If you're not a Christian, don't worry -- You are safe (for now)

But the message (really since Waco) is: Be careful what you believe. Be careful if you worship God and His Son.

Re Syria and what's really going on

Every once in a while Paul Craig Roberts hits one out of the ballpark. This summary of his differs greatly from the "bleahbitty bleahbitty bleah" coming out of the mainstream media about Syria... (THE REBELS DID IT, YOU BUNCH OF LYING MORONS)...

Who actually did the chem-wep attack??

Limbaugh covered the following article, today on his program:

It's what I have thought from the very beginning. It seems to me to be a pattern -- BO's puppet masters want something done -- children die in some horrific way, in order to sway popular opinion. Warnings are inexplicably ignored (such as Russia's warning about the Boston brothers). Or the underwear guy is let on a plane without a passport. He fails, but an agenda is advanced, with few questions asked.

"Syria Danny" says "get the gunfire sounds ready"?????

In other words - a lot of what the mainstream media is dishing out - screaming for our involvement in Syria - are PAID ACTORS !!!!!!

We - the American public - who are forced to pay for all this stupid, deadly, foreign intervention - we are BEING "HAD", LIED TO, SHOWN FAKE "NEWS" STORIES, FED FAKE INTERVIEWS [such as the one on PBS with G. Ifill & J. Woodruff].... you name it.

Let us pray this warning is incorrect

It has been posted at several sites recently:

In his interview yesterday with Judy Woodruff & Gwen Ifill, BO - TWICE - that I heard, quietly slipped in thinly veiled (let's call them) "rationalizations" for striking Syria being that chem-weps could be aimed at "us" (meaning the U.S.), and also "directed" at us (meaning the U.S.).

It's difficult not to draw several conclusions.

A little swampbubbles history

A U.S. Marine friend who had been reading SB at my suggestion recently, did a little research of his own after reading what he calls "a lot of fishy crap". He came up with the following after asking me how long this website had been up and running. (I didn't know.)

Interesting brief article from 2007 that he came across. I didn't know any of this, and possibly other readers of the site would be interested:

"Nancy Snyderman is an Idiot"

That was one of the drop-down picks at just now. It is also my personal opinion about this woman, and not just because she is an anti-Christian bigot. A whole lot of the time she doesn't know what she is talking about, and therefore, a little bit dangerous (IMHO) on health topics.

One mom calls her an idiot like this:

And the mom is exactly correct.... vaccinated children can be carriers after vaccination, and can infect other children after vaccination.

First there was Ayn Rand and the prophecy of atlas shrugged. Now we have the true reality: ELYSIUM


They very often persecute and murder, is how they operate:

Now why oh why didn't Diane Sawyer, Brian What's-his-name, & Pelley (not to mention Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill) ... do an in-depth piece on these brutal beheadings?

This appears to be written by a techie

Therefore, I don't follow everything he is explaining - but non-techies can come away with enough information here to be warned to be wary:

THIS is how vicious board trolls everywhere can (and usually do) become. THIS is how destructive they are. And THIS is why they need to be outed and prevented from controlling message boards.


This is a good beginning article. [More to come in the future.]

WND was a little slow to catch on, however, beginning in 2000, when they had a way-too-open posting board, where IP's were not tracked, and you didn't have to be a techie hacker to invent several ID's on the same board. I assume Farah learned the hard way over the years. More about that another time. But the above link is a good starter article. I'm always amazed at the naiivete that abounds on, particularly, local blog message boards like this one.


And yet, people who wouldn't dream of parachuting from a plane, will get on these contraptions and put their faith in them.

It's a shame.


An e-mail list friend sent this one to their list. I didn't open it last week, being too busy -- but it gave me a great laugh today:

To all you middle children, we "feel your pain" - but it's still funny.

How Drudge Got His Start

Thought this article was interesting, as I didn't really know much about Drudge. Much more impressed than I was prepared to be:

Didn't know he broke the story about that boob "Billy Boy" Rockefeller Clinton.

America's 2nd Revolutionary War

Interesting videos sent to me. Whether you're a democrat or republican a common theme for both.

The British Murders

I started googling on this earlier today, because it bothers me that so little info is available in the mainstream media.

Here is an excellent reason why that may be.... musn't talk about NO DEATH PENALTY IN BRITAIN - OR the E.U. for that matter.

And it would be counter-productive for liberals to talking about Britons not being allowed to carry guns or even pepper spray. Read and be amazed:


China, spies on our military, news rooms, banks,government agencies, individuals , and etc.

And, so does Obbammey -the mooch class voting morons Mammy ?!

And, the fellow traveling American Hating Liberal cowards, do not mind at all ?!

Richard M. Nixon-did none of this illegal spying and yet was accused of it.
Obozo-the coke fiend, dog eater, heathen sissy from Chimpago, does all of this spying and, liberals are unfazed as the muted dunces they all are ?!


There was some concern there would be a hung jury. But they did the right thing.


Dish Network filed a complaint objecting to a pending merger between Sprint and SoftBank, citing a Justice Department plea deal that linked the Japanese conglomerate to bribes given to Chinese telecom officials.

In a complaint filed Monday with the Federal Communications Commission, Dish Network cited a plea agreement between the Justice Department and a SoftBank official who gave $7 million in bribes to Chinese officials for telecommunications contracts.

Old News, New Again..

"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration."
-- Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood

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