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Renewable energy, goods movement and, above all, innovation, are today's economic bywords for the Northwest Ohio region.

Some positive news: Cancer Victim Leaves Longshot Surprise to Thankful Widow

Stop by the George Tanber's site, the Newsmeister, to read about a positive story about good luck in a bunch of bad luck.
SWANTON, Ohio - The lottery ticket was stashed among the documents, bills, receipts, medical records and other papers atop the bedroom dresser that served as her husband's desk during the last months of his life.

When lung cancer claimed Mike Bernath in October, 2006, Mary Ann Bernath gave the ticket little heed. She had a husband to bury. Children and grandchildren to console. And, she needed time to grieve.

Olde West End Festival and King Wamba Parade

Councilman Tom Waniewski's June 2009 Newsletter

Electric Transmission Rates


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Tyree Page Responds


I don't get into these online blogging sites to often nor am I an active member on BlackPlanet not to sure what BlackNation is.....I'm sure you mad a mistake....don't we all

Okay. I am a 20 year old young man. I have a lot of powerful role models in my everyday life both male and females, some in higher places then other meaning on a local to a national level.

Why don't I see you guys aren't praising, thanking or commending me for at least taking a stand, for what I think was the right thing to do whether you agree with me or not?

St Andrew's fundraiser at CityQ Barbeque - May 27

This is a great way for you to help us to raise funds for the Bishop's
Annual Appeal that supports local outreach programs - like the service
project that two of our teenagers do in Appalachia and the free
community dinners we help with at St Mark's. You must present one of
these flyers for us to receive credit for your purchase.

Please share this information with your friends.

Eat at CityQ Barbeque and raise money for our group!
Please join us for a special fundraising event.
15% of your purchase will be donated back to our group!

Scott High School Alumni Association Scholarship Bowling Party

The Scott High School Alumni Association is planning a *Scholarship Bowling Party on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at Lido Bowling Lanes, 865 South Avenue in Toledo*. Last year’s dance was a great success. We had a wonderful time seeing our old acquaintances and meeting new ones. Won’t you join us at this year’s “party with a purpose”? The cost of tickets for this very special event is $15 for advance tickets.* Tickets are available from Scott Alumni Association members. Our goal is to again raise funds for a Scott High School student scholarship. Since the re-establishment of the

Staind with Shinedown at the Toledo Zoo

All Ages
Friday 08/28/09 at 7:00 PM
Toledo Zoo Amphitheater
Toledo, OH

More info:,%20OH

Councilman Tom Waniewski's e-Newsletter

Secor, Talmadge Repaving

The deterioration of two of the busiest streets in Toledo has long been a concern. From the moment I got into office, I received numerous emails about getting Secor and Talmadge repaved. This past winter added to the necessity of a good repaving.

Our Next Group Of Elected Officials Must Have Family Values

With the layoff of dozens of police officers the families in Toledo will have to step up their roles to guide our children and reinforce positive family values. We cannot afford to have our next group of elected government officials make a mockey of Toledo's social and financial relevance. At present, Toledo's government is an object of humorous andtidotes at bars and cocktails parties across the nation. The rest of the nation doesn't take Toledo seriously, and therefore, they are not serious about living here or investing here.

Highland Heights meeting to address crime

The Highland Heights Neighborhood Association will meet at 6:30pm Thursday, May 14, at the Toledo Heights branch library to assign citizen task forces to curb crime and graffiti. This meeting will focus not on sharing crime experiences but on assigning responsibility for graffiti erasure, foot patrols, phone trees, etc. Other agenda items include garden projects, park and neighborhood updates. For more information, see or call Mary at the library: 419-259-5220.

150 down... we own this town?

A friend told me today that she heard there had been a group of teens hanging out down in Highland Park wearing T-shirts with "150 down We own this Town. I was just wondering if anyone here had actually seen anyone wearing a shirt like that and if they had did it upset them as a real threat or did they just take it as teens being teens?

WTOL chat with John Jones from the Urban League

WTOL is having a web chat tonight (Friday, May 1) with John Jones from the Urban League. It goes from 5-6:30:

Has the city Administration cut everthing in the budget to avoid Police layoffs?

Yes - there is no other non-essential budget items that can be cut
13% (7 votes)
No - Carty needs to cut out all non-essential services only provide Police, Fire and Trash
87% (45 votes)
Total votes: 52

Should Carty Have Accepted The TPPA Concession To Pick Up Their Portion of Their Pension And Signed The Contract?

Should the mayor of Toledo call in the National Guard to protect the city?

Yes - bring in the troops and protect the citizens
43% (18 votes)
No - Wait to see what happens first and hope for the best
57% (24 votes)
Total votes: 42


Toledo, Ohio – A neighborhood meeting will be held April 30 to receive input concerning a sewer project in a portion of the Library Village neighborhood.

The Toledo Waterways Initiative will hold the meeting at Augsburg Lutheran Church, 1342 Sylvania Ave., from 6 to 8 p.m.

The area involves residences and businesses along and near Sylvania and Berdan avenues between Bennett and Jackman roads. The area also includes residences along and near Overland Parkway, Corbin Road and Dryden Drive.

Put a can of food by your mailbox Sat May 9

USPS /NALC nationwide food drive is always fun and easy to do. Our local co-oridinator 'Becca is passionate about the cause, the canned goods go to the Seagate food bank.

We've cut Police, Fire, Garbage and admin roles - why not this?

Ive asked this question time and time again, and NOBODY has ever answered it in a way that made any sense.

What role do "At Large" councilmen perform??

I was told that they were to ensure that everyone was represented equally...

If you are the one saying that, then please elaborate.

Because if they're are only going to provide me with just over half the cops that they say a city of this size needs, then I want to know why we really need Copeland, McNamara, Schultz, Sarantou, Szollosi and SOBczak!!!

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