The Muslim populace, not America, is under siege


Toledo Blade
August 20, 2012
The Muslim populace, not America, is under siege
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The media and its talking heads have a tendency to dismiss such an incident as the work of a lone, crazy man. But how could we not think that the xenophobic hatemongering that emanates from some Protestant pulpits and the ranting of right-wing radio shock jocks and born-again patriots might have something to do with it? (MORE)

Undue diligence

Toledo Blade editorial
August 21, 2012
Undue diligence

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Yet in its eagerness to announce the project last week, the mayor's office failed to do basic research about one of its principals that a Blade reporter conducted without breaking a sweat. The newspaper reported that the lead developer of the Southwyck project has been sued three dozen times in Lucas County over such issues as back taxes and foreclosures.

Awesome editorials and adorable kids! Thanks to the RandomBlogette.com!


Have you heard of Stikii shoes? If you haven’t you are missing out. Stikii is a new kids’ shoes company located in Toledo, Ohio! When I say new, I mean new! Stikii was just launched on December 1st, 2011!
Curious about how Stikii shoes work? I sure was. I was first introduced to the company at The Toledo Baby Child & Family Expo last weekend. They looked like such a fun company. I wanted to be a part of it too! They even rolled a car up in the Expo building!



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Stikii Spelling Bee

Tough Week at WSPD

The morning and afternoon local hosts at WSPD appeared to have gotten peeved this week over emails they received from people who took issue with their "All Libertarian/All of the Time" programming (i.e. Ron Paulites Fred LeFebvre and Brian Wilson, Charlie Earl, Free Talk Live, and frequent interviews with Lew Rockwell). Fred read an email from someone who was objecting to having "Ron Paul shoved down our throats" (or something to that effect). You could tell that Fred got pretty steamed about the email because he kept saying the emailer's first name with an agitated tone. Strangely, he chastised the writer for sending an email and said that this was radio and he should call--then why does he make a point of giving out the email address?

I thought this was interesting.


Occupiers Fizzle

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) reinforces that there is hope that this Country will return to its founding principles of freedom of religion; government of, for, and by the people; strong families; and everyone has the ability--through hard work--to become successful. It was jut announced in the opening session that over 10,000 people are attending CPAC. The mood is positive--the love for our Country is strong--and the march toward ousting Obama is advancing. We've heard about how the Occupiers are threatening physical harm on us--class act.

An Interesting Time for Talk Radio

It became apparent to me the other day that the 2012 election represents an interesting dilemma for talk radio. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of talk radio. While growing up in Toledo in the early 1970s, I would take my transistor radio to bed with me and listen to stations from as far away as Boston--stations that would come through clearly late at night. For the last 20 years, I have listened to Conservative talk radio for about 30 hours-per-week. While listening to Glenn Beck last week, I found myself... (read more)

WSPD are you listening?

Toledo Blade
Sunday Nov. 27, 2011
Talk to our hurting neighbors, and help them
(Bill Kitson is president and chief executive officer of United Way of Greater Toledo)

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"But what we really need is your voice. Too many people are sitting silently on the sidelines. Instead of hearing from the majority, instead of hearing from our community leaders, we hear only the extreme voices. We hear only the politics.

Hate Unions? VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!!! The unemployed in Ohio will hate them more.

If you hate Unions and the lazy lemmings who would rather live off of your hard work than pull their own weight, then VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!

Ohio and the communities in Ohio who can no longer afford to pay 100% of some Union hacks prescription for Viagra will have no choice but to start laying off Union labor. The lower numbers of Union members mean they will have less political clout.

That will mean open season on Unions in Ohio. And, as the Toledo Blade proved, if you lock out your union hacks for a year or two, you can start making a profit.

My Final Word on SB 5

I had a chance to discuss SB 5 with some friends of mine the other day. They are non-union teachers, public non-union occupations, and others. As a result, I've had a slight change of heart about about SB 5.

First off, Ohioans on balance are not an extreme bunch. We are neither a red or blue state. If anything, Ohio is a tic right of center...a tad more blue in our purple.

Cain's 9-9-9 Plan- A Truly Fair and Non-partisan Look

The media screamed about ‘where’s the plan?’ Why don’t the candidates have a plan?

So Herman Cain produces a plan- a reasonable plan in my opinion, and here comes the media again. “Is it fair? Will the other Republicans and Democrats try to tear it apart? And so on…and so on…

Cain’s plan would completely cut the head off a dysfunctional and regressive tax system- long overdue.

It's Time for Some Long Overdue Straight Talk About Occupy Wall Street

Real simple, these protesters aren't populists. They appear to be college students. People with no real responsibilities. These kids probably have not ever held a job. They probably don't have a family to support, bills to pay, or a house to keep up. They've never spent sleepless nights wondering just how they're going to make ends meet. They've never felt the stress of carrying that much responsibility and the burden of being a provider for not only yourself but for a family. Books, beers, and broads/boys. That's all what the majority of the Occupy Wall Street protestors have to worry about.

The highlights of The Urkel Jobs Act and why SB Liberals say it won't work.

The highlights of The Urkel Jobs Act read from a teleprompter by an empty suit. puppet


"To create jobs, the President unveiled the American Jobs Act – "

"1. Tax Cuts to Help America’s Small Businesses Hire and Grow"

"2. Putting Workers Back on the Job While Rebuilding and Modernizing America"

Leaders in Politics

On a recent Saturday afternoon while performing my husband duties of mowing the lawn I found myself contemplating the responsibilities of being a leader in the world today. Weather it be on the world or national stage or even the local stage and even on the most basic level of leading our own families. I was going to post all the various aspects of my thoughts right here for all to see, when low and behold, my old buddy Glenn Beck had what seemed to be my thoughts channeled on his Monday radio broadcast.

Who's good for Business?



Visit msnbc.com for

Bored of the Board of Elections

We have here locally, the Lucas County Board of Elections they want us to have!

The keepers at the daily local have things so wrapped around their finger, they should just be called media pimps for how they control the agenda and the parties involved. They do all this then send out their underpaid cub reporters and report back with righteous indignation "look at what we found!"

How many times do we have to hear stories of party bosses or candidates traveling to Pittsburgh to kiss the ring?

Wolfman Institute of Rational Thinking: Why confidence in America is at an all time low

The good and the bad

As some may tell I have not been posting as regular as normal. That will change within the coming weeks.

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