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President Bush Seeks Broader Wiretapping Authority

President Bush wants Congress to broaden
the government's powers to eavesdrop on private conversations without
court approval. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports, a
controversial public surveillance law is set to expire February 1.

Stimulus plan is suppose to make things better?

"COLUMBUS — Ohio and other red ink-bleeding states
had hoped the federal government would rush to their rescue as it did
five years ago, but they found nothing for them in the $150 billion
economic stimulus package proposed by President Bush and House leaders
this week.

Mayor says Rose's call to defeat tax 'uncaring'

"Mr. Finkbeiner said the tax, which raises $57.7
million a year, is essential to providing police and fire protection
and unlimited trash collection.

First enacted in 1982 and renewed regularly since then, it was last renewed in 2004 with just over 51 percent of the vote.

Here a rebate there a rebate, everyone is a winner!

"WASHINGTON - Retirees living off Social Security are frustrated that they won't get tax rebate checks
through a bipartisan economic stimulus package before the House. Senate
Democrats Friday began efforts to include them.

Port Authority President Hartung is urged to give back 3.5 percent raise


Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority President James Hartung got a 3.5 percent raise from his board of directors yesterday, but several local leaders urged him to give it back.

Rev. Rose Returns to turn around Toledo

I just learned the Rev. Floyd Rose has decided to return to Toledo to turn the city around. Apparently Toledo has problems that no one knows about but that are in need of fixing.

It will be interesting to see how the Rev. Rose and his honor get along after such a long absence. Perhaps its true that the heart grows fonder for those who have been away. We will have to wait and see. Whatever the case may be Rev. Rose's return is certain to be news worthy.

Was Thompson blackballed by conservatives?

A well-known pro-family and evangelical leader is expressing sadness over Fred Thompson's decision to pull out of the 2008 Republican presidential race, and rebuking fellow conservatives who tried to sink his campaign. Gary Bauer says Thompson was the victim of identity politics during his White House bid.

rebates of at least $300 for each person

Deal for economic rescue package closer

Ben Konop is wrong Gerken is Right

I can't believe what Ben Konop said yesterday:

"But Mr. Konop, citing the economic struggles gripping the county, said continuing to funnel taxpayer funds into the LCIC would be a misuse of that money."

Electronic voting machines pass voter confidence and satisfaction

A new research report from the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan:

Toledo's CitiFest officially dissolved

Kind of sad, but hey, when my household is facing a financial crunch, first thing to go is the social stuff. Same should apply to the city. This is a good call.


Web Site Assembles U.S. Prewar Claims

It is now possible, at a single web site, to access the record of our government's leaders and their statements about the now-discredited claims linking Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda or warning that he possessed WMD.

Finkbeiner $500-a-ticket fund-raiser event hints at re-election bid

In a sign that Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is considering a run for re-election, he hosted a $500-per-ticket campaign fund-raiser last night just before hosting the public "Celebration of the City" in the same building.

It was the first fund-raising event of his current term as mayor, but he said last night he won't decide whether to run again until next year.

338 Columbia - Up In Flames

Shortly after waking up this morning, we looked from our 2nd floor windows and we could see flmaes shooting 20-30 feet in the air. It was the apartment building on the next block.

Man commits suicide after taking smoking cessation drug (drugs is drugs)

http://tinyurl. com/ynnvv6

Man 'killed by anti smoking drug'
By Lucy Thornton 21/01/2008

A grieving wife claims her husband killed himself after taking a new
anti-smoking drug.

Dad-of-two Wayne Marshall, 36, was found hanging shortly after
finishing a 13-week course of Champix.

Wife Emma, 28, said: "He went downhill so quickly. He stopped going

Karloffornia foreclosures abound

California foreclosures, mortgage defaults soar

Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:05pm EST
By Jim Christie

Looks like Fred is out

Looks like Fred Thompson is out of the race. Darn.

Chrysler to invest 28 million in Toledo

Chrysler announced plans Monday to invest nearly $28 million in its Toledo Machining Plant.

"Chrysler's investments in the Toledo area are rooted in our faith that we can keep good-paying manufacturing jobs in America as long as government, our unions and our companies all pull together for the common good," Chrysler President and Vice Chairman Tom LaSorda said in a statement.

Mich. Denies Illegal Immigrants Licenses

Way to go Michigan!!!

Celebrate Toledo - An Award Winning City! Event

The special surprise is live streaming of the event. This is a beta run of the stream, so anything can happen. If things do not work, don't be disappointed. An audio download will be available after the event. You must have Quicktime installed to listen to the event. -------------
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