Gas Pipeline informational meeting to be held at Napoleon Legion Hall


Northwest Signal Newspaper

State vs Local salares. Interesting graphics

I stumbled across this.

It's a guy who compared state government salaries opposed to local government salaries. He broke it down by industry.

I haven't reached a judgement on it. I just found it interesting. Feel free to look at it.

My Particular Orientation!

I'm a heterosexual. AND PROUD OF IT! I LOVE WOMEN. I love talking to them, listening to them, going out with them, and knowing them. And, I don't give a F-word who doesn't like it!

Late-night entertainment

Anyone remember what used to be out here? Hint: Toledo once was dotted with them and they depended on many speakers.

Seligman Brothers

Anyone else remember this place on Sylvania Avenue? I heard a couple of callers mention Seligman's on Fred's show this morning and was taken back to that musty, dusty place run by a pair of mild-mannered albino-looking brothers. I remember finding gems in there such as "Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine," the Doors' double-album compilation, and Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" in the early 1970s. Hey, Fred, put "Autobahn" on your bumper-music list, all 22 minutes of it.

Jon Stainbrook begs for job at Lucas County Board of Elections

The cancer is on the fence:

TOLEDO -- Four ousted members of the Lucas County Board of Elections are fighting for their jobs before state officials Thursday.

Last week, after a four-week investigation into "dysfunction" at the board of elections, a state transparency committee recommended to Secretary of State John Husted that board members Tony DeGidio, Ron Rothenbuhler, and Jon Stainbrook be replaced, along with Director Gina Kaczala and Deputy Director Dan DeAngelis

Toledo Pothole Paradise a Libertarian dream! Buy a Jeep!

Toledo is being inundated with years of neglect to its area roads. The Republican Governor Kasich has shifted the tax burden to local residents while giving away the state treasury to his wealthy donors. Now is the time to take action! Our roads will not improve till we take back our government from monied interests. Good luck! Trade in the Toyota Prius, KIA or other foreign made weenie mobiles and buy a locally built Jeep. Anyone who owns a Jeep doesn't give a damn about potholes.

Toledo Christian special needs boy kicked out 5 weeks before graduation for failing bible class '100% graduation rate' intact

This is a popular kid. The school and parents are certainly all abuzz about it . He just got back from the out of town school band trip with his friends, I was at McDonalds last night , asked the high school kids there about it . One girl was from TCS . She says several parents are approaching the administration about this . Apparently TCS has a policy of expulsion if you fail a class . And they take on special needs kids who have the potential to fail a class . They work with these kids to a point, but then no more . This has happened over the years .

Common Law Grand Jury to be implemented in Lucas County

There is a nationwide campaign underway to constitute in each county a common law grand jury by the people for the people. There are presently five states that are completely constituted which are New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Florida, and Connecticut. There are many counties in which participation in this campaign has yet to be determined. If you would like to know how you may get involved please go to

idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop

Are we ready for this Summer when kids have nothing to do? Trust me, it won't be pretty, but it might give to Toledo Government añ excuse to jusify turning the City of Toledo into a Police State.

War of the Roses

Here's to Chuck, Coward, and of course Dale, all the androgynous creatures who post on FB. This is #7 of the ten points made in the article. I look forward to your little girl kicking and screaming how inaccurate these observations are.

7) The “Privilege” Trap

Black History Month - A Celebration of America's Greatness

During Black History Month we should all celebrate the five Presidents of the United States whose ancestry shows that they had Black Ancestors. Barack Obama is the only Black President who physically looks Black, but there are four others who were of mixed ancestry. Let's celebrate the diversity in our culture.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I know this is a little late, but I hope everyone here had a merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy new year.

Some thoughts about those electric car rechargers downtown

Prompted by a friend, I went online and also downtown to investigate these things. There are 3 stations installed on N Superior St across from First Merit Bank.

The article claims charge cost is included in the parking fee. (Each station also has a parking meter.) But the parking fee advertised at the meter is the same as every other meter: $1/hr.

So does this mean people are recharging their cars there for free? Parking cost is a constant.

Trends in hate - Michael Coon of Holland Benefits Group attempt to quell free speech

"Far-left nuts" of Toledo, Ohio beware: should you publicly voice your opposition to the war in Iraq, voice your support for universal health care, or dare to criticize former Lucas County (Ohio) Republican Party chairman turned federal inmate, Tom Noe, you could be hearing from Michael Edward Coon, the 52-year-old white, Christian owner of Holland Benefits Group, a 24-year-old employee benefits consulting firm based in Ohio.

House approves bill to eliminate red light cameras

The Ohio house is taking steps to eliminate red light cameras.

All I have to say is finally. This was just a reason to remove much needed police and to pad the coffers of the general funds without having to face the voters for the money.

Board of Elections employee: Lucas County BOE Assault by Meghan Gallagher ...The Full Document..

Here is a copy of a letter sent by a board employee to the Lucas County Board of Elections board and the Lucas County prosecutors.


April 2, 2013

Mr. Ron Rothenbuhler, Chairman
Lucas County Board of Elections
Suite 300
Toledo, OH 43604

Dear Chairman Rothenbuhler: RE: Meghan Gallagher (Intimidation) (Physical assault)

I was summoned by Meghan Gallagher to appear in her office on Friday, February 15, 2013 at or about 2:00 P.M.

Detroit-was built by entrepreneurs like Republican Henry Ford,et al.

Toledo-was built by Republican inventors & entrepreneurs like Michael Owens , et al.
Cleveland-was built by entrepreneur Republican John D. Rockefeller, et al.
Pittsburgh-was built by entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie, et al..

So, how did the Demonrat Criminal Party of AmeriKa, unions , and Liberal psychopaths, destroy them all so quickly, thoroughly, and completely ?!

And, what was their reductive agenda for ?

These are not mysterious questions, the answers are well known.
Reversing this destruction, will never, ever, occur though.

Happy New Year

As the calendar year 2013 approaches, I wish health, happiness, and peace to all.

How Many Young Adults in Toledo are on Psychotropic Medication?


Does anyone on the Forum know how many young people in Toledo are on anti-psychotic medication, and have been since grade school? Ritalin, prozac, and all the rest of it? And of that population, how many of them also use booze, weed, and other kinds of traditional dope? Thousands, one would guess. I'm afraid these bi-monthly mass murders are only the beginning of a major catastrophe headed our way.

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