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Colleen Ritzer Murder

Where is the outrage from those great loud mouths louis farrakhan, jesse jackson, al sharpless, barry soetoro. If I had a daughter she would look just like Colleen. Rest in peace young lady.

Diebold Inc. the Ohio voting machine company in the news again with $25 Million fine

Diebold Incorporated Resolves Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Investigation and Agrees to Pay $25.2 Million Criminal Penalty

Diebold-SEC Fraud Settlement Reached: Former Voting Machine Maker To Pay $25 Million


let's just say it--Obama doesn't cut it as a leader


I was having lunch with a friend who had just finished reading Obama's book Dreams from My Father. He was discussing how the book was filled with hate-mongering toward whites. If you've read the book, you know that Obama berates a black male acquaintance for not being a "conscious brother" and speaking like "Beaver Cleaver." He also relates how he stopped making public his mother's race because "by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites." Those are just two of the more tame examples of his stereotyping of whites.

Anyway, during lunch my friend lowered his voice and said something to the effect of "Obama just doesn't have the skills to lead or manage." The content of what he said wasn't news to me, but I thought it was interesting how he felt the need to almost whisper this comment. Hell, why not just state in your normal talking volume the truth about Obama--he's an arrogant, incompetent, cry-baby who conveniently uses his blackness to get ahead or repel criticism.

It's time that we all forget about Obama's black skin and the potential charge of racism when we criticize him. Call us whatever you want when we point out that he is an aloof liberal snob who wants us all to be totally reliant on the government.

Enough of having to whisper our distaste for his lack of leadership and socialistic beliefs. If the only retort the liberals have to this is "you're a racist," well that's their problem.

Operation Free

Renewables and Energy Efficiency in Ohio
The Issue

Ohio has a rich history of innovation and manufacturing – a history that is interwoven with traditional resources like coal and natural gas. Though these sources of energy have helped to build a strong economy in Ohio in the past, too much of today’s economy – and military operations – depend on a single-source commodity: oil.

To protect our economic and national security, America must diversify and look to clean, homegrown alternatives like wind and solar.

Tea party is loser in budget showdown

Tea party is loser in budget showdown

Read more here:

"The tea party was on the march, fueled by a sympathetic media echo chamber on talk radio and Fox News, eager volunteers and generous contributors. By January 2011, Republicans controlled the House and, more important, dozens of Republicans owed their jobs to the tea party. By last year, though, it became clear the movement faced trouble."



As we approach the Christmas season, we prepare for the onslaught of obnoxious liberals forcing their anti-Christian obsession on us. As the pressure grows to change the name of the Washington Redskins (I too am offended by the name "Washington"), I'm thinking we'd better consider changing the titles of Christmas songs as to not upset the reality-challenged among us. Here are my suggestions, feel free to add yours:

Let It Snow! = Damn that Global Warming!

What Child Is This? = And Was the Mother Given Pro-Abortion Literature?

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town = A Racist Man of Nordic Descent Is Coming to the Village that Hillary Clinton Built

O Christmas Tree = The Seasonal Destruction of Natural Resources

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer = The Humane Society Is Looking Into This

Veterans Angry Over Tea Party Takeover Of March On Memorials

Criminals on film. Where are the arrests?

Veterans Angry Over Tea Party Takeover Of March On Memorials

Holy War in Harlem? Pastors want Sharpton OUT??

Speak Out Say It Loud, headquartered at Mount Neboh Baptist Church on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., is a new coalition of black ministers determined to create a unified African-American power base with citywide clout.

Mount Neboh pastor Johnnie Green, 51, said Sharpton has neglected black New York while pursuing national fame and acclaim.

Tea Party Anarchists Vandalize Whitehouse Barricades

White House: Tea Party, Veteran, Biker Protesters Meet Riot Police in DC

Co-conspirators Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz join in with the Confederate flag carrying mob. Rooftop snipers watch over Tea Party anarchists. Many in the group after hearing a week of blame from AM radio and FoxNews cable have decided that enough is enough.

More coverage:




Illegal aliens welcomed on national mall, but veterans--not so much

The Obama tantrum took another turn today when the supposedly closed National Mall opened-up for thousands of illegal aliens and one actual alien--Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile, the WWII and Vietnam veterans memorials remained shutdown.

The "Camino Americano" (I'm pretty sure that doesn't translate to "You're in this Country so speak English") pro-immigration rally was given permission to utilize the National Mall by Obama. I''m certain it has nothing to do with the fact that the SEIU, which donated $27 million to Obama's campaign, was one of the rally's co-sponsors. This is despicable!

The debate last night

Did anyone get any information that helped them decide who they are voting for mayor in November? I didn't. It was the same old debate back and forth, one candidate claims one thing, the other candidate says the opposite. Next question. Well who is telling the truth?
The impression I got watching the debate was what a shame it is that these two candidates, who have fed from the taxpayers trough their whole life, is all this city has to choose from. What an embarrassment.

Bill Maher on WWII Vets: ‘Nobody Said They Were The Brightest Generation’

Representative Michele Bachmann taunted by DC resident at National WWII Memorial

9/11 Building 7 collaspe?


Did the 9/11 commission or anyone else ever explain why building 7 completely collapsed
when the twin towers went down on 9/11/2001?



So Obama recently said that he thinks the Washington Redskins should change their name. Yep. Next thing you know he’ll want the New England Patriots to change their name because “Patriots” represent a time in American history that he despises.

I say—why stop at just changing the teams that have Indian-related nicknames? We need a full sweep of team names that might have a remote chance of hurting someone’s sensitivities. Here is a good place to start:

Washington Redskins = Washington Obamas

Cleveland Indians = Cleveland Native Americans

Chicago Blackhawks = Chicago Doves of Undetermined Color

Miami Hurricanes = Miami Global Warmings

San Diego Padres = San Diego Agnostics

Milwaukee Brewers = Milwaukee Teetotalers

Green Bay Packers (name refers to meat-packing industry) = Green Bay Vegans

Notre Dame Fighting Irish = Notre Dame United Nations

Michigan Wolverines = Michigan Endangered Species

Cincinnati Reds = (no need to change, Obama LOVES that nickname)

Johny D. back on the air!

Johny D. in the Morning will broadcast on WPFX-FM, 107.7, the Wolf from 6 to 9 a.m. weekdays.

Still can't get on Obamacare website

Per the message I received last time I attempted to get on the Obamacare website, I tried to access it at an off-time for all of the U.S. time zones--6 a.m. Eastern. Here's the message that was on the site at that time:

The system is down at the moment.
We're currently performing scheduled maintenance. Please try again later.

harry reid asks why we should help kids with cancer




As of 11 p.m., Wednesday, October 2, I still haven't been able to get far enough into the website to check out my options if I am forced to go on Obamacare. At least yesterday I got to the step where I entered my personal information, but not even that far today.

Just moments ago I tried and received a message suggesting, "You might have better success during off-peak hours, like later at night or early in the morning." Apparently 11 at night isn't late enough.

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