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Child's Dying Wish to See Dad Unfulfilled

Sad. Its unfortunate that something couldn't be worked out - not necessarily for the Dad's sake, but for the little girl's. He's scheduled to begin a work release program in August, but the girl won't likely make it until then.

(Yes, if he hadn't gotten into trouble in the first place, he could have been there this whole time for his daughter. But I still feel sympathy for the kid though.)

GOP committeeman called into question

Voters in a North Toledo precinct were urged in a postcard from the Lucas County Republican Party to vote for their neighbor, James A. Arthur, because he is "a longtime Republican."

Mr. Arthur went on to win a coveted spot on the Republican Party Central Committee in the March 4 primary, defeating his opponent, Erin Thacker, 12-4.

Another GOP scandal

National Republican Congressional Committee officials acknowledged publicly today that they have found discrepancies in their books of more than a million dollars and evidence that the NRCC's former treasurer, Christopher Ward, made "several hundred thousand dollars" worth of unauthorized wire transfers out of the committee that appear to have ended up in Ward's own bank accounts...[

McCain confused about Iraq, Iran, Al-Qaeda

Speaking to reporters in Amman, the Jordanian capital, McCain said he and two Senate colleagues traveling with him continue to be concerned about Iranian operatives “taking al-Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back.”

Robert Culp Discusses the Controversy Surrounding Senator Barack Obama

"If Barack Obama had have disowned Jeremiah Wright he would have lost his black base, he knows that........Black America would have deserted him in a hurry, it was just that hey he's too white."

Robert Culp

Check out more interviews @:

Lucas county population exodus persists - Wood county growing

My son moved to Seattle after high school !

Lucas County exodus persists Some move to outlying areas '06-'07 POPULATION SHIFTS

New Newspaper Coming To Toledo


I was talking with a friend, and he told me that he heard there is a new newspaper coming to Toledo in April. He said the release date is going to be on March 31.

I hear it is going to be a community paper with all types of news…but the paper is going to be strictly online.

Heritage foundation says area to lose 208 million if Kaptur and other Dems implement budget

The Heritage Foundation says Marcy Kaptur's support of the budget could cost the 9th district 208 Million dollars and 2000 jobs.

District and Rep: OH 9 Marcy Kaptur (D)
Pop, 2006: 624,654
Non-Farm Emp, 2006: 292,873
Avg Tax Increase Per Taxpayer, 2012: $1,645
Loss in Jobs, 2012: 2,001
Loss to Local Economy (Millions), 2012 : $208 million

Chinese Company wants to manufacture in.........Erie Township Ohio

ERIE TOWNSHIP — A Chinese company that makes environmentally friendly wallboard and construction materials is considering locating its first U.S. plant at a local business park, officials said.

Erie Township is by Port Clinton, near the old armory near Camp Perry

Toledo, the center of prostitution?

A disturbing set of stories in the last few days and weeks. Do we have a prostitution problem? These are not murders or assaults, but it is sure getting regional coverage in a negative way. I bet these are not a part of the statistics that the city puts out on crime.

Kuhlman vs. Collins and Congratulations to Fred LeFebvre!!

Kuhlman vs. Collins and Congratulations to Fred LeFebvre!!

Congratulations to Fred for booking one interview on his radio show!! Troy talked to both newsmakers before Fred got his one.

Get caught up with the [blade]

Fred LeFebvre of Fred LeFebvre and The Morning News Interviews Judge Kuhlman on the Fred LeFebvre and Morning News program

Fred LeFebvre interviewed Judge Tim Kuhlman this morning about how talks are going between the municipal courts and the administration. Fred LeFebvre was told that the talks aren't going very well at all and that council member Michael Collins doesn't understand the way the system works when it comes to funding the court system.

Delta ends air service from Toledo Express to Atlanta

"The remaining daily commuter flight between Toledo Express Airport and Atlanta will end on May 1, officials said yesterday.


Draft Toledo Empty House Ordinance

I can't find this mentioned anywhere, but if you heard Maggie Thurber, or Fred glance over on WSPD this morning, they talked about the proposed empty house ordinance. Here is what I know/remember:

1. If the house/property is empty for a certain amount of time, owners need to board up the windows.
2. Owners must register and pay a fee to register the empty house.

At least Detroit's City Council has figured out what to do...

Pity we don't emulate Detroit in the manner.......

"Detroit city council calls on mayor to resign"

......Of course, our mayor hasn't been caught in a sex scandal ....yet.

Blizzard Bill will now be on 13abc

Blizzard Bill Spencer is moving to 13abc. I thought he was covered under a franchise contract at NBC 24. Why not? The presidential election will ensure there is lots of money flowing this year to the TV stations.

ESPN's John Buccigross Loves Walleye

I LOVE the name Toledo Walleye. LOVE IT! Imagine the Trucker hats one could produce! Minor league sports are supposed to be goofy! That's the whole point! Why do I keep using exclamation points! Shawn, you'd better smuggle in a walleye and throw it on the ice when the Toledo Walleye score a goal in their new arena. If the organization wants me, I'll show up and throw out the first fish.

Lawmakers ask Fed help for student loans

"House members from both parties are asking the Federal Reserve to intervene and steady the shaken student loan market.

2nd Amendment being mulled

Here we go on the roller coaster. The Supreme Court is now hearing oral arguments on the constitutionality of DC's ban of handguns. From the first day's arguments, it sounds as if the proponents of gun rights are getting a positive hearing.

"if the United States government doesn’t stabilize the markets, foreign governments increasingly will"

The more the Federal Reserve does to avert financial contagion, the clearer it becomes that the Fed alone cannot solve the problems in the financial system. To many Americans, it’s now obvious that taxpayers will have to step in.

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