Feelings in song

Feelings in song

Todd Agnew - Which Jesus Do You Follow? (My Jesus song)

This is one of my favorite songs. Todd Agnew is a great witness for Christ to people that can't identify with the typical stereotyped nerdy Christian. He focuses his ministry to bikers and addicts.

Grace Like Rain, Todd Agnew

I just felt like posting this song/video. I love Todd Agnew's music and style of worship.

Chris Tomlin new song Jesus Messiah

My favorite Christian worship musician/songwriter/singer - Chris Tomlin.

Child sings Lord's prayer

 Child singing the  Lords prayer !      must see  

  hope this link works



Political Videos from Fans - Best of the Worst YouTube Compilation

I found this on YouTube. It's hilarious. Below is a cut/paste description from the YouTube person that created it (EyeBlast.tv):

In Campaign 2008, YouTube has become a forum for voters (and some candidates) to voice their political preferences in song. There's not a Grammy contender in the bunch. Here's a glimpse of the best of the worst.

The world I know

ALL-Star Game

Tonight is the All Star game. So, maybe, for just one night, can we forget about:

Thoughts of an Internet terrorist trying to move on

Another day another disappointment. Now I am an "Internet Terrorist".


Give Me Jesus by Fernando Ortega

I just love the way he sings this song.
Todd Agnew also does a nice version on his live CD.

Ohio Dems strip attorney general of endorsement

The Jon Stainbrook Saga told by Staind

Jon Stainbrook runs against Larry Kaczala - Mudshovel

Stainbrook being on the outside of the party after not winning the primary and burning bridges - Outside

To Keith, this one goes out to you

18 months is a long time my friend

Toledo Blade and Obama

I was walking past the Blade over last weekend and early this week and I heard a lot of the employees whistling this song. I swear I thought I saw some of the editors dancing very similar to the dancing in the video.

Did I ever tell you I like Star Wars?

When I was watching the MTV movie awards in 2006, I loved this song by Gnarls Barkley.

To Frank and all you Baboons

To Lindsay Webb

From your friends on Council.

SwampBubbles - Birthday - For those who have not participated yet and for those who have

Thank you!
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