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County cuts rat control in favor of smoking police

County Health director David Grossman is cutting a rat control position because of lack of funding. In the meantime, Grossman is pressing ahead with his state-unfunded enforcement of smoking in bars. "They aren't getting away with it," Grossman stated. Looks like Grossman's jihad against smokers is taking front seat to rat eradication.

3 smoke-ban complaints snuffed


I can't believe this :)

Democrats attempting to use the emergency war-funding bill to line the pockets of the country's largest abortion provider.

A conservative congressman is blasting Democrats for attempting to use the emergency war-funding bill to line the pockets of the country's largest abortion provider.

Fred's Friday Frenzy On 1370 WSPD

Friday morning an exclusive interview with James Hartung, President Toledo/Lucas County Port Authority on the intermodal facility and his vision for Toledo Express. No one else has had the line up of experts on this topic that WSPD has had and if you need to catch up there are podcasts at

Ohio House passes bill requiring government business to be in English

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Ohio House has passed a bill requiring government business to be conducted in English.

The measure passed by a vote of 54-42 over the objections of lawmakers who said the bill contradicts the country's heritage as a land of immigrants.

McCain rejects Hagee endorsement

CNN) -- In the face of mounting controversy over headline-grabbing statements from the Rev. John Hagee, CNN has learned that presumptive Republican nominee John McCain decided Thursday to reject his endorsement.

McCain Pastor: Islam Is a 'Conspiracy of Spiritual Evil'

• Sen. John McCain recruited the support of an evangelical minister, Pastor Rod Parsley, who describes Islam as "anti-Christ" and Mohammed as "the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil."

• Parsley is the pastor of the World Harvest Church of Columbus, Ohio.

Obama Searching for VP

Sen. Barack Obama is quietly beginning his search for a running mate.

• Former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson has accepted Obama's request to begin a screening and selection process for Obama’s VP spot.

• Johnson performed the same role in 2004 and 1984 for then-Democratic presidential nominees John Kerry and Walter Mondale.

Illustration of Obama in rifle crosshairs draws fire

A Roswell newspaper is defending a controversial cover illustration that placed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in a rifle's cross hairs.

Apartment building near museum razed

Drove by this yesterday and saw the demolition.

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner looked on with contentment yesterday as a city bulldozer began knocking down the first "Dirty Dozen" property to be razed this year.

Toledo area healthcare coverage the nation's best

Came across a report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute that shows Toledo's Metro Statistical Area (MSA) non-elderly healthcare coverage is among the best at 92.8%. And according to the chart, this is the best coverage out of the major metro areas (7.2% uninsured rate). Will this spell the end any more discussion on the City's contribution to CareNet? While the MSA includes Monroe County MI, and the larger Toledo area, it is still pretty good.

An interesting note:

Animal Human hybrid law in U.K.

Animal House of Commons

Mike Craig will be on Eye on Toledo from 6-7pm 1370WSPD

Mike Craig will be a guest on Eye On Toledo tonight Wed. May 21 from 6-7pm. Feel free to listen in and call with your questions. Subject Marina District and the development of Toledo. Have any questions please post them here.


Must see clips!!!!!!!



From an e-mail;

SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2 - 3 pm.

Children Welcome! Please bring a chair & a snack to share..

ALSO: (list seperately if you need to)

Raymer History Walk
with Larry Michaels
Meet at Burnett Park
Starr Ave. & Spring Grove
Sat., June 14th, 3:00

Upset mayor challenges Toledo to get healthier

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday promised to convene a summit of health care providers and challenge them to promote healthier lifestyles for Toledoans.

U.T. prof openly rebuffs Jacobs and administrators

More interesting news, this in the Toledo Free Press.
U.T. prof and attorney Douglas Oliver says Jacob's action stifles open debate , that
it is hypocritical for administrators to boast of diversity while punishing those who speak out with diverse opinions.

UT: Diversity or hypocrisy?
By Douglas Oliver
Special to Toledo Free Press

W. House ignored FBI concerns on prisoner abuse

WASHINGTON, May 20 (Reuters) - Top Bush administration security officials ignored FBI concerns over abusive treatment of terrorism suspects, which one agent called "borderline torture," a four-year Justice Department probe found.

Senator Byrd, God, and The Media

Democratic Senator Roberty Byrd spoke publically today about the bad news of Ted Kennedy's brain tumor.

As aired on many live news broadcasts, Byrd actually said ,"My dear, dear friend, dear friend, Ted Kennedy. ... Dear All Powerful and Omnipotent God....Keep Ted here for us and for America. ... Ted, Ted, Ted. My dear friend. I love you and miss you." — Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va



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