Reenacting Poll, Veterans Only, If Possible. Or At Least They Vote First.

Rats Relocating--To Toledo Neighborhoods.


First it was the population explosion among bedbugs. Now, according to todays' news reports, local construction has disrupted everyday life among Toledos' lively and vibrant rodent population. In other words, the rats are upset, and they're on the move-from local construction sites, and into our neighborhoods.

Live Stream: Raising Readers Literacy Summit

Join WGTE Public Media online Thursday, September 9 from 9:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for the Raising Readers Literacy Summit. If you were one of the many people that aren't able to attend the event in person, you can join us virtually by either logging on to or go to and click on the Literacy Summit banner on the homepage. Either location will take you directly to the video stream of the summit. You will be able to provide comments and questions as well as participate in the discussion sessions throughout the day.

Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action

Can you believe this!!! Hahaha, where is Mike Bell's head?

Da Blade says: "In other business, council Tuesday night:
•Confirmed several of Mayor Bell's directors and commissioners. Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action. Voting against were Mr. Waniewski, Mr. Collins, and Mr. McNamara."

Can we solve our own problems in the world?

No, man can't do it alone, we need God, and the meaning of the Constitution.
83% (15 votes)
Yes we can, Hope and Change is the answer.
17% (3 votes)
Total votes: 18

Next TPS Superintendent

Former Owens Community College President Christa Adams
41% (21 votes)
59% (30 votes)
Total votes: 51

Next TPS Superintendent

from WTOL

The board interviewed Deborah Hunter-Harvill, the former superintendent of a school district in Flint, Michigan. She says she wants to help lead the charge for school reform in Toledo.

REALLY? Has any board member checked the status of Flint Schools lately? Would she bring more of Obama style Hope and Change reform to TPS. One only has to look at Flint to see what Harvill's school reform has brought them:

Donation Center for Tornado Victims Set Up

As of today, June 8, the Red Cross collection center at All Saints Church in Rossford will be closed and no longer accepting donations.

The Red Cross distribution center is now open at Mainstreet Church (705 N. Main St.) in Walbridge. Those that need food, clothing, cleaning or hygiene supplies are being encouraged to visit this location.

The Blade-One of Americas' Cute Little Newspapers?

Can anyone tell me when the Blade shrunk to the size of a Radio Shack/Pizza Hut commercial insert? I don't subscribe to it-I saw one at the gas station. Is it some sort of gag? Is the price the same? It looks ridiculous to me.

Arizona is a great state to visit!

I've just returned from out West, including the great state of Arizona with its Grand Canyon - one of the seven natural wonders of the world! See it for yourself and agree.

Grand Canyon

A local love story that stands the test of time, illness

Great romances are not only in books and movies. NBC24 found one at a local rehabilitation center, and it has all the elements of an extraordinary love story: passion, dedication and a little luck.

A devoted husband of 78-years has this to say about his lady, "There's just something about her."

TPS Sub-Contractor Policy

TPS is supported by Federal Tax dollars, State Tax dollars and local resident property taxes, monies extorted from all the citizenry. When TPS subcontracts work it posts the project on “citybots” (not certain of the name), a TPS website, for any and all to bid on the projects. Well, not really for everyone because only those belonging to a union can bid. A school system totally supported by all taxpayers and local property owners does not permit its' non-union residents, that would be at least 80% of the population, the opportunity to bid on these projects.

Music stars need votes to bring playground to Toledo

Country music stars and The Home Depot want to bring a new playground to Toledo, but first they need your vote.

Will you vote for the Toledo Public Schools levy?

41% (73 votes)
59% (107 votes)
Total votes: 180

Annual pro- life fair . Over 20 organizations present and display their stuff
There will be over 25 pro-life organizations represented, door prizes from 6-7 vendors, 4 brief presentations, and of course, free refreshments!

TPS Budget Cuts

Toledo school board told plan shuts Libbey even if levy wins
Vote on cuts delayed as more details sought

A resolution presented to the Toledo school board last night calls for South Toledo's Libbey High School to be shuttered — whether or not voters approve a 0.75 percent tax on earned income on the May 4 ballot.

Tajci concert in west Toledo . She was famous in communist Yugoslavia
Her popularity in America is also spreading beyond churches. Her in-studio concert on XM Satellite Radio's 'Hear' eclectic music station drew an enthusiastic response and has been replayed a number of times.

Whether in large arenas or in intimate settings, Tatiana brings to her performances the knowledge that we are not alone. She has found her answers— in her faith, in her family and in her music.

What is Phil Copeland up to Now?

I don't read the Blah. I keep hearing that Phil Copeland(d.-Toledo)has tried getting paid for meetings he hasn't attended, or something along those lines. Maybe someone can tell me the gist of some comments he recently made about the subject, as I cannot begin to understand what he said on several clips being played on the radio and TV. I know he rarely makes comments on the air, and after hearing him speak, incoherently, about this issue-I can certainly understand why.

Raging elephants boot camp !

Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani is the founder and chairman of The non-profit organization was created to be an advocate of conservative-libertarian social, economic and political issues, to lobby political organizations and office holders, and to educate and organize the electorate on and for conservative-libertarian ideals. is a counterweight to liberal organizations like MoveOn, Emily’s List, ACORN and Organizing for America.

Benefit for Aidan Pennington

Come on out to Avalon (across from Dirty Bird) on February 12th for a fundraiser for Aidan Pennington.

Amazing live music by The Stags and The Rayz!

There will be a silent auction as well as 50/50 raffles!

Project iAm will be on site selling their necklaces and t-shirts, and promoting "Acoustics for Autism" which happens on March 7th at The Village Idiot.

Bring your friends!!

Hope to see you there!

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