Why Corporations need religious freedom

I would actually have put it stronger than Jay Sekulow (ACLJ) does in this article, but he's an attorney, I'm not:

I had not been researching the Hobby Lobby case recently, and was completely surprised at how both search engines, google & bing - but especially google are pretty much "front-loaded" with liberal articles. So, I finally typed in "Jay Sekulow Hobby Lobby".

Oil companies do not want a 300 mpg car on the road

Say WHAT? (sarcasm ahead...) Why THAT can't be. I mean, the oil companies are looking out for our best interests with the $4 per gallon price tag. Right? They are wunnerful wunnerful folks and Obama's personal buddies, and would never gouge the American public, nor stop a 300 mpg car from being sold in the U.S. '

Would they?

PING ping ping... ping ping

Getting tired yet of being "strung along" with the ping ping ping story told over and over and over and over, instead of any real news? About the plane that most of us have assumed crashed into the ocean?

Well there is a story out on the internet, on several websites now. And I post it here for informational purposes only. I don't say it's true or not true. Be forewarned, I'm not going to argue on behalf of the story.


Tea party favorite: Ronald Reagan: LET'S GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!

No Chris -- Reply function not working -- for ME


That's why I know this is caused by a hacker who has access to this site. I am apparently the only one not able to "reply" to any post.

UNLESS -- I am on a different device at a different location. I have already tested this out a few times since this started. You know from your end which public location I post from. So does the hacker. He has been able to block my replies from this location.

First - you see that other posters can reply to posts.

Obamacare Voter Registration Cards Pre-Marked Democratic Party

Do you really need to read the story? If they ran on the truth they would never win again.

The cancer industry (part II)

The following link is regarding the late Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse. There is some explanatory preface, and then an "Interview with Dr. Glum", a chiropractor who wrote a book about nurse Caisse and an old Ojibway remedy she used (under supervision) for late stage cancer victims who had been told they were terminal and untreatable by doctors.

The cancer industry

Interesting article about the cancer industry at today.

about how cancer is big business. And that business is not looking for a cure. I will edit and add to this later, but wanted to get this link posted. This is actually my 2nd try at this post. Hacker-boy is a busy little beaver today & trying to block this. Be sure to click into the link if anyone you know is afflicted with cancer.

Response to AnonymousCoward's post to Chris

Because YOU don't like what people are saying on Swampbubbles, then you threaten people with I 'am going to get my lawyers,say's the Anonymous Coward. get the F--- out of here with that shit, whiner, debate the posts if you don't agree with them, stop trying to shut down the 1st amendment,or go moderate your own Blog site...

Chris the Absentee Moderator needs to step up.

Well, now that SwampBubbles has become a hostile den where people can front page attack other posters, will Chris step up and do something, or will we have to go to the lawyers?

Common Law Grand Jury

COURTS OF RECORD AND COURTS NOT OF RECORD - "The former being those whose acts and judicial proceedings are enrolled, or recorded, for a perpetual memory and testimony, and which have power to fine or imprison for contempt. Error lies to their judgments, and they generally possess a seal. Courts not of record are those of inferior dignity, which have no power to fine or imprison, and in which the proceedings are not enrolled or recorded".

Common Law Grand Jury

"Custom and usage since time immemorial" is generally what is behind the definition of common law. There is no singular source of the common law as one would expect with statutes made by a legislature. Common law is administered through courts of record. Courts not of record are called Nisi Prius courts.

For political junkies only

Came across this article at recently. Interesting...

Caution: If you don't recognize the names "Philby, MacLean, or Blunt".... you might as well stop reading the main article at that point, because your lack of Soviet history will cause nothing but confusion. [A good starting point would be 2 books: 1) Witness by Whitaker Chambers (1950's), and 2) The Persecutor, by Sergei Kourdakov.] The book "The Persecutor" is available online in its entirety. "Witness" is available at most libraries.

Site updates

Hi there everyone. There has been a longstanding issue with the site speed and I am trying some new settings to improve it. Please let me know if you experience any problems. My initial take is that the changes are good. Thank you for your patience.

Flag post is working again

Due to a technical problem, I was not getting any flags. The flag post is now working again. Flag away my friends, flag away.

Hi. I've been banned from "that other site".

So yes, banned from "that other site" for daring to speak up to counter the racist/class-warfare comments and disrespect towards the OTHER victims of the north Toledo apartment fire (the residents). Or at least that's what I think, because of course there was no warning, no contact, nothing from that other site's admin. Because no matter how you slice it, to make the statement "What is there to gain on a multi tenant building in North Toledo. Call it a loss and let the insurance company take over." is disrespecting the unfortunate residents, the owner, and the neighborhood .

Ashland University Christmas E-Card

I posted this last year. It's interactive - read the "click" instructions at the bottom left-hand corner. (The first click is to "click" the sky area, and it starts snowing, etc.) At the end, you can hear the Ashland choir sing.

May we all have a quiet, peaceful, uneventful Christmas this year in Lucas County.

And thanks be to our Heavenly Father for sending his Son.

"Most Dangerous Woman in America" (couldn't have said it better)

(or "Obama's brain"):

Ordinarily I wouldn't have posted this. It takes too long, ordinarily, to explain who and what Jarrett is. But in the above-linked article, Dave Hodges, as usual, hits it out of the ballpark. He gives readers the history trail on this Marxist. And supplies a REALLY interesting quote by Bill Ayers to the FBI. According to Ayers, we who are NOT among the sheeple will be either "re-educated" or murdered.

Cruella DeVille held parties for late-term abortionists?

Why am I even a little bit surprised: [As to the lawsuit against her - "go" James Dobson.]

I recommend google or bing searches on former Gov. Gilligan's daughter. She wasn't even a passably good governor, and (IMHO) DEFINES the term FEMINAZI personally. Money, not merit, puts these creepolas in public office.

One less criminal will be "playing" the knockout "game"

Apparently St. Louis is where this particular crime started. It has now spread nationally:

The national media's message to these thugs is as follows (IMHO): "Keep on keeping on boys, we will protect you. We are experienced at protecting the low lifes in the country. Our motto, after all, is long live 'Separation of God and the mainstream media.'"

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