Surprising today. Amazing tomorrow. It's GM

Got this e-mail today from GM. They are still working hard to change perceptions.
Dear Christopher,

Thank you for being a GM customer. There's been a lot of
discussion about the auto industry over the past few weeks,
and I want to make sure you know the facts about GM. This
is important because with all the media coverage of late
about our company and industry, it is evident that there is
much misinformation and many very dated perceptions being

Outage yesterday

The 12 hour outage yesterday was a result of high site traffic again. I was in Columbus at the Ohio State game and did not get home until 10:30 PM last night. I also was not able to check my e-mail until I got home, so it was down about 6 hrs until I realized what had happened. After staying up until about 4 in the morning working to minimize the site load, it the host finally brought it back up.

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