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Anyone see the interview on "60 Minutes" last night?

How many folks saw the first post-election interview with our new President last night? He did well, as in stunningly well. Even more important, the "Clintonization" of the United States of America been STOPPED, dead in its' tracks! har-dee-har-har!

The Blocks run same newscast on 3 stations they own in Lima , will make millions in FFC bandwidth auction

Yesterday's Article About Hickey

More evidence bubbling up on Hickey.

Much more to come. Slowly, but it's coming.

Obama Can Reform Dark Money With a Stroke of a Pen

Obama Can Reform Dark Money With a Stroke of a Pen
Quote from article:

"President Barack Obama can issue an executive order today that requires government contractors to disclose their dark-money campaign contributions.
Why doesn’t he? And why don’t campaign-finance-reform organizations push for such a fix?

Eric Holder going to Ferguson

Eric Holder stated he has a very personal interest in this case. Is it personal enough to go there and dictate how he thinks the case should proceed? Holder did demand that the video of Brown's strong armed robbery not be shown. Seems to me he has already convicted the Officer in his mind. Where is he on everything else criminal.He sees no other violations in the administration though,

Is WSPD going through the end of product cycle?

Toledo Blade
May 25, 2014
Former Clear Channel executive Andy Stuart returns to local radio with Cumulus

Quote from article:

The incomplete interview and commentary from WSPD on CAC

I listened,

This podcast conspicuously misses the pre-break commentary from Fred and Sarah...

Fred and WSPD prove themselves to be unfairly unbalanced once again.

Get the full thing and put it on the website with an apology for the selective editing.

UAW workers garner huge Big 3 autoworker negotiated bonuses

Big 3 autoworker bonuses may grow

Right-To-Work for less is proven again with latest 2014 UAW negotiated bonuses promising to top the 1999 record year. RTW states average $10,000 per year less than non RTW states.

PBS Frontline: To Catch a Trader

PBS Frontline
To Catch a Trader
Coming January 7, 2014
WGTE 30 10:00 PM
FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith goes inside the government’s ongoing, seven-year crackdown on insider trading, drawing on exclusively-obtained video of hedge fund titan Steven A. Cohen, incriminating FBI wiretaps of other traders, and interviews with both Wall Street and Justice Department insiders.

Look Ahead

The time to start connecting the dots is now. It doesn't take a military conflict to defeat another country.

If you want to give up your country then go back to sleep or continue your pollyanna outlook.

Hurry Fred call Nancy !

Human remains seized from site where tot lived (Elaina Steinfurth)
"An autopsy is scheduled for today. Toledo police also have scheduled a news conference at 10:30 a.m."

Names of Asiana Flight 214 released pranked Oakland TV stations falls for it

KTVU out of Oakland ran with a false release of the names of the crew from Asiana Flight 214.

You have to watch this!!!! It is way too funny.

I can't believe they didn't catch it.

The Death Of The Tea Party? Michele Bachmann leads the way!

Chechen leader blames U.S.: It’s ‘their education, not ours’

"Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, said in a statement to the press on Friday he said the problem with the brothers is a result of what they learned in the United States.

"The Tsarnaev brothers allegedly carried out their terror because of “their education, not ours,” clearly referring to the United States.

“They (the brothers) grew up and studied in the United States and their attitudes and beliefs were formed there,” Kadyrov said, according to Reuters. “Any attempt to make a connection between Chechnya and the Tsarnaevs is in vain.”

President won't say boston bombing was a terroist attack when it happened...

Posted on April 16, 2013 at 2:48pm
I get disgusted when I hear remarks from the left and the right about who did this act and how.

The simple fact is that we have a southern and northern border that is so porous that John Mc Cain watched as illegals crossed over when McCain visited the southern border last week. Doesn’t that make all the discussion about placing blame for terror laughable? The place McCain chose to visit had no fence; but, it did have a set of concrete steps with an OSHA-type set of painted handrails!
I mean, really?!?!

Yellow Journalism

Sean Hannity lost half his TV audience after the election

Supreme Court Justice Scalia, this is the second decade of the 21st Century.!

Link shared from Facebook...
"Unfortunately the quote of the day comes from Justice Scalia who was discussing the Voting Rights Act as a racial entitlement: 'I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement,' Scalia said. 'Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes….This is not the kind of a question you can leave to Congress. There are certain districts in the House that are black districts by law just about now.'"

PBS Frontline: The Education of Michelle Rhee

The Education of Michelle Rhee
Jan 8, 2013
FRONTLINE examines the legacy of one of America’s most admired & reviled school reformers. (VIDEO)

Michelle Rhee: a reformer, reformed
By Christina Hernandez Sherwood | November 29, 2012,
Quote from article:

the Tea Party group paid Glenn Beck about $1 million to say "nice things" about the group on his radio show

Dick Armey Sticks His FreedomWorks Payback to Glenn Beck
Quote from article:
Jan 4, 2013

Death by China Documentary Film

Death by China Documentary Film - Official Trailer

Death by China Documentary Film - Official Trailer

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