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Donald Trump, Rahm Emanuel clash over Chicago tower sign

Rahm Emanuel Takes on Trump. Let's get it on. This ought to be good.

Clinton defends change in gay marriage stance in tense interview

And these questions came from a Dem. Let's see how she handles another round before she say's, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

Obama comes Out in the Open – Pushes for Gun Confiscation Agenda like Australia

Obama is set to use his "authority" as president to unilaterally issue some form of pseudo-law executive order to further the agenda of gun control in light of the recent shooting at an Oregon school.

If you can't find Tom Hartmann on alternet, here's another option

RT, Russia Today, carries the ultra left wing liberal activist Tom Hartmann show despite calls from stateside liberals to cease his relationship.
The channel is owned and funded by the Russian Government and according to former KGB operative Vladimir Putin “Certainly the channel is funded by the government, so it cannot help but reflect the Russian government’s official position” .

Latest on Sylvania Schools levy public information request

The Sylvania Schools has provided some of my information request and we have been going back-and-forth on the scope of the e-mail request. They also went out of their way to prove who bought and paid for the domain name and the levy web site hosting - I will give them kudos on that. I will produce a more detailed report once I get more information...stay tuned.

Hillary Said, Bill and I were Dead Broke, and in Debt.

What difference does it make, whether I LIED about being broke or not.

cedar point employees rumble in their housing area

Sandusky police answered the call to assist Cedar Point's security force at 3:15 a.m., this past Sunday when a fight broke out in the employee housing area.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press (link provided later), 13 of the 16 Cedar Point employees that were arrested for disorderly conduct and aggravated rioting were from Michigan.

I don't recall anything like this ever happening at Cedar Point in the past, and I think it puts a lot of pressure on the Park to do a better job screening its employees.

Here we go,Obama: Gun Violence is ‘Off the Charts

“We’re the only developed country” where this happens, Obama said. “There’s no place else like this.” Right, disarm America Now approach. Off the Charts, you and your administration ARE OFF the CHARTS.

Dems keep interjecting felons with guns in their talking points to BAN guns.
Of the last 4 or 5 mass shootings, who where felons?

Tea Party dead according to some low information voters

What was it Mark Twain said- House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated Tuesday by a little-known economics professor in Virginia's Republican primary, a stunning upset and major victory for the tea party.

Great California story, judge strikes a blow for minorities and poor

He agreed with the students' claims that California tenure laws result in ineffective teachers "obtaining and retaining permanent employment" in schools that predominantly serve low-income and minority students.

This ruling should be hailed by anyone who cares about kids getting a good education, especially those who are in schools in impoverished areas.

Tea Party Patriots Kill Police

Police: Vegas cop killers had anti-government view

A husband and wife who went on a deadly shooting rampage in Las Vegas harbored anti-government beliefs and left a swastika and a "Don't tread on me" flag on the body of one of the two police officers they killed, authorities said Monday.

Lucas County Central Committee Question--Is this correct?

I was notified by a friend that the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee is having a meeting this Wednesday night. I looked on the Party's web page and it says:

"Pursuant to Ohio R.C. 3517.04, I, Meghan Gallagher, Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Central Committee Chairman...."

Is Gallagher the chairman? I thought that Jon Stainbrook was. Of course, the way these two twist the rules--who's to say how such a switch may have occurred.

obama chomps on gum during d-day memorial



Msnbc commentator stiffs the university of toledo

Obviously, many of us who post on SB don't agree on all topics. But I'd like to think that we all have a sense of responsibility that would motivate us to pull through on our promises.

Such is not the case with former BET and current MSNBC commentator Jeff Johnson. Johnson attended the University of Toledo in the early 1990s. He has periodically come back to UT to give speeches and to assist with the Africana Studies program.

In 2011, Johnson was honored at a special Black Alumni Weekend Homecoming event. An announcement was made that he was donating $10,000 to establish a scholarship for Africana Studies majors. It was a big deal and the UT Foundation feted Johnson at several events over that weekend.

Just one problem--Johnson has never actually given a dime of what he promised.

What Should United Negroes Do?

Can't wait to read the dance on this one.
In a move that is sure to confound--and enrage--the left, the Koch brothers have donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the foremost source of financial support to African-American students.

The UNCF launched the "Koch Scholars" program Friday, which "will provide nearly 3,000 merit- based awards to African American undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctorate students seeking scholarship assistance."

Strike two: Stainbrook removed from elections board

Jon Stainbrook is removed from the Lucas County Board of elections after extensive investigation from Jon Husted.

Read the letter at:

The tangled web of debts of Richard Stansley Jr.

A history of the Stansley Family Business from public records

Adrian Sand and Gravel
Ohio Job creation Tax Credit scheduled for clawback

Cornerstone Foundation Systems Richard Stansley Jr owner
Lien state of Ohio use tax
court case G4801 ln 200705946 000 $382,309.49

Keystone Foundation Systems Richard Stansley Jr owner
Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Service lien
Lien date
11/13/10 $ 149.83
05/01/10 $ 118.41
09/03/11 $ 9,930.62
03/31/12 $18,977.95
08/25/12 $ 7,167.32

Commercial activities tax lien

Obama Considered Using Military Force against Cliven Bundy Supporters

Last week, the Washington Times mentioned the fact that the Obama administration seriously considered using military force against Cliven Bundy and his supporters during their standoff back in April. This should come as no surprise after we reported that there was word that the Defense Department had approved a drone strike.

Apparently, the Obama administration considered a strike on protesters, exercising their First Amendment rights, which ironically, are supposed to be protected by the same administration under the US Constitution.

The Times reported:

Quite a list!

(***not a comprehensive list)
1. "I will have the most transparent administration."
2. "I have shovel ready jobs."
3. "The IRS is not targeting anyone."
4. "If four Americans get killed…uh…. it is not optimal." (Benghazi)
5. "ObamaCare will be good for America."
6. "If you like your doctor, you can keep him, period."
7. "Premiums will be lowered by $2500"
8. If you like your health insurance, you can keep it, period.
9. "I did not say you could keep your health care." (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)

Sylvania Schools public information request Our Town Sylvania/Blade story

Our Town Sylvania/Toledo Blade has a story of the levy campaign activity as well as next steps.
Sylvania Schools may have acted improperly in the way it used staff and resources in its recent unsuccessful tax levy campaign.

A Sylvania resident has questioned whether the district violated the law in its bid to get voters in May to approve a 3.8-mill levy. The measure was rejected by voters.



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