Feelings in song

Feelings in song

Yakety Yak

A song, a classic of a song, comes to mind when I think of the dialog on SwampBubbles -- Yakety Yak.

Fair well to all...

I want to leave you all with the most important truth you will ever hear in your life, it will save your soul. if you never remember anything else in your life, remember this,. SATAN WILL RETURN BEFORE JESUS RETURNS. Don't be deceived. Satan will stand in the temple as God. Remember, SATAN COMES AT THE 6TH TRUMP, JESUS COMES AT THE 7TH TRUMP. God Bless you all, Fair Well....

President Barack Obama, a man for the people!

President Barack Obama sings for and to the people, "I'm so in love with you."
If you want a treat, WATCH THIS!

In case you missed this.

Democrats are finally owning up to being Alinski followers...

Just who is this Alinksi ?

First off...if you dont know...you simply arent paying enough attention...

educate yourself:


In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky outlines his strategy in organizing, writing in the prologue,


Here we go with the deflection to the VA issue. DOJ brings first ever cyber espionage case against 5 low level Chinese Military officials.
Looks who's talking about hacking, Isn't this the same Federal government that hacked Goggle and Facebook? This shit didn't just happen i.e. DEFLECTION.The question is how will the Chinese respond to Americans in their country? What a bunch of morons, from top to bottom..

AC's Favorite Song, Maybe?

I was just wondering if this might be ac's favorite song?


The Theme On Most Posts Is Basically The Same: The Rich v. The Rest Of Us.

A large number of posts now, seem to be about "The Rich", how terrible they are, and how undeserving they are. Says who? Being bitter about being as poor as most of us doesn't help one bit, and only hurts yourself and your peace of mind. Here's a person who has learned how to deal with being poor, while maintaining his dignity!


The Hypocrisy of Bill Maher, And He Is Not Alone. .

"It's no secret that the talking heads of the liberal media machine hate guns and want to strip you of your natural born rights. It's bad enough that they use insane and debased logic to support their beliefs, but now they have added hypocrisy to their insanity".

"Bill Maher is one of the most well-known personalities in the ultra-liberal media world. He hates religion, family values, and many of the cornerstone principles that our nation has stood firm on since its inception. He also happens to be one of the loudest anti-gun propagators in America.

Fred, Gay Marriage Is About The Kids....

The Gay Marriage issue to me is about the kids,the adoption of kids, and the continued cycle that having two mothers or two fathers that are married or otherwise having intimate relations with each other and relating to these kids either by explaination or observation i.e. caught in that intimate act, that its ok . In many cases the explaination will be taught as being normal or ok. This to me is a perpetuation that leads not to a biological or mental condition or reason for being gay, but to a taught condition. The taught condition is the problem I have with gays and kids..


QUOTE "1776 WILL COMMENCE IF THEY COME FOR OUR GUNS" Thats not a Conspiracy theroy.........................

The One-Term Gov (Ryan)

Anyone hungry for Chick-Fil-A?

Mac Lethal shows you how to make Chick-Fil-A sandwiches without having to spend money at some southern hate monger's chain of restaurants.

American Patriots

In light of the recent Obama ad on TV...
I know he is off key but at least it shows Patriotism:

Who Will Be The Next President?

Tax Dodgers, Corporate Loopholes & The Occuponics

One more time!

Carlos Slim World's Richest Person...

Well what the hell is he doing for Mexico????? and his people...you would think he could come up with some kind of job creation for his country....

You know what?

Please,in the holy name of Jesus, the Son of God, stop using the Internet to hurl insults. That ain't right. We must be good by one another. Here comes my cat, jumpmg up onto my lap. My dog, Sugar, be sleepng, snoring away. You know, we should be trying to make legimiate points, try, as Maggie does, to try to the conversation informational. Know whaddaya saying? And then there is, excuse me Jesus, but there is a fucking asshole who would like to oblidirate fellow human beings.
Watch'd you say, asshole? "Fuck China?" "Nuke 'em"? You're such a worthless piece of shit.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, you dimwits. What a collective sack of shit you are. Be that as it is, happy 2011! Remember, in the year ahead, to be giving and forgiving.

Who wins in the Big House?

Wish I knew what you were looking for

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