Gerken and Mayor Want In

One, Pete Gerken, is looking for his next rung up the political ladder and the other, Mayor Finkbeiner, is -well, you decide. These guys are a day late and a dollar short. They want in on the gravy train that is the upcoming coke plant.

Finally, an editorial that doesn't play follow-the-leader

Here's an editorial from the Daily Telegram in Michigan that calls a spade a spade. Sorry to those of you who can't stomach another smoking thread, but this is too important to let slip by.

Risky Behavior (in Toledo, Ohio)

I posted a poll to see how many people would be interested in forming a corporation. This corporation would "protect" the property that the Haughton Elevator company sat on. The risk would be spread over 100's, and maybe 1,000s of individuals.

Would You Be Willing to Invest in a Corporation to Buy Haughton Elevator Property?

English: A Serious political thread on our Idiocracy

If you can't take strong opinions then I kindly encourage you to forego this posting. Some of you may call it elite; I think that it

Hatred - How far will it go? - Smokers Required to wear special wristbands in Wales

Hatred: how far will YOU allow it to go?

June 6 [03:00 GMT]

How Does TARTA Effect You?

Do we really want Block to lead us into the future?

For some time The Blade has been running an ad on local television extolling the remarkable economic growth China has, and is, experiencing. It also suggests we can emulate this growth if we undergo dramatic change.

A kid comes to you to buy some

How Do You Feel About Your Home in Toledo?

"I'd move to the burb's or michigan in a heartbeat if I thought I could sell my house in this shit hole real estate market"
29% (5 votes)
I am satisfied with my home, but I don't think I will get the value I think I deserve
18% (3 votes)
I am not satisfied with my home, and hope some fool will buy it.
12% (2 votes)
I am satisfied with my home, and will get Fair Market Value, or more, for it.
29% (5 votes)
I think my home is great, and I'll get top dollar for it.
12% (2 votes)
Total votes: 17

Why Do You Stay in Toledo?

You want to be close to your mom, dad, brother(s), sister(s), and extended family?
38% (14 votes)
Your friends are all here (if you aren't close to birth family)?
8% (3 votes)
You've got a career-enhancing job here?
32% (12 votes)
You love the scenic beauty of this part of Ohio?
3% (1 vote)
You're concerned that moving from your situation will lead you into something worse?
5% (2 votes)
You think there could be worse economic situations other places?
14% (5 votes)
Total votes: 37

Boycotting CBS and MSNBC.

Today I have decided to make a stand. Seeing advertisers rely on the Arbitron ratings for commercial prices, I am going to start MY boycott of the boycotting and the weakness corporations exhibit with threats from special interest groups.

Mystery Cat Takes a Bus to fish & chips shop every week

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops

Bus drivers have nicknamed a white cat Macavity after it has started using the No 331 several mornings a week.

Meet Rick Berman, A.K.A. "Dr. Evil" - lobbies against nannys


Meet Rick Berman, A.K.A. "Dr. Evil"
Morley Safer Speaks To A Lobbyist Some People Love To Hate - April 8, 2007

CBS) Rick Berman takes a certain pride, even joy, in the nickname Dr. Evil. But the people who use it see nothing funny about it

DUI City vs Police

Interesting court case involving a city employee who was known to have a problem with alcohol but nevertheless was hired to work for the city. This was a political hire as a reward for working on the mayor's election.

Marcy a back-bencher?

Today's Blade editorial. I believe one of the posters here asked the same question a month or so ago.

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It has come to this in Amerika today....if you're a smoker

This comes from the FORCES website (www.forces.org)-just sickening.:


UT Administrator Arrested for Child Pornography


I have a lengthier post on my blog about Dr. John Nutter, the UT administrator accused of dowloading and viewing child pornography on his UT computer, but I have to admit I am pretty shocked by the case. How can someone throw away his entire career like this?

Harner has supporters in Greenville

From GreenvilleOnline.com ... There is always more than one viewpoint.

Toledo is getting great superintendent The students and families of Toledo have every reason to celebrate the unanimous selection of their new superintendent, Dr. Bill Harner. I am thrilled that those board members have the judgment to recognize an excellent leader in their midst!


Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) is not the Man of Steel

You can read my oped piece that appears in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution here

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