I can see clearly now!

I can see clearly now, what is going down with TPS and Clear Channel, WSPD and Fred Lefebvre. A LEVY!!! So tell me what radio station will now promote more taxes for the Toledo taxpayer, by way of a levy to fill the coffers once again of TPS.....Yep, you guessed it! WSPD!!! Unholy alliances!

Farm Community rejects bobo's plan to stock their area with illegals

This is a really good example of why Cantor was shellacked and deposed in his primary:

As soon as American citizens saw this "sudden influx" and understood what was being shoved down our throats THIS time - they dumped Cantor. Now, even Dem reps are starting to worry about how this may affect them.

The following was in Limbaugh today, and is rapidly being spread across the internet:

Thought this cartoon was funny

Some won't get it, some won't like it. But some DO get that what we see on nitely MSM TV is mostly "Theatre For the Truly Gullible". So this is for that last group.

[p.s., won't be responding in any way to flamers, trollies wollie, nor the plethora of sock puppets... just so ya know]

THIS is the left's hero? Yikes they must be desperate!

Newly un-earthed tapes - Hillary (Muslim Brotherhood) Clinton "chuckling" about defending a rapist of a 12-year-old.

What an incredibly putrid female.

Huge "Child Abuse" Court Case going on overseas

I'll take a "stab in the dark" and guess that maybe only one other poster at this site even knows about this international case:

I've been reading about this "darkness" on and off, on the internet, for several years. Figuring it would never see the light of day in this country. We have a very tightly controlled mainstream media. But over in Europe, a court system has finally taken this evil head-on.

Obama abandons American contractors in Iraq

(Not that most of us even knew there were that many contractors still in Iraq.)

These contractors are over there for the Pentagon - having to do with free airplanes Bobo is giving to the Iraqi govt. But the U.S. air force is reportedly on "stand down".

So, let me get this straight. An army deserter gets rescued, whilst American private contractors, DOING WORK FOR THE U.S. PENTAGON, get abandoned. I don't think the country can survive 2-1/2 more years of this communist.

Navy Seal Thom Shea: ‘We didn’t give up five to get Bowe Bergdahl. There’s another deal in play.’

Navy SEAL Thom Shea was part of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's rescue effort in 2009. Joshua Cook spoke with Shea about Bergdahl and more. Here is an excerpt of that interview:
Cook: Can you really trust this administration?

Attention Ohioans - There's an anti-abortion App

I actually did not know that a floor vote was being stalled in the Ohio legislature on this. I SURE didn't know there was a helpful APP for concerned Ohio citizens:

'Scuse me ~ gotta go make some calls.

Here is what alot of Dems say about right wingers.

“The bloodlust that now exists within the right wing element is a danger to all rational Americans, particularly since they are heavily armed and ready to rumble when the order is given”.

But we know leftists are always much more violent than they tell us they are.

6 U.S. Soldiers killed while searching for "Bowe"

Here are their pictures.

Safe prediction - McBomberjacket will never live this one down.

Dismantling something most citizens don't even know existed

Glad to see "funds" ran out and this evil thing is being dismantled. Would be glad-er if I knew what monstrosity they will attempt to replace it with.

Note, although this IS Alaska, it has NOTHING to do with Sarah Palin. In 1993 Beelzebubba (Bill Clinton) was prez.

Net Neutrality & the FCC - Thank you Toledo Talk

Thanks to "Toledo Talk", because I was WAY too tired to start researching this, in order to post an FYI here. I know this proposed FCC baloney is not good for any of us. But I also agree with the TT commenter who says [link below], basically, that this is going to get rammed through, the fix is in, etc.

Best thing I've heard since Bob Dornan was in congress

Glad WorldNetDaily caught this program and posted it at their website.

I watched as much of the program as was broadcast by "Daystar", channel 68 locally. It was a tribute to "George Washington, Man of Prayer". It was held in Statuary Hall in the Capitol building.

Yes, dear readers, they (eek) PRAYED in the Capitol building. And there were many congressmen there (double eek).

The rabbi above was, by all accounts, the absolute star pray-er / speaker. It was stunning.


Great article about a newspaper interview session, where reporter writes "blah blah blah..." when FEMALE Republican is answering one of their questions.

Another Republican who spots what is going on - calls out the boot-licking reporter. That Republican gets kicked out of the meeting.

Be sure to cursor down and read what readers of this "rag" have to say. [Not complimentary.]

IT'S THE DEMS WHO ARE CONDUCTING A WAR ON WOMEN. Not to mention their parallel war on babies.

Why Corporations need religious freedom

I would actually have put it stronger than Jay Sekulow (ACLJ) does in this article, but he's an attorney, I'm not:

I had not been researching the Hobby Lobby case recently, and was completely surprised at how both search engines, google & bing - but especially google are pretty much "front-loaded" with liberal articles. So, I finally typed in "Jay Sekulow Hobby Lobby".

Oil companies do not want a 300 mpg car on the road

Say WHAT? (sarcasm ahead...) Why THAT can't be. I mean, the oil companies are looking out for our best interests with the $4 per gallon price tag. Right? They are wunnerful wunnerful folks and Obama's personal buddies, and would never gouge the American public, nor stop a 300 mpg car from being sold in the U.S. '

Would they?

PING ping ping... ping ping

Getting tired yet of being "strung along" with the ping ping ping story told over and over and over and over, instead of any real news? About the plane that most of us have assumed crashed into the ocean?

Well there is a story out on the internet, on several websites now. And I post it here for informational purposes only. I don't say it's true or not true. Be forewarned, I'm not going to argue on behalf of the story.


Tea party favorite: Ronald Reagan: LET'S GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!

No Chris -- Reply function not working -- for ME


That's why I know this is caused by a hacker who has access to this site. I am apparently the only one not able to "reply" to any post.

UNLESS -- I am on a different device at a different location. I have already tested this out a few times since this started. You know from your end which public location I post from. So does the hacker. He has been able to block my replies from this location.

First - you see that other posters can reply to posts.

Obamacare Voter Registration Cards Pre-Marked Democratic Party

Do you really need to read the story? If they ran on the truth they would never win again.

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