippers in his Administration. He has been a big critic of Double Dipping as a councilman. Since his election team and transition team are full of potential Double Dippers will he change his mind?


This white guy said I can play this game to, and be recognized for it like the blacks can..

White Guy Accused Of 'Knockout Game' Attack On Blacks, faces federal hate crime. WOW! I HAVEN'T HEARD OF ANY BLACKS BEING CONVICTED UNDER THIS CHARGE. JUST SAYING. What's wrong with this picture. So far its only a hate crime when its against blacks...

Snowman scares the sugarplums out of shoppers in Boston.

http://news.yahoo.com/snowman-prank-video-140020945.html This might make some of you laugh..

Henry Giroux on 'Zombie' Politics

Henry was a recent guest on Moyers & Company. His ideas are what many of us have been thinking for a long time.

Obama says how do you like me now..

The latest LIE to come out of this administration is they LIED about the unemployment numbers.. OH! BUT WAIT Obama didn't know anything about that... This guy and his administration has to be number 1 in the deceit/lying department, hell he tops the Nixon administration... Every time I see this guy, I say LIAR. And after he gets caught he still lies about the lie. The Great and Wonderful OZ..

Thomas Pounds: Outside looking in

Toledo Free Press
Thomas Pounds: Outside looking in
The November 15th column in the Toledo Free Press made hay with stories of doom from outside Toledo. In the story a unnamed developer (some source) stated that some businesspeople and suburban partners (again who and how many?) are concerned about the new Toledo Mayor Collins. Ironically most of jobs in the businesses the developer quoted were low wage unlivable jobs.

The GOP And The Tea Party Need To Be Spanked And Put To Bed.


They've been acting like children, and hoping you wouldn't notice a certain rule change! Check out this video:

The Politicians Are Playing Games

Both political parties in this country are playing games with the American public. They feud and fuss with each other for public consumption, to try to make us believe they have real differences. They are both the same, controlled by corporate contributions. The Democrats and the Republicans are supported by the same interests whose only interest is in dividing the American people so they can keep their own power. If the public would unite for the common purpose we could topple the powers that are controlling the political process.

Let's Set Our Priorities Straight

Been doing a little arithmetic and found some shocking statistics. As of January 1, 2013, the population of the United States was 316,809,000. The defense spending of this country, approved by Congress, is $638 billion. The SNAP, food stamp, spending is $78 billion. That equals out to $2,013 dollars for every man, woman, and child for spending on defense. SNAP amounts to a spending of $246.21 for every man, woman, and child. The amount being spent for defense outweighs the spending for SNAP by a nearly 9 to 1 ratio.

Why All The Socialism, Obamacare, And Mandates That Force You To Buy Health Insurance?

Ever wonder how all this Socialism and mandate stuff with Obamacare got started? What ever gave Obama the idea he could force you to buy insurance? What makes him think he has the right to subsidize poor people’s insurance with your tax dollars? What Socialist model did he get all these oppressive ideas from?

Phony scandals: The new Obama narrative...

"Sen. Ted Cruz on Fox News Live at 4:23 (MST) when speaking about Obama and the apparently “phony” IRS scandal;

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