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UT MLK Day event honoring or politics?


I am listening to WSPD and I hear Carty talking about the Iraq war at the UT MLK day event. Remember last year Marcy Kaptur was critizing other B-team Democrats at the UT Martin Luther King event? So, are local politicians using this special holiday for their own purposes? Maybe the event is too long or needs to refocus its mission. It just does not seem right. Anyone attend? Your impressions? Oth

Strickland vows to work for prosperity



Local family uses Irish setter to paint house

The Hinckley family has developed a novel, labor-saving approach to paiting their house - they use their 4-year-old Irish setter Sheila to do the work.

"Pretty basically, we just pour the paint on her, stick her by the house, and wait for her to fling herself dry," chuckled Gary Hinckley. "It's not the most efficient use of paint, but it's funnier than hell to watch. Plus, Sheila seems to get quite a kick out of it."

RIP: Trevor Whittaker, Little-Known "Eighth Rolling Stone" (1942-2007)

Just in:

(London) British musician and sometime member of the Rolling Stones Trevor Whittaker died today of pneumonia. The unofficial "Eighth Stone" was 64 years of age.

Whittaker was active in the London rhythm and blues music scene that spwaned the Stones and many other sixties rock acts. A multi-instrumentalist, Whittaker occasionally filled in for members on tour, and performed on a number of Stones recordings.

Smokers Take Another Hit

OK - so now we have the Anti's wanting to take over the nation. This whole 'big brother' thing is way outta on and weep. Weep that we are losing our rights to FREE CHOICE - more and more and more and faster.

WSPD's Brian Wilson on Friday hinted at legal action against the Mayor. If they filed a 1st Amendment suit, would you agree?

58% (32 votes)
38% (21 votes)
I don't know
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 55

Owner says building by ballpark is being sold

After six years of promises to turn a vacant building at Monroe and Huron streets next to Fifth Third Field into a restaurant, Toledo businessman and newspaper editor Myron Stewart put the building up for sale - for $360,000 more than he paid Lucas County for it.

Mr. Stewart, who is a partner in local Church's Chicken franchises, said yesterday that the building at 519 Monroe St. and the vacant lot next door have already been sold.

06 survey may sway TPS board on levy vote

The Toledo Board of Education has a little more than a month to debate whether it will ask voters in May to support a new levy, and a mere 185 voters may be unwittingly swaying the argument.

The board has debated putting a levy on the ballot for nearly a year. Its last attempt in August was shot down by members Darlene Fisher and Robert Torres.

In the survey, which was obtained yesterday by The Blade, 71 percent of the respondents, or 132 people, initially said they would vote against a Toledo Public Schools levy.

Read the entire article:

Suspect sentenced in murder case

January 12, 2007 - The suspect in a 7-month-old murder case has been sentenced. It is a sentence the judge says will send a message to local gangs.

Keith Jones pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges and apologized to the family, but his remorse wasn't enough to avoid the maximum sentence.

The judge sentenced Jones to fifteen years behind bars. Police say Jones killed Brett Mayne in June 2006. Mayne was shot in the head after confronting teens outside her home. Mayne died after three months in a coma. Police say the teens were members of a gang and family members say they hope this sentence will help another family avoid tragedy.

The Value of a Dog

The Toledo Blade ran this story in hard copy, then naturally refused to allow access via their web site. Anyway, when I read this story it pissed me right off.

I like dogs. Dogs are nice, and they're real good company. A man or woman can do a whole lot worse than to share their bed with a dog.

I suggest using Dr. White in the next sales demonstration and allowing the anonymous neurosurgeon to officiate. The demonstration after that, we

nice story on the glass pavillion

here's a good little story on the glass pavillion. it's nice to see it getting some attention.

Development projects hit $737 million, mayor says

From Today's Blade:

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday sought to convince critics in Toledo City Council that his wearing of the economic development director's hat has been successful in his first year on the job.

Six members of council this week wrote to the mayor insisting that he hire an economic development director.

Also yesterday, the heads of the Lucas County Improvement Corp. and Regional Growth Partnership urged council to support LCIC with a contribution of $123,000 this year.

Panel will review Bihn's finances

From today's Blade:

Apparent violations of state election law involving an Oregon city councilman's campaign finance reports have been referred to the Ohio Elections Commission for possible action.

The Lucas County Board of Elections referred Councilman Sandy Bihn to the commission for apparently violating campaign finance law when she used her husband's professional credit card account to pay for expenditures, said Olga Vallejo, a campaign finance examiner. A candidate cannot use a third party's credit card for campaign expenditures, elections board Director Jill Kelly said.

Fisher taking on role as TPS board agitator

From this week's Toledo Journal:

Now replaced as president, Darlene Fisher gave every indication last week she intends to become an outspoken opponent of the

Carty prevents WSPD from going to two press conferences now. What is your take?


School Bus Accident at Bancroft and King


WTVG-- January 10, 2007 - A Springfield local schools bus crashed at the corner of Bancroft and King in Sylvania Township. The scene has now been cleared. Police say the bus driver ran a red light.

Kristina White from Springfield Schools says the school bus crashed with a car and a Jeep just before 4 p.m.. The driver of the school bus is fine. There are no reports of any student injuries. We are told the bus was on its way to take students home. The drivers of the car and the Jeep were both sent to hospitals with minor injuries.

Advocates seek showdown over gun rights

Today's Free Press

Bruce Beatty isn't shy when it comes to showing off the Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol he keeps strapped to his side. He's just as adamant when explaining why he has the right to do so.

What really sets off the avid Second Amendment advocate is local governments trying to impose gun laws that conflict with Ohio's constitution. Such bodies, Beatty said, have no right to enforce restrictions greater than those signed into law at the state level.

Hizzoner blocks WSPD from press conference

Carty blocks WSPD from press conference...does anyone have details on this? One more example of someone off the seems like there is more and more of this recently... what is going on?

Sides admit auditor post transition has stalled

Today's Blade:

Despite assurances of a smooth transition from Lucas County Auditor Larry Kaczala, Auditor-elect Anita Lopez said she has been stonewalled in the months since the election and was offered assistance only if she guaranteed the jobs of Mr. Kaczala's family members.

Ms. Lopez, who currently serves as Lucas County recorder, said she has not been able to put a transition team in place in the auditor's office and that she has been approached about making deals to protect certain positions in the office. She takes over as auditor March 13.

Strickland acts quickly to wield his veto power

From Today's Blade:

COLUMBUS - It was certainly an interesting first day on the job.

Gov. Ted Strickland angered the Republican-controlled General Assembly and Ohio's business community by taking the unprecedented step of vetoing a bill his predecessor, Gov. Bob Taft, had intended to become law.

The Republican-controlled General Assembly immediately threatened to sue him.

"What I think this bill represents is hasty action during a lame-duck session when there is not sufficient discussion, input, or deliberation," said Mr. Strickland. "The $5,000 limit is so hugely unrealistic and absolutely, in my judgment, provides no disincentive for inappropriate or bad behavior."

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