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Blade omsbudsman defends former official's rap sheet coverage

Jack Lessonberry talks about the Blade coverage of Wack.


By serving as GOP executive director, Ms. Wack did just that. She was
not a mere behind-the- scenes functionary; she dealt with the media and
the public and wasn't shy about saying what she thought about Democrats.

Minneapolis Lures Buyers for Foreclosed Homes

Could this work here?

"After Lynn Albright survived a bout with breast cancer, she decided it was time to pursue some of those things she'd been dreaming about for a long time but hadn't gotten around to. High up on her agenda: buying a house for her and her 23-year-old daughter.

Brian McMahon Intermodal Presentation - updated

Originally posted 5/28 - updated to include video 6/14 - Courtesy of Brian Wilson at WSPD, here is the presentation that Brian McMahon gave about the Intermodal. It does not have sound, so you actually miss what Brian M. says, but it is still useful. You can download it on the attachments area below or view it on this page in the embedded screen below.

Ok, if ya dont like ANWR, how' bout the 'shelf? (like China's gonna do?)

SO ... IS CHINA REALLY DRILLING OFF CUBA? (from Neal Boortz website)

Yesterday Florida Senator Mel Martinez said that China drilling off the coast of Cuba was merely an urban legend. But...

Senators Caught in Mortgage Fallout

When Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota wanted a mortgage for his beach house, he turned to a Washington insider, James A. Johnson, former head of Fannie Mae, the government mortgage giant, who then put the senator in touch with Angelo Mozilo, chief executive of the mortgage lender Countrywide Financial.

Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?

Holy shit. What do you give a country where 15 out of 19 WTC hijackers came from? Nukes, of course!

Email from concerned Republicans

This in by e-mail:
Tomorrow the LCRP Central Committee will vote on our party chairman. Before that
vote happens there are some things you need to know about one of the candidates
for that office. Jon Stainbrook is what many would call a wolf in sheeps clothing.
I know many of you have received his letters and newsletters and it all sounds great

A Simple Answer For The Mayor

The mayor wonders what a local radio station wants from him. I didn't hear him say this but I can read headlines on postings. I can answer the mayor's question very simply. JOBS. That's right mayor, JOBS, real long lasting, sustainable JOBS. Now you can't create them, no government can create jobs except the ones we pay for.

Uber Rich Elitists Defy All Reason - Not to Mention Environment

Where are the environmentalists? Why are they not screaming about how NON-green are their buddies in California (elitist Hollywood crowd). These people out there keep building these humungous mansions and reshaping their local environment - and for what? A better view of the ocean for themselves!?

Konop wants county to pay 40 workers for nonprofits

Ben - just stop it. You're looking for another bullet point on your resume at our expense and you need to sit down and leave our money alone.

Bill of Rights still exists

High Court sides with Guantanamo detainees again

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

Quoting Scripture Banned in Library Communit Room.

Quoting Scripture banned in library community room

New Gun Law

You break into my house, you deserve to look down the barrel of my gun. I'm glad the lawmakers are finally looking out for the law abiding citizens instead of the criminals for a change.


WSPD Intermodal Presentation Tomorrow, Last Reminder

WSPD Intermodal Presentation Thursday June 12th 7p
Room 100 Health Ed Building on the Health Science Campus of UT (former MCO)
Enter off Glendale and park in lot 43
Question and answer session to follow as time allows.
Hope to see you all there.

What happens on a Wednesday?

Italian company buys Flatiron building in Times square.,8599,1813198,00.html

Abu Dubai to buy Chrysler Building

Belgian brewer intends on buying Anheuser-Busch

Canada apologizes for abuse of native children

OTTAWA, June 11 (Reuters) - Canada, addressing one of the darkest chapters in its history, formally apologized on Wednesday for forcing 150,000 aboriginal children into grim residential schools, where many say they were sexually and physically abused.

COSI likely to appear on November ballot

What The Hell??????

Is anyone getting as tired of this crap as I am?? Those assholes asked us for tax money once - we said NO. They asked AGAIN - we said NO AGAIN!!!

Feet To The Fire Gets Results For WSPD

Well it appears that WSPD has once again gotten results. Since late April we have been banging the drum for action on an intermodal facility for Toledo/ Northwest Ohio and it is finally starting to pay off. The mayor after saying he has worked on it for 28 months, and had nothing to show for it, finally named a committee to study it.

Metal thieves target 2 city pools; talk of early opening ends

Thieves ruined any possibility for Toledo to open its public pools a few days early to help people beat the sweltering temperatures, city officials said yesterday.

"These [metal] scrappers ended any chance at all," said Sherrie Shipman, manager of recreation for the city.

WSPD Only Radio In Attendance At Transportation Task Force Meeting

Once again WSPD was the only radio station in attendance when the Ohio Transportation Priorities Task Force rolled into Toledo for a meeting Tuesday at 4p. Tom Blaha from Wood County's Development Commissione, and Rich Martinko of the UT Intermodal Institute spoke. Both have been on Fred's show before talking about intermodal facilities.

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